Saying Goodbye to My MacDuggal Dress

I’ve known since the beginning, I would be donating this dress.

But that didn’t make giving the dress away any easier.  If you click above you’ll see the posts with all the adventures we shared.

Above downtown San Diego at Horton Plaza where the San Diego Princess Project is having it’s main giveaway.

The Princess Project promotes self-confidence and inner beauty by providing free prom dresses and accessories to teens who cannot otherwise afford them.   They have locations across California.

The San Diego Chapter of Princess Project has a target of 2,000 dresses for 2017.  I know my dress will now be someone else’s and that’s a good thing because ever person who wants to deserves to be a princess at prom.

To me empowered girl means a girl who’s confident in herself, she’ll do what’s right, she’ll set goals and achieve them through hard work and determination, she gets back up when she falls or is pushed down, she helps others, and she’ll have the courage to follow through on commitments.

Goodbye beautiful dress, have fun at prom & know you’ll be in my heart forever!



Lilith Knows What the World Needs More Of

When I saw this video of Lilith aka @littlestshoe and its caption

Goals: drop in the big section ☑️ get more girls to the park ☑️

I knew I had to ask her to share on the blog.  This is what she shared:

My name is Lilith Shoemaker (22) living in Fairfield Iowa. I started skating a year ago because it was something that scared me, and they say to do one thing everyday that scares you, so I thought well I’ll just skate everyday then.

That was the beginning of my love for skating that has blossomed over this last year. I’m a beginner with a long way to go, but I’m loving every second of it, especially when I can get some girls out there skating with me!

When I was in California there was at least one girl at every park I skated at, and that was when I realized the importance of women skating together.

When you see another girl skate you really feel a sense of pride and sisterhood, even if you don’t know her. I have had so many girls say that being a skater girl is the coolest thing ever, and my direct response is “Come skate with me then! You can be a girl skater too!”

I want more girls at the park because when there are other ladies, I don’t feel so isolated. Skating can be intimidating itself, not to mention being the only girl at the park. Whether women are three or thirty skating with other ladies makes an already fun activity, that much better; and seemingly impossible goals totally reachable.

When a skater girl sees another skater girl, they have an automatic connection, and that is because at the root of it all, everyone wants to have fun, and everyone gets this bubble of exciting happiness when skateboarding is involved. When girls skate together they build each other up, raising each other’s confidence, and expressing support and love.  That is something I think this world needs more of. So if you’re a girl who has always wanted to skate, grab a friend and head to the park, because there are other girls that want to skate with you, you just need to meet them. ❤️??‍♀️

I absolutely love what Lilith shared.  The world definitely needs more building each other up, raising each other’s confidence, and expressing support and love.

If you have a goal of getting more girls to the park or want to share with other girls why you skate just let me know because there’s always room on the blog for girls encouraging girls.




Pride Socks Founder Speaking at Skate Rising

Skate Rising – EXPOSURE SKATE’s youth program for girls – is excited to have Rachel Smith, founder of Pride Socks and the “Proudest Moments” movement, speaking on the power of self-worth and empowerment.

This Skate Rising event will be on Saturday April 8th from 9-11am at Academy Skate Park in Vista, CA.

Like all Skate Rising events it’s free to attend.  It’s the perfect opportunity for girls to meet other skater girls, skate at this session just for them, learn skate tips from the Academy Staff , volunteers, & other girls,  plus this month hear from Rachel of Pride Socks.

I had the opportunity to check in with Rachel who founded Pride Socks because

Anyone can sell socks, but we sell socks that spread love, pride, respect and inclusion. No gesture is too small to change the world, and we want to change the world from the feet up and when you feel that sense of pride in who you are, then we’ve succeeded.

Why & how you support girls skateboarding?

Rachel:  I love supporting girls in skateboarding because it takes passion, patience and courage to fall and rise back up.

These are all attributes that will continue with them into adulthood and make them strong and amazing women.

How did you find out about Skate Rising and why are you excited?

Rachel:  I found out about Skate Rising via Exposure from Donna Wettstein. We sponsor Bryce Wettstein and they are huge supporters, which naturally made us want to be involved from day 1. We’ve seen it grow each year and it makes our hearts happy to see the involvement in the community and the difference it makes among the girls.

Pride Socks is branded in people taking pride in who they are so they chase and accomplish their dreams. When you are chasing the life you deserve, you naturally ride cloud 9 and become a positive influence for yourself and others to do the same. Within Skate Rising, you see how the girls empower themselves and others and it is so important to us to see the life lessons they are learning, inside and out of the bowl and into their community.

Where are you traveling from?

Rachel:  I am traveling from Austin, TX.

What do you have planned for Skate Rising?

Rachel:  I am planning to help the girls recognize the amazing attributes they have within and how to empower themselves from a daily activity with the use of our magnet set (which we haven’t released yet). People are amazing and we all have unique qualities to contribute to the world.

Do you want to share anything about the Your Story Tab – I really like that section of your website.

Pride Socks is about being proud of who you are so you chase and accomplish your dreams. We show case stories of people’s proudest moments because we feel it is important to celebrate them. Sometimes it takes years to achieve a certain task or over come a fear and when you do, it’s worthy to share and celebrate. More than likely you are not alone and chances are someone else needs to hear your story to give them a little boost to keep moving forward.


You mentioned the magnet set, what else does Pride Socks have and where can people find Pride Socks?

Rachel:  We have expanded our product line, which includes tube, athletic and business/casual socks, vintage styles shirts and hats.

We niche out the rainbow because it symbolizes hope and our hope is you continue to live the life you deserve and chase your dreams.

If you can’t make the event, please shop with us at and when checking out, input skaterising for 20% off.


Thank you Rachel.  I’m excited to hear you speak at Skate Rising – April 8th at Academy Skatepark.

If you’re interested in learning more about Skate RisingEXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, with monthly events in San Diego (2nd Saturday) and Phoenix (3rd Saturday) area, contact the organizer, Calli Kelsay at [email protected]

Below just a few of the girls who came out to March 11th event and helped collect books for Casa De Amparo.

In 2017, the SD Skate Rising participants have built over 120 activity kits for Rady Children’s hospital patients, donated items to build 35 complete hygiene kits for the Alpha Project, committed to 65 random acts of kindness, and donated the 200 books to Casa De Amparo. – Calli

To read more posts on Skate Rising  just click here and for sure be following Skate Rising on IG.

Immortal Laces

I recently had the opportunity to visit Immortal Laces in their new San Diego location.

I took my tour with Damien, Immortal Laces Brand Manager, below the heart in the picture above. Also in the picture Eric who’s the artist of the skulls made from recycled skateboards.

They are already moved into the space and are waiting for Slappy’s Skate Shop to move in up front.

They’re also waiting for the new Linda Vista Skate Park to open down the street. They’re all skaters and created Immortal Laces out of need.

One day in 2014, they were skating when Eric’s shoelace broke for the millionth or so time. Dan, who I met but avoided the photo, started wondering if it was just them or shoe laces were a problem for all skateboarders.

To find out he ran an online survey on Facebook asking 70K skateboarders if they could make one skate product better what would it be? They could choose from five options: skateboard deck, skate shoes, trucks, wheels or shoelaces. Overwhelmingly the response was shoelaces.

The problem was confirmed so it was time to create a solution. Hence Immortal Laces was born out of need and are guaranteed to last through your hardest skate session & life.

REPLACE the LACE Guarantee:  We guarantee that if you wear your Immortal Laces for 14 days and if you break one of them while skateboarding then we will ship a replacement pair of laces to you absolutely FREE!

Yes, since February 2014 Immortal Laces has been manufacturing and selling superior laces. How can they say their laces last five times as long as normal laces?

Above the scientific face off against grip tape shows Immortal Laces last where normal laces fail.

Immortal Laces are still handmade in San Diego but are available outside of San Diego – soon they’ll be available worldwide.
If you’re in San Diego area you can pick yours up at Slappy’s Garage, McGill’s Skate Shop, Claremont Surf Shop, Clairemont Skatepark, Aura Skatepark.  Outside of San Diego you can order them on-line through Amazon, SoCal Skates Online, Facebook, and Immortal Laces website.

But wait, do these laces look weird? NO, I would never blog about something that wasn’t stylish.

They come in a variety of sizes – yet all for the same price.

There is a “technique” for tying them.

or watch the video where Eric talks you through


Originally made for skaters by skaters others are taking notice of the durability. Immortal Laces can last through anything you give them – roller derby, BMX, motocross, street bikes – if you need a lace, this lace will perform.

Immortal Laces loves all their wearers and I love a happy story so if you want to share your Immortal Laces story just let me know.

Immortal Laces gives back to the community through several charities – including several of my favorites Clash at Claremont which will be August 12th this year, EXPOSURE Skate, and the Sheckler Foundation. Random Act of Kindness week may be over but everyday is a good day to be kind.  Giving someone a shoelace when there’s is broken is simple and could make the biggest of differences plus positivity grows as people Pay it Forward!


Lana Skateboarding During Spring Break

Lana is loving her spring break!  Above she’s skateboarding at

I wish it was my spring break and I hope I get to see more of this beautiful skatepark and rad skater girl.

Lana is 6 and skateboarding in Dubai, UAE.  Where are you skating?  When you take time to share you inspire other girls to try skating.

Kamali Film

Kamali Film

A mother’s fight to empower her daughter through skateboarding in India. Filming in April 2017. Join us for the journey on IG ? ? ??

Excited to see this project.  Skateboarding to me is sport, art, transportation, exercise, and builds self-confidence, so I absolutely believes it can & does empower the skater.

At this time the web-site is under construction the IG is live now so give them a follow.


Just a Few More Laps of Skateboarding

Danielle captioned this photo

Just a few more laps, Daan!’ That’s what I kept telling myself, just a few more laps. Push by push. Slow and steady. That’s how I made the 156 miles. It’s all about how you dose your energy over 24 hours? you can go diehard during the day, skating in the heat and be all tired by the night. I chose the other way, I skated slow and steady throughout the day and in the night I got a bit faster? the wind was strong, but we dutchies are used to it ✔️ challenge yourself, but also stay realistic✨

Danielle is a Dutch distance skater.  She’s inspiring me.  There’s an upcoming marathon in San Diego

It’s 26.2 miles which compare to 156 miles seems doable.  Plus I have till November to train.  Hmmm she has me thinking.

Above she looks pretty happy practicing a 104.44 km.  Below she has reason to be smiling & proud.

3rd place in my age category even though I had to compete with boys. My technique was better this time, skating on a steady pace all the time kept me going even though the wind was strong and the asphalt was tough. Already skating again today, still with the positive vibes.
Next goal is 200miles on the dutch ultraskate but first the quarterultra in May in Berlin.

Ok, I’m in for checking out Fiesta Island and seeing if distance is something I want to try.

When you share your pictures & stories you inspire girls to try skateboarding plus you inspire those who are already skating to try new things.

When we encourage & support each other we all win because we push each other to be our personal best.

Oh and when Danielle isn’t skating she might be on her way to shop!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Skateboarding Euphoria

There is a certain euphoria that manifests when you find a hobby that truly resonates with you? – Claudia

This blog is all about showing #girlscanskate and sharing the reasons they skate as inspiration to other girls to try skating or anything else they want.

Strong is stylish and strong girls encourage each other to try & succeed at life!  Hope you share your pictures and stories soon.



Princess Project San Diego Preparing the Horton Plaza Boutique

I’ve been blogging about the Princess Project  who

promotes self-confidence & inner beauty by providing free prom dresses & accessories to teens who cannot otherwise afford them

since fall and now things are getting close to the actual giving season!

On Saturday March 11th, I volunteered at the Princess Project San Diego.  This year they are giving dresses at several locations.  The main location is at Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego.

My afternoon started by finding the Horton Plaza site.  The parking structure is divided into fruit and vegetables.  To park closest to the boutique head up to the top level and park in lemons.  Once in the mall look up and left for pink.

There’s still time to donate a dress and now is the time to make an appointment if you need a dress or sign up to volunteer at one of the boutiques.

The dress giveaways are in April.  March is the time they turn the locations into boutiques.  With a goal of 2,000 dresses for this San Diego prom season – there’s a lot to organize.

The dresses which came from donation sites around San Diego, including a drive by NBC 7,  are amazing.

Glitter is always good but this much glitter can be overwhelming without organization, so that’s what the volunteers are doing now.

Above we received instruction from Jen Gaston, the PR & Media Chair.  I interviewed her for the February 21st post where I found out she’s been doing this since 2009.

Jen knows exactly what to do to turn the space into a beautiful boutique.  Our job started with removing the plastic wrap & tags then hang the dresses by size.

Not all the dresses make it to the rack.  Dresses that are outdated or damaged are separated out.

As we sorted, another team was decorating the space and organizing accessories.

Once the dresses were hung by size, it was time to tag them.

When the girls make an appointment, they get to try on dresses until they find the one of their dreams.  By keeping all the dresses facing one way with a size tag on the same side it’s manageable for volunteers to return the unselected dresses to the racks.

New for this year the short dresses are on their own racks.  Unless you’re school has a dress policy, it’s really personal choice if you select a short or long dress.

Above is the crew from my shift.  Most of the girls were from a UCSD sorority that helps out every year.  When signing up to volunteer you can sign up as a group and work with your friends.

Princess Project is in the following areas

I absolutely believe a dress can build self-confidence because it’s not just the dress the girl receives – it’s the love that came with that dress.  From the person who donated the dress to every person that helped get it to the girl, everyone involved shows they believe that every girl is special & deserving of nice things.

Sometimes self-confidence starts when someone believes you’re worth it!

Be sure to follow Princess Project on IG and if you have stories to share about how Princess Project positively impacted you, just let me know.  Always room on the blog for princess power!

Bring More Girls on Skateboards

Why have girl skate sessions?  I love Lisa’s answer

???bring more Girls on Skateboards!

Picture above from

Tuesday is Girls’Sesh Day??‍????? 

Listen to Lisa – her IG name is @drmorla and she knows about having fun on boards.



She knows girls can have fun and be stylish on any board!

The girls skate sash was in Funhall Graz.

However, skateboarding is universally fun, so wherever you are share your pictures and stories to get even more girls inspired to keep it stylish & having fun on a board!