Go Girl Energy Interview

I had the delicious pleasure of tasting Go Girl at the Neon Supergirl Pro this past July in Oceanside CA. In addition to finding out they were tasty, I found out they were a low-calorie energy drink and supporters of a good cause.

So if they’re an energy drink are they healthy?  What good cause do they support?  This post will answer those questions and more because it’s the Go Girl interview post with Amanda.

How can Go Girl provide energy and be healthy? I’ve always heard that energy drinks are high in caffeine & sugar.

Amanda:  Go Girl prides itself on providing a healthier energy drink for its consumers. Our flagship flavor, Original Sugar Free, is sugar free and only 5 calories per can. Our second most popular flavor, Peach tea is sweetened with agave nectar and only 35 calories per can.

We are healthier because sugar and calorie levels are low. Each flavor also contains B vitamins, which helps naturally extend the energy after the caffeine has worn off. This, theoretically will eliminates the “shakes and crashes” that other energy drinks can cause. GoGirl also contains a natural appetite suppressant, garcinia cambogia, that will help maintain cravings. Plus Go Girl is proudly gluten free and kosher.

Due to the fact that it is an energy drink, it is not recommended for minors to consume. It is safe for one to consume as many as recommended by your doctor, everyone is different, but it is not recommended to consume if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

I read that Go Girl Sugar Free is the original drink and supports breast cancer awareness. How does is do that and do the other flavors support a cause?

Amanda:  Go Girl and it’s parent company, Nor-Cal Beverage are proud supporters of Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Research Causes. With every case sold, we donate $.50 to these causes.

Some non-profit organizations are local to the areas that we are distributed in and some are statewide organizations. Some provide funding for research, like Susan G. Komen, and some provide funding and care before, during and after a diagnosis is made.

Beyond the monetary donations, we are also constantly donating our products to events throughout our markets that directly benefit Breast and Ovarian Causes. You can find out which specific organizations that we donate to, on our website.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – Go Girl helps spread awareness every day!

I met you at a community event, what type of events does GoGirl participate in and what’s the best way to find out where they will be next?

Amanda:  Supergirl is one of those events that we participate in yearly. Yes it is a community event, but it’s proceeds benefit women’s health and well-being. It’s best to check our instagram feed for upcoming events and where we will be next.

There’s Go Girl fashion. The fashionista in me loves that – the Pink Zip Up Hoodie & Black Pull Over Hoodie plus a beach towel. Are those only available on line?

Amanda:  Yes, we have some swag items and are constantly trying to expand our merchandise to provide wearable’s for all those in our demographic, women 18-65. At this time, there are only on our online store and occasionally sold at events, where appropriate.

The best way to experience Go Girl is by tasting it. If an event isn’t coming up soon you can check them out at tons of locations.

Since launching in 2005 from Sacramento, CA, Go Girl has expanded to nine western states to find out if Go Girl is in your area check out their locator.

Plus Go Girl is available thru their website.  They ship everywhere and in the continental US, ground shipping is free with a case purchase.

Thanks Go Girl for supporting all girls and special thanks to Amanda for taking time to do this interview.

Life is more positive & stylish when you know about positive things going on – companies who make giving back a priority are definitely positive & stylish to me! What organizations are helping you keep it stylish on & off the board?

Skateboarding in a Dress

This is one of the most beautiful pictures of skateboarding in a dress that I’ve ever seen.    Thanks for sharing @tiask8 

She has an awesome IG account and I hope you check her out soon!

How are you having fun skateboarding?  And how are you staying true to your style while you skate?

More people skateboard when they see people having fun skateboarding and encouraging each other.  Hope you share your skate adventures soon!

Boy Meets Girl Now at Macys

I’ve been wearing Boy Meets Girl for years!

fall 2017

fall 2014

I’ve also blogged about them before, like my interview with their founder & creative force Stacy Igel.  Now I’m happy to share that they’re available at Macys!

Here’s the scoop on what to expect from Boy Meets Girl at Macys.

Select styles are available online & at various Macys stores throughout the US.

These styles are available online


One of the Macys in Southern California carrying the Boy Meets Girl Line is Mission Viejo.  I checked them out this past Sunday 10/22/17.

embroidered-logo bomber jacket

Live to Inspire cropped sweatshirt

hoodie sweatshirt

You can find Boy Meets Girl in the Impulse section on the second floor at Mission Viejo.

I love the imagery of Boy Meets Girl because I believe in the importance of boys and girls looking each other in the eye.

We all benefit when we see each other as equals; not looking down at each other or away from one another.  We also benefit when we see that someone is different and we still want to see them and get to know them.

Boy Meets Girl is fashion with a message so I hope you check them out at Macys and on their blog where they are currently running a series on Real Stories.



Melissa Longboarding with Style

Love Melissa’s long boarding pictures.  As one of the comments says


I love it is the same in all languages just like girls skateboarding for fun is global.

Where are you having fun skating?

Hope you share your skate adventures soon because more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating.


Rastaclat #bandingtogether with Keep a Breast

I’ve blogged before about how my Rastaclat bracelets remind me to #seekthepostive because believe me there are days when you need a reminder. I’ve also blogged before about Rastaclat giving back – bracelets created to raise awareness and funds for causes.

I’ve loved their miniclat awareness bracelet which donates 100% of proceeds to Keep a Breast Foundation for awhile and now there’s even more bracelets to support the fight against breast cancer.

how Pushing for Pink bracelet came to be & look at Pushing for Pink event

There’s the Pushing for PinkI Love Boobies White, the I Love Boobies Red, and I Love Boobies Black bracelets.

Rastaclat is a proud supporter of the ‘Pushing For Pink’ skate events and ’The Keep A Breast Foundation’ (KAB). Their mission is to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support. $1 from the sale of each bracelet will be directly donated to KAB.

Positivity grows exponentially when we work together.  That’s why I find everything about this collaboration inspiring.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month but every month should be the month we stay aware. Your Rastaclat bracelet can be a reminder to yourself and others that see it to find out more about ways to prevent and detect breast cancer early.

Click above or below to find out more about Keep a Breast, their app and how to #checkyourselfie.

There’s still one more Pushing for Pink event coming up.  If you can make it out and if not be there in spirit.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board!




Skate Rising October 2017

Skate Rising’s October theme was “The Gift of You”.  The girls who attended heard examples of how their talents can be of service to the world and then had an opportunity to say what their talents were and how they share them.

Angela volunteering

Bryce Wettstein and Angela Strong shared how their talent of skateboarding allows them to be of service to others through teaching and encouraging.

I shared how my talent of writing allows me to be of service by connecting people throughout the world and Calli, Skate Rising’s founder & organizer reminded the girls that compassion is a talent that serves the world.

Next up was this month’s service project. The girls donated new teddy bears for Carol’s House, a local shelter for victims of domestic violence.

Each bear received a heartfelt message of encouragement.

Then it was time to skate.

Neal Mims & staff were on hand to help & encourage

Calli demonstrating the “gift” of a hand hold

The morning ended with a raffle.  This month’s raffle was extra special because the girls found out that Skate Rising will be a part of Girls’ Week at Woodward.  To celebrate one lucky girl won a ticket to the week and every girl can receive a $200 discount plus a $50 donation will be made to Skate Rising if they sign up now through EXPOSURE Skate.

Alexis – on her way to Woodward Girls Week Summer 2017!

Next month’s Skate Rising will be the first weekend of the month because it will be at EXPOSURE Skate!  Contact Calli at [email protected] if you have any questions or want to be involved.

If you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area you can check out Skate Rising Phoenix on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 91 West Skate Park.

Below as a reminder of the Anti-Bullying the contracts the girls signed in August and celebration of October being National Bullying Prevention Month the girls received No Place for Hate pins.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board by sharing your talents & encouraging others to do the same.

Smiling is Your Choice

Marta Mary captioned this photo

My ugly crushed face from the helmet pads doesn’t stop me from smiling at #Belajoyride and sayin hello to @duckvader01 taking snaps ??

Of course she’s not ugly & she absolutely has the right attitude – you can choose to smile through anything.

She’s an amazing skater.  Above she was skating in Bad Eisenkappel. (Austria)

Below she won first place in Pomezia. (Italy)

Where are you having fun skating?  And where are you choosing to smile.  Hope you are smiling on & off the board daily.


Happy Birthday Tara

October is the birthday month of Tara, who over the years has inspired me both on & off the board.

One reason Tara inspires me is she’s always smiling with a positive can do attitude.  Even when she has fears she faces them head on.

Another reason she inspires me is that she doesn’t give up.

Tara had a serious skating accident several years ago involving a car.  Many would have given up.  Not Tara, she recovered is back skating and even shares about her accident and recovery.

Public speaking can be terrifying, but Tara does it because she’s always willing to share her life lessons.

Tara also inspires me by how much she does to promote girls skateboarding:  she encourages girls to try skating and girls who already skate to build communities.

Tara started & organizes all the Arbor Girls Push 2 Progress events!

Happy Birthday Tara – hope you are enjoying your world adventures and that this is another awesome year for you!


Eating Happy at Mendocino Farms

I recently had the pleasure of finding Mendocino Farms, a farm fresh restaurant, down in Carmel Valley right near one of my favorite skateparks.

There are locations all over California.  This location just opened in August 2017.

At Mendocino Farms they are focused on creating the best meal possible. They have seasonal menus with a wide selection of sandwiches, soups and salads.

My personal favorite is the MODERN TUNA “ALMOST MELT”.

I love this place because the ingredients are good for you and you know where they come from. All the food used is specially chosen from local farmers.

The whole idea began way back when in 2003, when husband & wife duo (Mario Del Pero and Ellen Chen) wanted something more than the typical meal.

As the sign says you’ll be happy!

Through drive and grit their dream became real (something I just so happen to be big on).

This was without a doubt one of my favorite meals and just another reason to look forward to hanging out in Carmel Valley!

above the Carmel Valley Skatepark

Plus huge thank you to Mendocino Farms for supporting schools – like my own.