Skating Fashionista Collages

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The skatingfashionista collage as it appears in EXPOSURE Skate 2016 Calendar – just a few of the skatingfashionistas from around the world.


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The skatingfashionista collage from February 2016 posts – #girlscanskate Canada


collage final USA

The skatingfashionista collage #girlscanskate USA – for links to all the posts from each state click here!

Girls Photographing (or Filming) Skater Girls

What’s this collage about?   Pictures are worth 1000 words. Pictures tell a story and it’s through stories that people learn, remember, and believe.   To read the posts on the artist click on their name.

Zorah QuattlebaumGale WebbHarmony ThompsonLori WeinsteinChantal GarciaMonique O’TooleNam-Chi VanCarmen ZhouLorrie PalmosHeidi Lemmon

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