Catching up with Exposure Open 2019

EXPOSURE invites you to check out all their amazing photos from EXPOSURE 2019 Open.

Seeing girls having fun skateboarding inspires other girls to try or keep skating so please check out the photos!

Thanks to EXPOSURE skate for organizing another wonderful opportunity for women to lift each other up. It’s truly empowering to see events for women run by women.

EXPOSURE Open 2019 was on November 2nd at the Vans Off The Wall Skatepark in Hungtington Beach California.

recycle clothes with nordstrom

I’ve been guilty of hoarding. Yes, sometimes the closet gets filled with clothes I no longer wear. Which is wrong – wrong – wrong. Just because I’m not wearing it doesn’t mean it’s not right for someone else.

I’m lucky that my younger brother, Wyatt works at the local resale shop – the CRC. So it’s easy for me to pack up the clothes I no longer wear and donate them.

1331 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas, CA 92024

Now it’s just as easy for everyone. I’m not sure how long this program has been running, but I’m super excited to blog about it.

The next time you order something from Nordstrom, a gift for yourself or others, challenge yourself to fill the box (with something you’re no longer wearing) and send it back.

There’s a million reasons why you aren’t wearing something – it doesn’t fit, it’s not your color, it reminds you of a bad date, bla bla bla – whatever, let it go & do some good.

Click here to find out the details of this wonderful program Nordstrom has with Give Back Box. If you’re in certain areas you can donate directly at Nordstrom (not in San Diego yet).

It sounds simple and receiving a box is definitely a reminder of how lucky you are so take the next step and share the luck by donating what you’re not wearing.

Whether you give this way, or through your local community program, please take the time to remember that hoarding does not help you and letting go can help others.

Skateboard Art an Idea for the holidays

This holiday season I want to challenge everyone to think beyond traditional or trendy gifts. I’m a huge supporter of shopping for unique gifts.

I’m also a huge supporter of buying gifts that give back. Note that none of the gifts I’ll be mentioning throughout the season are paid endorsements. If I’m blogging about a gift idea, it’s because I saw it and said WOW.

First up from Skateboards for Hope:

Custom Skull Broken Deck Art

Beto Janz is a Brazilian artist/sculptor who customizes our broken decks with his signature skull cut out. All profits benefit underprivileged children. Get your customized skull ? today! 
By purchasing this deck-art you are impacting the lives of underprivileged children directly. 100% of profits funds skateboarding projects and equipment worldwide.

I like the look of decks on the wall, but I’m really liking the idea of skate deck masks on the wall.

Regardless of how you feel about skate deck masks, check out Skateboards for Hope.

I encourage girls to skateboard because the skills you learn on the board will help you off the board. But the truth is you need a board to skate. So, if you have the opportunity to help someone who otherwise would not have access to a board – well that’s an awesome gift.

Stay tuned for more gift ideas!

11th annual Ladies day at the BERRIcS

I am happy to report back from the Poseiden Foundation about their 11th annual Ladies Day at the Berrics event!

“Poseiden aims to teach youth to believe in themselves and to fulfill their dreams by creating life changing experiences through empowerment, love, and support [through skateboarding].

For the competition part, the highlight of the event was the masters’ division “Bricks at the Berrics” contest and Adaptive Skate.

The adaptive skate contest was created so that a female on any type of wheels could participate. Alyssa Montenegro, from USA a Paralympic athlete, won the Adaptive Skate Best Trick.

You can watch her two runs by clicking the picture above!

Natalie Das, from USA in masters’ division, won “Bricks at The Berrics”,  Kaya Isa from Japan, an Olympic hopeful, won both Open Best Trick and Game of S.K.A.T.E., Margie Didal, from the Philippines another Olympic hopeful, won the 7-Stair Pro!

The day was ended with a Hippie Jump contest where FireFly jumped over 4’ high!

You can watch FireFly’s video by clicking the picture above!

For more videos and pictures you can find Poseiden on Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo using @PoseidenFoundation.

You can also participate in Posiden’s events or the 2020 Ladies day at The Berrics by contacting: