Last Canadian Skater Girl

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This is little V and she’s our last picture of Canadian Skater Girls in February but for sure she is not the last skater girl in Canada.  Photo sublimelimes.

Thanks to all the girls who keep sharing their skateboarding pictures and show the world – girls can skateboard – keep it fun & fashionable!

Happy Leap Year.

Do You Remember the Mother Who Wrote the Thank You Letter to a Skater Boy?

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A mother has written a heartwarming Facebook message to thank a teenage boy for helping her daughter learn how to skateboard – despite getting teased by his friends.

Jeanean Thomas, from Cambridge, Ontario, told how her six-year-old daughter Peyton had been wanting to skate for months but was terrified because she thought it was ‘ only for boys’.

Thomas, 29, said she convinced Peyton to go to a skate park after explaining there was ‘no such thing as “girl things” and “boy things”‘, but when the pair arrived the place was full of teenage boys. – Daily Mail

If you don’t remember or haven’t read it please follow the link – it’s a wonderful story that shows that skateboarding isn’t for boys or girls and that “real” skaters want to share skateboarding.

Why am I blogging about this in February – go Canada Peyton is a Canadian skater girl.  Below a shot from Jeaneanthomas IG.

Thanks Jeanean for encouraging your daughter and teaching her that it’s ok to ask for help and let others help you – we all grow when we help each other!

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More than just phenomenal

Not only is @amberskate a phenomenal skater but she also has a super positive attitude and is always happy to help other girls in skateboarding-Babes Brigade 


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After seeing this video of Amber I was totally pumped up to skate. I grabbed my board and headed to the park.  Living proof that more girls skate when they see girls skate.  Lol I wasn’t half as gnarly as Amber but I tried.


100% Skate Club for Skater Girls

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If you see the orange helmet in Calgary, Canada it could be Marlene.  This photo was taken by her assistant Layan and you can see other rad skate photos at

Marlene doesn’t just skateboard she helps others get skateboarding.

Our group is called the 100% Skate Club. We are based in Calgary, Canada. We have about 40 girls of all ages. I’m the oldest so far, at 53. The club just started last April by Erica Jacobs. We have a Facebook page. 
Here’s a blog post I made on how to shoot skateboarding. Some shots from my club girls in the gallery.
And here’s a video on YouTube of a club skate night:
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Marlene helps boys skateboard too – here is is teaching her grandson.
More girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding and as we’ve seen over and over again you are never the wrong age to start or go back to skateboarding.  Plus it’s always stylish to share skateboarding with others.