Tim Brauch San Jose 2016 with Minna Stess

World Cup Skateboarding – WCS – stopped at the Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark in San Jose, CA on September 11 & 12th for the Tim Brauch

WCS and Tim Brauch Foundation support girls skateboarding and this is the second in a series of why the girls had fun at the event.


This post in on Minna Stess – who won 15 & under AM’s!  Also pictured Asiya Mercado and Zoe Safanda.

And I want to give a shout out to the trophy maker airborne_angel_hamcsc


seriously those are some rad trophies!

As you can guess Minna was on fire during the competition.  It takes tons of practice to get ready for a competition and Minna put in the work and had fun doing it, while staying stylish.  Here’s what she had to say about the event & if pants are required for skateboarding.

SF:  How many years have you been going to Tim Brauch Competition in San Jose?

Minna:  This was my 3rd  year at the Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest.

SF:  Favorite memory of this event? 

Minna:  Being able to skate with my friends Jordan Santana, who came from Houston Texas and Arianna Carmona who came from Buena Park, Ca because I don’t get to skate with them all the time and I like to watch them skate too.

I’ve know Arianna for five years when I met her at Woodward West and she’s like a big sister to me.

SF:  I heard Arianna turned the big 18 during the week of practice, did you celebrate?

Minna:  Yes she turned 18 on Saturday.  I was already practicing at the bowl when my mom, who was at home waiting to drive down as soon as Finnley, my brother, got out of school got a text from Arianna that simply said:  “So I heard Minna owns a dress”

My mom said:  “Hahaha! You can check her closet next week!”

Arianna said:  “Well, you see, Minna said for my birthday tomorrow that she would skate in a dress so I was wondering if you could bring it but if not we can pick one up from Goodwill”

My mom wasn’t sure if the dress fit, but she took it because a promise is a promise plus it was a birthday wish.  I usually wear  t-shirts and pants or shorts.  Arianna thought it would be a  BIG DEAL to see me take runs in the gnarly Lake Cunningham Skate Park Bowl in a dress.

I don’t wear dresses for just any event.  I wear dresses when I want to.  I wore a purple and lavender Billabong dress for my dad when I was 4.  I wore a fancy pink dress 5 years ago when I was 5 for my Aunt Mariana’s wedding, where I was the flower girl.  And I got another Billabong dress I wore for Arianna’s birthday at my skateshop sponsor Sonoma Old School for a vacation because I had to go to a formal dinner night.

The dress from vacation still fits so I just put it on and proceeded to line up at the bowl during Women’s Pro practice at the bowl.  I felt some staring.  Heard a few comments – people surprised to see my shoulders and stuff.

I had made a promise to Arianna so I skated in the dress.  I don’t love dresses, but I love my friends & family, so I had fun skateboarding in my dress.

I love the event and love my friends.  Hope you like the video of me skateboarding in a dress.


video of Minna skateboarding TBM in a dress above & screen shot from the video below – photo credit:  Moniz


As a fashionista – I’m liking how the Billabong dress is working with the 187 Pads, Stance Socks, Vans shoes – you’ll have to watch to see the Santa Cruz board & Independent Trucks in action 🙂


Minna in the dress which complemented her XS Girls NOT a 4 Letter Word Helmet wonderfully & Arianna

I skateboard for fun and I’ve said it a million times – there’s no uniform in skateboarding.  Wear what you want & wear it proudly.  Keep sharing your stories because more girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding and get encouragement.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board just like Minna & Arianna!

Yoga Challenge for EXPOSURE Skate – 5 year celebration

EXPOSURE Skate will be at the Encinitas Community Park on Saturday November 5th.  EXPOSURE Skate empowers girls through skateboarding and donates proceeds to Carol’s House (helping survivors of domestic abuse).

This is the 5th year of girls skate competitions plus Learn to Skate & Yoga Clinics, autograph signings, and a fabulous vendor village. 

This post is about the EXPOSURE Yoga Challenge.  The entire EXPOSURE event is free including the Yoga Clinic – just sign up on the Yoga Registration Page to let Bridget know how many to expect – the yoga clinic is co-ed and from 9 – 10:30 am on 11/5.

Celebrating 5 years of EXPOSURE SKATE with 5 days of YOGA.  Join our IG yoga challenge for a chance to win prizes!

To participate in the EXPOSURE Yoga Challenge

  1. Have an Instagram Account
  2. Follow the 5 sponsors @exposureskate @yogaforskateboarders @arborgirls @sillygirlskateboards @betherad
  3. Follow the 5 hosts who will demo the poses @ameliabrodka @bridgetdoesyoga @skatingfashionista @deerearth @sarahshreds
  4. By 11/5 – the date of EXPOSURE post yourself doing all 5 poses on your Instagram & if you like why yoga helps your skateboarding
  5. Be sure to tag @EXPOSURESKATE & #ExposureYogaChallenge
  6. Go to EXPOSURE Yoga Clinic on 11/5 – following Steps 1-6  enrolls you in the raffle for a Grand Prize!Every participant will receive goodie bags at the clinic.   If you’re the raffle winner, you’ll be awarded the Grand Prize at EXPOSURE

Not able to make it to EXPOSURE there will be a separate raffle for those who did Steps 1-5.  The winner will be notified via IG week after EXPOSURE

Contest starts October 1st so get following & you’ll have plenty of time to make your posts.   Be creative & have fun!


UPDATE – challenge is underway


Alec filling in for Amelia – Day 1

Below Bridgette explaining the Day 1 pose – Cobra Pose


Day 1 is Cobra Pose.

To practice this challenge pose:

-Lying on your stomach, plant your hands beneath your shoulders, elbows bent, hugging them in towards your ribcage

-Plant the tops of your feet into the ground, activating your leg muscles

-On an INHALE slowly straighten your elbows and press the ground away from you

-Lift your chest and expand through your ribcage as you engage your lower back muscles -Firm shoulder blades into your back as you relax the tops of your shoulders away from your jaw and relax your neck

-Pay attention to the story this pose is telling you about your body

There are also 5 yoga principles I am going to touch on each day.

Today’s #yogaprinciple is “proper fuel”

Your vehicle won’t go too far without the proper fuel. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out exactly what that is! For me, personally, it has been crucial. I happen to have severe gluten & dairy allergies that effect my immune system. So, for me, finding the proper fuel has meant avoiding these fun foods, unfortunately!  But this principle also applies on a much more basic level, like simply making sure you are drinking enough water every day!

Honor your body by what you choose to fuel it with

Photo by the loveliest @steph_mo_photo


Above Ting and Sure Foot Yoga share their Cobra Pose just click on their name to see what they had to share.

DAY 2 – Challenge


Sarah Thompson aka sarashreds demonstrates the Downward Dog Pose

To practice this challenge pose:

-Begin on your hands & knees in a quadraped position

-Stack shoulders over elbows and elbows over the creases of your wrists

-Press the ground away from you as you hug your shoulder blades into your back

-Curl your toes under as you lift your hips up & back

-Hands about shoulder distance apart, feet about hip distance apart

-Relax through the back of your neck

-Release heels towards the ground (they do not have to touch the ground)

-You always have the option of bending your knees slightly to relieve tension in the hamstrings

The yoga principle today is “proper action”

Yesterday I talked about how I fuel my vehicle, today I want to talk about how I TREAT my vehicle. I know that activities I love, like skateboarding, are really good for my body. It cultivates strength, allows for self expression and it makes me happy! However, the flip side of this is that every action has a re-action. Activity can hurt. For me, yoga is a perfect way to maintain my vehicle, just like getting the oil changed in a car or rotating the tires. Yoga matches the strength & endurance of skateboarding with flexibility & rejuvenation. It’s all about balance! Play hard, but heal harder ? #Namaskate – Bridgete


Above surefootyoga & bridgetdoesyoga

DAY 3 – Challenge


Jake Golden & I with the Tree Pose & yoga principle positive thinking – Buddah says “What you think, you become”

To practice this challenge pose:

-Stand up straight, stack all your joints; shoulders over hips, hips over knees, etc.

-Big toes touching, heels slightly apart

-Start to shift your bodies weight into one of your legs, and out of the other (you will eventually switch and do both sides)

-Firm down into the ground through your standing leg

-Externally rotate your lifted leg out to your side as you bend your knee

-First, bring the bottom of the foot on your lifted leg, to the inside of the calf muscle on your standing leg

-If you are comfortable you can try to bring the bottom of the foot on your lifted leg to the inside of the thigh on your standing leg

-Bring your hands together to your heart’s center or stretch them above your head like branches of a tree

The yoga principle today is “positive thinking”

Positive thinking doesn’t just mean being happy. To me it means finding contentment even when things in life are not going so well.

Everyone has different struggles. Positive thinking helps you to realize that your struggle is not your identity. It is not who you are.

Things happen, we learn, we grow, the sun rises and sets and so on. It only benefits you to see the positive in any situation life may throw your way!!! – Bridgete


Above 3 lovely examples of the Tree Pose from Celestial Mermaid, Get Wise Fool, and Sure Foot Yoga

Below my dad with his unique style


I prefer this picture from Skate Yogi in NYC


DAY 4 – Challenge


Deer Earth with Seated Twist

To practice this challenge pose:

-Sit in any comfortable cross-legged position

-Root through your sit bones, stabilizing your pelvis

-Inhale as you lift through the crown of your head

-Exhale as you twist from the center of your spine toward your right, looking over your right shoulder

-Place your left arm on the outside of your right leg

-Continue to create space in your spine with each breath

The yoga principle today is “proper breathing”

If your body is the vehicle, then your breath is the engine. You are not going very far without it. When you are focused and breathing you use a much greater amount of your lungs’ capacity, saturating your circulatory system with oxygen. This aids in cell turnover and overall rejuvenation in your entire body. – Bridgete


Above Bridget & Amanda Friends who yoga + skate together, stay together

and Sure Foot Yoga who is going strong on keeping up with the challenge!

DAY 5 – Challenge


A video from Bridget – watch to see her favorite pose the Savasana which means “corpse pose” in sanskrit – the challenge here is to release all effort from the body & completely relax!



MomIsMyName_5509 shares this Updog for @exposureskate yoga challenge in my fave boardshorts. For myself yoga helps with my balance and flexibility, which I’ve been extremely grateful for at the skatepark. When my board rolled out from under me one day, one foot stayed on the board and I ended up doing the splits. Had I not been flexible from my yoga stretches I could have very well hurt myself, but no harm was done and skating resumed. Good times.

To me skateboarding is rolling yoga so I hope to see lots of people participate in the challenge & at the Clinic – till then keep it stylish on & off the board!


GirlSkate – Sunday 9/25


The first GIRLSKATE   –   Hosted by East River Skate Shop in collaboration with @femmeskate and @girlsridersorg / @gronewyorkcrew was held on Sunday, Sept. 25th in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

They planned for skateboarding, eating, music, and art so of course it was a huge success.

First up some pictures from Femme Skate Skaters promoting and supporting female skaters


Nice group shot followed by the winners Bombette & Stella

I don’t know what’s in the goody bags, but I heard a special thank you goes to @femmeskate @gronewyorkcrew @rockstarbearings @bigmangaapparel and @codaskateboards for supplying product for the winner and participant goodie bags!  I absolutely love to see so many organizations encouraging girls to skateboard.


Stella shared this photo and said it was a great girls skate session & she had fun.


Plus there’s a video by Femme Skate


Melisine Studio Melissa Holtz – photographer inspired by women who love to be active + have fun. NYC ☆ LA ☆ SF shares these action photos





I spy Nina in the blue!

and  Yasmeen spies Camibeast

who do you spy?

Now some photos from East River Skate Shop


Above group shots at the park and at the shop.  Below my favorite kind of picture


Once at the shop there was music by Witch Slap a Brooklyn Based All-girl skater band featuring Colleen Pelech on guitar, Kabrina Adams on Drums & Lizzi Reid on vocals.  And beer thanks to PBR NYC.


And last, but definitely not least there was art by @lily__qian (artwork shown below!) &  @_miss.v_ a henna artist.


@lily__qian shares these pieces from the event



I know amazing – to see the details just click on the drawings.

@_miss.v_   shares a henna shot


@_miss.v_   “Who knew henna & skateboards made such a good pair?”

thanks for showing us @_miss.v_


And a huge thanks to East River Skate Shop in collaboration with @femmeskate and @girlsridersorg / @gronewyorkcrew  for thinking, organizing, and running this rad event and everyone who shared the event with me so I could write this blog post.

More girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding and getting encouragement so please keep sharing your stories & pictures.



LA Girls Skate Sesh – the Sesh on 9/24

LA Girls Skate Sesh is a group of girl skaters in LA who welcome all girls to skate together & have fun.

Since starting at the end of March, they aim for “every other week seshes so that females have an opportunity to meet other female skaters!  Get trick tips, get to know each other and eventually go out and skate together! “

Their 9/24 sesh at Westchester was their latest and here’s some rad shots shared from the day


Before we get to the action shots – here’s one of getting ready.  We don’t all wear helmets when skateboarding, but is a good idea to wear  one.  And wait is that a necklace I spy?

Yes – each girl that came out received a Dogeared necklace from Dogeared.  They started over 25 years ago & are still handcrafted in the USA.  Dogeared believes good things happen.  How appropriate that the skater girls supporting each other have a necklace to remind them of this day & that skateboarding is about fun.

Now on to the action because this squad shows #girlscanskate


First up 3 photos by Ian Logan posted originally on the Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word site.  Why start with Ian’s photos because 9/24 was his birthday and he spent part of the day by encouraging girls to skate.  Here’s to everyone wishing Ian the best year yet.

Picture 1     @saltrags team rider @vianezsk8 –  I love the tights

Picture 2      @brielsk8grl – you know I’m “age is just a number” but it is rad she’s 5 and doing 5 stairs

Picture 3      @hannah.tallman – in the air & Cindy OG Pro Vert Skater, stylist, founder GN4LW and I think girl who shoots rad photos of girls skateboarding – she’s very humble about her photos, but I say she definitely shows girls they can be rad skate photographers too

Cindy’s photo of @noaliavelez77


Three more from Ian – of some of the girls who did the 3 stair contest –  I really hope they got him cake


Picture 1      @skater._.leah

Picture 2     @ali_stevens

Picture 3      @wakebake_skatecreate aka Jazzmen, co-founder LA Girls Skate Sesh

Now a few from Heidi Lemmon IG


Picture 1   Cindy and Jazzmen aka @wakebake_skatecreate who does tons of work to make LA Girls Skate Sesh happen

Picture 2     @brielsk8grl

Picture 3     @hannah.tallman

Do you have more photos?  There’s always room for more.  I love blogging because it’s easy to edit.  And I love tons of pictures – because I want to see more & more girls skateboarding because that’s what gets even more girls skateboarding.

And if you’re out there wanting to drive me to LA for these events – who ever you are, let me know!!!









Harmony Thompson – Photographer

When I started on this series of posts – Girls Who Shoot Girls Skateboarding – I wanted to include girls who shoot long boarders.  So I reached out to my friend Candy Dungan aka candybombing and that’s how I met Harmony.

TBH I haven’t met Candy or Harmony in person.  To me it’s part of the beauty of being a blogger and a skateboarder – you meet people all around the world.

Each of the photographers got to choose how their blog post would go – here’s Harmony’s story.

My name is Harmony Thompson and I am a skateboarder, film maker, photographer, tattoo artist and musician from Vancouver BC.


Harmony skating with Kady in a photo by Simon Lee

I started skateboarding a few years ago when I met a longboarder girl, Charlie.   She hooked me up with my first downhill board and inspired me to face my fears of falling and to just skate for the love of skating.  She also taught me how to fall safely, so I could feel more confident trying new and scarier things.   Since then I have fallen in love with all forms of skateboarding but mainly bowl, downhill and street.

As a photographer it seemed natural that eventually I would take pictures of the people around me and the things I had been experiencing, but I never thought I would end up with photos I had taken for fun published in one of my favorite magazines!

After separating my shoulder at Maryhill,  I was super bummed out that I couldn’t enter my first race at Danger Bay (I was even registered!) so I decided to just go for fun and shoot pictures of my friends who were racing that day.

I ended up taking this really cool picture of my two good friends (Kady and Bhakti) who were practically holding hands through carnage corner. Later after sharing the pictures on facebook I was contacted by a girl named Candy from Concrete Wave,  who wanted to use the pictures I took of them in a little write up about girls in longboarding.


I was stoked that my first paid and published photography gig was from shooting pictures of my friends at an amazing event AND I got to tell them they were going to be in the 15th anniversary edition of concrete wave!

I remember Kady sharing a post of that picture with a caption something around the lines of  “whats better than a picture of 2 rad skater girls? one that was taken by another rad skater girl!” It was super cool to see how positively it impacted my friends, we were all rushing to get as many copies as we could! Suddenly I didn’t feel so bad about my injury and I was super stoked that I was able to capture that moment for them! 


On another note Id like to give a little shout out to Chick Flip and the Skate Witches who taught me how to drop in and got me into the world of street skating as well as the Vancouver Ladyboarders (which is run by the lovely ladies in those pictures up there!) who continuously spread the stoke with everyone they come in contact with! It is so amazing to see all the support that is becoming available for female skaters and I think it can actually be really inspiring for a lot of the guys out there too! Keep on shredding!


Harmony photo by Colin Buckley

If you are interested in seeing the random photography, videos, art or music that I create or if you just want to talk or skate or whatever, you can find me at facebook.com/soradsoharmony or youtube.com/soradsoharmony (pretty much anywhere at SoRadSoHarmony)

I am always stoked to meet more rad girls or people of any gender who want to skate and/or create in any way! So if you see me around or find me on the internet don’t be shy to say hi or send me a message!
Much Love!
Harmony ~









Congratulations Judi Oyama


Happy dance I got inducted into the Aptos High School Athletics Sports Hall of Fame for #skateboarding stoked to be included with @zorro_del_mar @peter_mel @codytownsend – Judi Oyama

Congratulations Judi!!!  Aptos High School is in California – I hope there are other schools out there recognizing girls for their skateboarding – if you know of any please share.

More girls skateboard when they see girls & get encouragement – way to encourage Aptos & thanks Judi for always inspiring other girls to embrace their badass.


To find out how rad Judi is check her out on IG or at Maximum Impact Design or Badassskatemom

Aptos High School Sports Hall of Fame

The Aptos High School Sports all of Fame was established in 2002 to honor athletes and coaches who made a significant impact on Aptos athletics. In 2004 we also added important Aptos championship teams to the list of nominees/inductees. Since Aptos High School opened in the fall of 1969, we’ve had over 40 graduating classes. Over 10,000 student-athletes have participated in our sports programs, and we’ve had over 200 different head coaches and thousands of assistant coaches, but only 68 athletes, 5 teams, and 11 coaches have been inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame.

Anyone can nominate a candidate (for more info on nominations, contact Mark Dorfman, the Athletic Director). Selections are made by the selection committee, a group of current and former Aptos coaches, athletes, and sports writers. The Hall of Fame dinner takes place in the spring of each year, generally in conjunction with the annual Aptos Sports Foundation golf tournament.

Here are the Hall of Fame members. To view their individual bio’s, simply scroll down and click on their name.                                                                                            








Fundraising for EXPOSURE Skate – the PAGES

This year’s EXPOSURE Skate event is 11/5 at the Encinitas Community Park.  It’s the fifth year of girls skateboard competitions, co-ed Learn to Skate & Yoga Clinics, pro autograph signings, and a fabulous vendor village.

The event is free to the public to attend and free to the girls to enter.  The event which shows the world #girlscanskate also gives back by supporting survivors of domestic violence.  How is EXPOSURE able to put on the event and donate to Carol’s House?

Donations, fundraising, grants, & sponsors are how EXPOSURE is able to do so much.  New this year are EXPOSURE Skate Fundraising Pages.

I’m going to explain how the pages work and how you can help by writing about my friend Aubrey’s Fundraising Page.

To see if you have a friend with an EXPOSURE Fundraising Page from the EXPOSUREskate.org page click Support then Co-create EXPOSURE or just simply click the picture below


you should see this page


scroll down until you see the Fundraisers – each of the Fundraisers will have a page


from here contribute to the Fundraiser page of your choice or decide to start your own Fundraising Page

it’s that easy just click on your selection – I’m clicking on Aubrey’s picture


you’ll see why the person is fundraising

In Aubrey’s case 11/5 is her birthday and her mom started this page to see if she can raise enough to win a week at Woodward Skate Camp.

There are 3 prizes available to the top 3 Fundraising Pages.  The other 2 prizes are holiday vacation in Squaw Valley and 2 Passes for Surf Diva Surf Camp.  What a win-win you help EXPOSURE Skate & Carol’s House and the fundraiser has a chance at a prize.

So now you’re ready – you’re on your chosen Fundraising Page you just hit Make a Donation


you enter your selection which can be custom by typing in the box after $ press continue and you’ll see


you confirm you’re making your contribution to the correct page by reading the referred box then fill out the boxes and press yellow continue box when you’re done


confirm this is what you want to donate then press Finish


You receive a Thank You confirmation.

Just like Staples that was


Setting up your own Fundraising Page is also easy. From the link

https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/MTA2Mzc= just press Become a Fundraiser and it will walk you through setting it up through your Facebook or email account.


Also easy is sharing you’re link.  You can paste it in all your social media accounts.


above that’s Aubrey’s link

Hope you check out the EXPOSURE Skate Fundraising Pages – if you can start a page &/or donate to someone’s page.

Till I see you on 11/5 – keep it stylish on & off the board!








KAABOO 2016 with the Skatingfashionista & Friends

What’s KAABOO3 days in Del Mar of Music, Comedy, Art, Food,  & Indulgences.  This was KAABOO‘s second year and in addition to huge musical acts like Fall Out Boy, The Chainsmokers, Aerosmith, and Jack Johnson there were amazing opportunities to just relax and be pampered.



You know it’s going to be a big event, when you see the signs on the freeway.  I went last year and it was big – this year was bigger.  Saturday single day passes SOLD OUT.  How could it not sell out when Aerosmith & The Chainsmokers were both on stage?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Let’s see some of the Music highlights.  For me what makes the concerts special is the music & the vibe.  I’m sharing pictures that captured the vibe – which was fun –  dancing & singing along every stage you went to.  And huge shout out to all my fellow festival goers who captured & shared their shots.  I go to tons of events & the crowd at KAABOO was fabulous!!!


map from the KAABOO guide – nice guide that helped you navigate the 8  stages – see bottom of post for the line ups & the KAABOO app was super helpful & easy to use


Sugar Ray is captured above by Kelly – that crowd was at 3ish in the afternoon – KAABOO was big & this years weather was perfect!


Nelson saw Echosmith kill it – and that dress, I love it


Caylee found Grouplove on Friday


Above Agustino shares a shot of “Margaritaville”.   KAABOO had Jimmy Buffett on the Sunset Cliffs Stage while Fall Out Boy was on the Grandview Stage.  So many choices at KAABOO & no way to go wrong.  Below a close up of the Jimmy Buffett stage from Rebecca


Below up close with Jimmy Buffett thanks to the photography of Jenny Martinez



above my view from Fall Out Boy on Friday – yes the Grandview Stage on Friday went from Sugar Ray to Echosmith to Grouplove to Fall Out Boy = amazing

also amazing on stage with Fall Out Boy – “The Dancing Fire lights it up with Fall Out Boy! Fire, Aerial, & Pyrotechnics!”


Harry shares the fireworks from Fall Out Boy



lucky for us, on Friday ISH kept his eye on the Sunset Cliffs stage and saw Hall & Oats then on Saturday ISH had us covered for this shot of Lenny Kravitz


And Danielle shows us how popular Lenny is



If a close up shot of Lenny is what you’re looking for – Memo has you!  Before Lenny on the Sunset Cliffs Stage was Third Eye Blind – which Memo also captured beautifully.



Sophia spent part of Saturday with the Goo Goo Dolls, above at the Trestles Stage, while Hao was at the Grandview Stage first to help Flo Rida celebrate his birthday (picture below) and then


for the Chainsmokers (picture below) & if you think Hao’s photo is rad you’re not alone the Chainsmokers themselves liked it on IG.


Hao IG is pretty amazing as he also had time to catch some Lenny Kravitz & Goo Goo Dolls so on Saturday night he was at Sunset Cliffs, Grandview & Trestles stages.


Before we leave the ChainsmokersAngela above was loving the “100% Crowd Participation”   KAABOO really was such a fun crowd!

below Arturo captured the Chainsmokers set design


Yes, I think Andrew from the Chainsmokers winked at me so I might have looked for lots of their rad photos.


Rockin Ryan, who is a published photographer, shares this incredible shot, above of The Struts on Saturday early afternoon on the Sunset Cliffs stage and below Rockin Ryan’s amazing shot of The Shelters


Frank captured this up close photo of Luke Spiller of The Struts


Also on Saturday the iconic Aerosmith on the Sunset Cliffs Stage as captured by ISH. 


Below just one of the amazing shots captured by Micah Wright – photographer with Getty & Lonely Planet


Saturday late night Steve Aoki enjoyed by Kayte Bataille – love to see the “hands in the air”


Still more – here comes Sunday . . .


Jessica captured this incredible shot of The Avett Brothers on Sunday early evening


while I got a  shot of Cypress Hill on the Grandview Stage above and Cold War Kids on Trestles below

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Sunday – Rebulution with Michelle Burke. 


Thank you again to all the contributors – there were truly so many shows across so many stages that there’s no way I could have shared highlights of this many shows without everyone’s willingness to share photos.  Takes a village to cover a festival this big!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset


and shutting it down with Jack Johnson on Sunday photos by me & then Olivia Doan.


Jenny Martinez Photos captured so many wonderful photos including Dana Carvey and Jeff Ross on Friday



“Jeff Ross the Roast Master General!  This guy killed it on stage super hilarious!  Must see next time he’s in your town!”  Jenny Martinez


Anitra from the Non-Profit  Americana Nueva that focuses on GENDER EQUALITY, AND SOCIAL JUSTICE in business, family, and beyond captured this shot of Vaness Bayer on Saturday & be following Anitra on IG because soon she’ll be posting more including Sarah Silverman.


on Sunday ISH laughed with Cheech & Chong – thanks ISH for having awesome pictures all 3 days


There was art done in advance and art done live.  And yes art for sale.  Here are just a few of the amazing works.


“Leviathan” by Brett Crawford


“Lucid Dream, Reflections on Ocean” by NC Winters


“Going Down the Rabbit Hole” by LOLO – click picture for a video

Arbor Skateboards, if you’re reading this KAABOO is a rad place to find artists for future board series.

Oh – there was interactive art too- I’m loving all the pictures I’m seeing of festival goers with Taped Metal Canvas


as far as walking art, Alex saw Glassman or is it Mr. Glass


for more art see my post on Art at KAABOO interview with Aaron Glasson, Creative Director PangeaSeed


There was a lot of food and I’m not talking “wizard fingers” – you know the hot dogs you might find at other festivals.  KAABOO is about the grab-n-go gourmet.  You could find it at Posh Nosh, on the boulevard, and at the stages – Sunset Cliffs Stage, Trestles Stage, Grandview Stage, Palate Stage & Encore.  Food was abundant & delicious.

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-2-46-32-pmGourmet S’Mores by Mallow Mallow in Posh Nosh

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-3-17-05-pmMilkshake Shenanigans from The Milk Bar in North Park after all cookies + milk + beer make the world go round


A returning favorite for me – Paul Mitchell.  Keeping a festival look going for 3 days can be hard – Paul Mitchell had me & everyone else covered.  Yes get your hair & makeup done or redone right at the festival.


Above my Step 1 on KAABOO arrival go direct to Paul Mitchell.   For more on the school see my post & their site.

A new favorite Savvi Jewels.  What better place to start wearing your headband & embrace your inner princess than a festival?  I did say start because once you’ve found your inner princess – treasure her & take her out!


The best find of KAABOO for me was My_Wraps Wraps Wristband Headphones – Anti-Tangle Storage with Superior Sound. #wearyoursound with style. They don’t just look great they sound great too!

When function & fashion unite – Super Powers Activated – I love these headphones & don’t know how I lived without them.



The best part of any event to me is the memories with friends.  These are a friendship pictures that I just had to share.


Murphi Kennedy, resident DJ at the Omnia SD had fun working & with friends – win-win!


The week after KAABOO, Mark is ready to go back!


The Real O Marruiz had a blast with his squad


Erin with her friend Jamie because “Sometimes you need a hand from a bestie!”


Shaiden came back to San Diego for KAABOO!   I’m from San Diego are but I’d say KAABOO is worth traveling for.


Donovan with “Da Boyz” & me below with just some of Da Girlz – oh yes we be wearing glitter

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Yes, there was more.  A KAABOO Charity Poker Tournament on Friday & Saturday 10:30pm.  You played with pros – Phil Hellmuth, Maria Ho, and Mark Kroon with the YMCA benefiting on Friday and Voices for the Children benefiting Saturday.  Who says you can’t have fun & help others?

KAABOO believes “that local charitable organizations have the ability to affect major change in a community.  With that in mind, we have focused our partnership and giving efforts in the San Diego Area.  One dollar of every pass sold by KAABOO will be distributed among our four title sharity partners through our charitable giving program:  KINDNESS.”

Yup, I read the KAABOO Guide.  See page 31 for all the details on how KAABOO supports San Diego Community.  The 4 charities for 2016:  YMCA – Military Support, San Diego Foundation of Music – music & arts education programs, Voice of the Children – helping foster children, and Surfrider – protecting the environment.

You know what was missing?  Porta Potties & I say hallelujah for flushing potties & bathrooms with mirrors.  Nothing says style like running water.

If you have something to share from KAABOO – share it – one of the many beauties of blog writing – it’s easy to update.  My e-mail is easy to find on my skatingfashionista IG bio.


Now what – it’s time to get ready for next year – who’s with me???













































































































3 Brave Skater Girls at FISE Edmonton


The picture above is from Courtney on IG.  He captioned it

These 3 brave young ladies were the only girls to get up and skate on the big stage way to go @gabstergabatron @janeybird2005 @avaraehc awesome job representing girls skateboarding in Edmonton, I’m so proud of you girls!!!!! #fiseedmonton #fise2016 #yeg #youthbrigadess #stoketheyouth

It was taken at


and it was shared with me through DM on IG  by someone who was there and  thought the picture and the story behind it needed to be shared.

Ava was the only girl registered, so the girls division was cancelled.  But Gabby and Prestly who came to cheer Ava on said – WAIT we can skate with the boys & that’s just what they did.

I’m super proud of these girls for going & just deciding let’s keep the fun going by skating & thank you to those who shared the moment and to FISE.

FISE could have said sorry girls aren’t enough of you – they didn’t.  They let these girls skate and that’s what will get other girls skating because more girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding.

By the way this was Gabby & Prestly’s first skate competition.  The girls (Ava, Gabby & Prestly) became friends when they met snowboarding as part of Riders on Board.

RIDERS ON BOARD is Canada’s longest running snowboard club. Providing world-class training, coaching and competition services for snowboarding athletes and their families – since 2000!


Above Gabby, Prestly and Ava top three at a local snowboard competition.  After snowboarding season they got together a couple of times for skate sessions.


above Gabby at FISE and below Gabby with Janey at FISE


Below Ava at FISE – who’s been on the blog before – Fate really does Love the Fearless & so does this blog!!!


This blog loves the people & organizations that encourage and support others.  If you have a picture or story to share please share because the world needs to hear & see happy news.

FISE Edmonton

FISE Edmonton is extreme sport, beer, food, music event that’s free to attend and welcomes all ages.  In addition to pros there are amateur competitions.  The juniors division is 7 – 16 years old and riders wear helmets.

FISE the 3 day event in Edmonton, Alberta Canada was held at William Hawrelack Park in fronts of thousands of fans.   This is just one of the world wide events presented by FISE.  You can find out more about FISE on their IG.

















Official Launch – Quit Your Day Job


The official trailer for @quityourdayjobvid is here! This is the first full length female skate film in the US in over a decade, showcasing the most progressive street skating from the top female skaters in the world and introducing the next generation of up and comers.

The film is almost done but the filmmakers need your help to finish it! Check out their @indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for some exclusive rewards! #QuitYourDayJobVid


Watch the videos below by clicking on the pic & see #girlscanskate


Quit Your Day Job (Official Trailer)


“Quit Your Day Job” Crowdfunding Video