Girls Skateboarding that’s what Inspires more Girls to Skateboard


Nina Moran is from Brooklyn where she skates & tie dyes – yes she’s wearing her work.  Love love love her account and her bio picture is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen – check it out you know you’re curious.

Nina is a Girls Riders Org supporter out on the East Coast – they’re an inspiration for us just starting in San Diego.  GRO is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and supporting girls through action sports to become confident leaders of positive change.

No matter your level – share your pictures – a picture really does speak a thousand words.  Skating is universal – we don’t need words to get more girls skateboarding – we need pictures of girls skateboarding to inspire other girls to start!



Skateboarding Posse


It’s Monday get out there skateboarding with your posse. I love that Andrea__Owl (yes 2 underscores) shared this photo.

Don’t have a posse – get out and skateboard anyway.  The posse will appear. Ok some days they don’t but I really believe that if you stick with skateboarding because you love it, you will attract a posse. And yes your posse can have boys – skateboarding is for everyone.

For me it isn’t about how high – how this or that – being the first, or even landing it – it’s about the fun and yes of course it’s me so the fashion. Be who you are when you skate – if you want to dress cute – do it – you want to wear makeup – wear it.

Your Vibe attracts your Tribe – so here’s to attracting a posse on & off the board that helps you be a better you.



Skateboard for the Love of It


art by Shif666 – artist and skater

My truth – I’m not committed to being a hardcore skater. I am committed to skating for fun and keeping my style.  I like to believe there’s room for everyone at the skate park.

I’m against snaking – because I like orderly turns and I really don’t want to collide with anyone – no not even the hella cute boy.

I really am happy for someone who lands incredible tricks and it really annoys me when people ask “Why can’t you do that?”  or “Could you do something better for the camera?”

I skate for me not the camera. I share pictures of my skating because I want more girls to know #girlscanskate and that true skaters skate for the love of it!


Happy Earth Day from the Skatingfashionista


Happy Earth Day. It’s important to celebrate Earth everyday by taking care of it. Some easy ways to do that are Reduce – Reuse – Recyle – yes I love Curios George and Jack Johnson!

My home town Encinitas, CA just started the “Single-Use Disposable Bag Reduction” Ordinance an easy reminder to bring your own bag. My favorite bag to bring Baggu and today it’s 20% off!

As for Reuse – I totally share my little bros cute clothes. And finally for Recyle if you aren’t drinking Boxed Water what are you waiting for?  If you post a picture drinking Boxed Water #retree they plant 2 trees – celebrate Earth Day by helping Boxed Water meet their goal of 100,000 trees!

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board remembering trash is always out of style and showing you care is classic style.

Girls CAN Skateboard


Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that makes the biggest difference.

Just take the ‘t off and #yesyoucan.

I’m grateful for all the people who believe I can, because it’s gives me the courage to try!

Hope this blog posts inspires someone to cut the “T” out of their vocab!

Choose to be Happy on & off the Skateboard


Sea.shelly is stylish on her skateboard. She’s also wise with the advice of “do what makes you happy”.

I think it’s doing not having that makes you happy. We hear a lot about get this or that and you’ll be happy. But even if you get a skateboard – you won’t be happy till you ride it. I know because I had a skateboard for about a year before I rode it. I was my enemy. I was afraid I’d fall – ok I still don’t like falling. I was worried people would laugh. I had so many fears and worries I made myself unhappy.

This weekend do what makes you happy – even if it scares you or others think what? Choose to be happy for yourself – on & off the skateboard.

Girls Skateboarding in Guangzhou City, China


Siu Wingyee lives in Guangzhou City, China.   She usually skates in Hero Square with her friends.  She reports that there are more and more girls starting to skateboard in China!

“So glad to know someone is concerned about girls skating” – Siu Wingyee

Siu Wingyee – I’m super excited that more and more girls are skateboarding.  My coach Neal Mims is headed to China to do some skateboarding.  I think closer to the coast at an indoor facility – my fashion sense is much stronger than my geography skills.  Hope Neal brings a report back for the blog.

Fabulous ollie Siu Wingyee – I’m really glad you’re skateboarding with style and proving #girlscanskate!


Skateboarding with Positive Thoughts is Stylish


Today – I’m going with a quote. I’m doing it as much for me as anyone reading this. It’s hard not to care when people judge, bully, tease, or ignore you.

When you have the courage to let the hateful voices go, epic stuff happens.

So till next time stay stylish and positive on & off the board!

Just keep Skateboarding


Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory. Some days, there won’t be a song in your heart, but sing anyway! – Jesslynsummers

Jesslyn may be living down under in Australia but she’s tip top on wisdom. Skateboarding involves falling and getting back up – which is easier said than done. Not every day will be good not every experience wonderful, skateboarding has taught me how to deal with life – thanks skateboarding.

And thanks Jesslyn for encouraging us all!  More girls do skateboard as they see girls skateboarding!!!

Fairies, Mermaids, and Skater Girls


Alicevwonderland is skateboarding in a dress. She is killing it in a dress. Don’t believe it’s a dress there are other photos where it’s clearly a dress. I love her style and appreciate that she’s out there proving that stylish skating girls aren’t myths like fairies and mermaids.

Stylish skater girls are alive and well and growing in numbers around the world. Not just locally but globally I see a growth in the number of girls skateboarding.

Alice is keeping it stylish on & off the board in Germany – can’t wait to see where the next skating fashionista will be skateboarding!