When Your Mom is a Ninja_sk8r_mum . . .

ninja mom

When your mom is a Ninja_sk8r_mum you know you’ll get lots of encouragement. Check out the mom’s account to see some rad shots of all her ninjas. And yes Ninja_sk8r_mums do skate themselves.

Abagail or abstar_the_nut has skate style and she’s learning new tricks all the time.  And as a girl with a blue streak – I have to say I love the pictures where you see her pink hair!

Keep being a rad – mother-daughter team your positivity inspires others to get stylish on & off their boards!

Oh and by the way does anyone know where to get a Harley Quinn deck?  If not I’m sure I know who’ll be designing it herself.


Be Creative & Encourage Creativity

made her skateboard

This cool kid made her very own skateboard this year thanks to an awesome teacher! I can’t get her off of it now!Shanna Flynn

I love this picture because I see happiness & pride!  And who wouldn’t be happy & proud if they made their own skateboard and then got to skate it 24/7.

Shout out to the parents & teachers who encourage creativity. True style is always evolving so be creative on & off the board!

Remember to share your skateboarding stories – let your joy be someone else’s inspiration!


Off to Woodward West with HTC


Hi – it’s me on Sunday June 28th headed to Woodward West for a week of skateboarding fun.

I’m overwhelmed by all the support I’m getting from girls willing to help me get more girls skateboarding for fun.  And lucky that my mom will put my posts up for me while I’m gone.

Encouragement is so stylish – keep being rad on & off the board & if I see you at Woodward West this week – I’ll get your pic with my HTC – the camera on my Desire is all that & more – just check my pictures out on my Instagram!



Encouragement is Empowering

Screen shot 2015-06-27 at 9.53.00 AM

This is Sophia and Stella – they are sisters learning to skate together with help from @shane_sheckler & @kane_sheckler – in this video they were kick turning.

In another video Sophia is dropping in . . .

Screen shot 2015-06-27 at 9.51.02 AM

. . . watch the video – she does it by herself.  Yes he’s there – offering encouragement.  I would not be skateboarding today without encouragement and that’s why it’s important to share pictures of girls skateboarding for fun and getting encouragement because that’s what makes more girls start and keep skateboarding.

There are always going to be haters – don’t skate with them.  Keep it stylish on & off the board by surrounding yourself with positive people who encourage and look out for you!



Persistence is a Life Skill

shot 1

In skateboarding you pay to play! And @autumn_tinkleberry Took a nasty slam but came back and got the line And that’s how it’s done! One tough girl!TheFarm Local skate park located in Virginia Beach

I had to share this because a skatepark that supports girls – that’s my kind of park and a girl who doesn’t give up is my kind of girl.

Our story doesn’t end here – she’s back skating & . . .

shot 2 with cast


. . . landing it with her new accessory – pink cast.

Since I’ve started this blog – I’ve seen so many rad photos and stories of skateboarding helping girls become stronger people.  It takes strength to face your fears – her fear was real she slammed – she faced it anyway and figured out how to land it.

In life your first try won’t always be successful – learning not to give up and try it a little different – that’s a stylish skill on & off the board.


Just Don’t be Scared is Wise Advice

not afraid like mom


She told me “mom when I got on I was scared, and I falled down.  Then I got up and I wasn’t scared and I skated! Just don’t be scared!” – ooohmarie_

Falling is NOT failing – it’s totally rad that she’s this young and gets that!  If you can face and deal with your fears your life on and off the board will be much happier.

As for skateboarding in the house – it’s good to become “one with your board” so bond with it where ever and when ever you can!



Power of Encouragement

freya first time met

It was the first time that me and @ellie_waters_12 met yesterday and the first time she started to ollie stairs ! She landed the 5 stair and then took it straight to the 8 stair , it was soooo sick !  Freya in the UK

The power of encouragement is huge!  When you’re encouraged, you feel stronger. It gives you the courage to do things you thought impossible. 

The greatest gift we can give each other is encouragement!

Thanks Freya & Ellie by sharing you encouraged so many – including me!

Best Way to Spend a Break?

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 9.24.57 AM


What’s the best way to spend a break?  SKATEBOARDING

Love this picture – now some may say she’s not skateboarding she’s just riding & it’s motorized, & . . . .

There will always be haters  – people who look for what’s wrong!  I’m challenging everyone to look for what’s right – her smile!

Do I think she’ll skateboard by herself one day?  Yes,  because tackling your fear of the board is huge & my girl doesn’t look a bit afraid.

Till next time – keep it fun & keep smiling on & off the board!




Skater Girls Encourage Skater Girls

The SkatingFashionista IG asked “Who will you be skating with on GO Skateboarding Day?”

Some girls were skateboarding alone – don’t feel sorry for them – they’ve already found skateboarding.  Let’s show other girls so they can start skateboarding too!

On the left – head north to Canada to meet eggthemoonpig!

Screen shot 2015-06-22 at 9.52.34 AM

On the right go east and south back to the USA in Chicago, IL to find Alicia Marshall who is busy with her music, modeling, dancing, photography, and promoting but still makes time to skate!

Everyday we find more & more skater girls – keep sharing your pictures – together we encourage each other to skate and keep it stylish on & off the board!  Screen shot 2015-06-22 at 9.07.32 AM

Go Skateboarding Day – June 21, 2015

Screen shot 2015-06-21 at 10.23.13 AM

This is Bridget and she does yoga and she skateboards!

On Go Skateboarding Day just want to be thankful that there’s no one way to skate.  Skateboarding is as creative as you are.  So however you skate keep skateboarding.

Keep skateboarding fun & keep sharing your pictures – more girls sk8 as they see girls sk8 & encouraging others is good for them & you!