One More Skater Girl on Halloween

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There’s always time for one more post because you never know what post it the one that will inspire another girl to try skateboarding!  This one is perfect both for it’s picture and the caption shared by yogiyoli

Normal is an illusion.  What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly – Morticia Addams

I’ve always loved Morticia’s style and I know she’d be willing to make a slit in her iconic dress for an opportunity to skateboard.

Fashionable skater girls is my normal – Happy Halloween again.





How Does A Skater Girl Celebrate Halloween & do Disney Princesses Skateboard?

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Marleemackkk shows us that a skater girl celebrates Halloween by dressing up and riding.  The Pink Power Ranger always was my favorite.  Keep it safe & stylish this Halloween both on & off the board.

If there was any doubt – the Disney princesses skateboard too – the_og_show  has a video of Snow White skateboarding before school #girlscanskate   #skatelikeagirl   please keep sharing your pictures because more girls do skate as they see stylish girls skateboarding & we encourage each other!  Have a very Happy Halloween!

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Encouraging your Niece to Skateboard

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This picture is of Anna-Claire kicking but at the #BREC Ride ‘N’ Roll skateboarding competition – so glad Gail Suberbielle takes the time to encourage her niece & then share this so other girls can be inspired to skateboard.

#BREC is a park in Baton Rouge Louisiana 52.2 Acres for Extreme Sports fans.

I hope we see more of Anna-Claire and other girls because more girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skateboarding.  And all girls are stronger when we encourage each other!

Feisty – Radical Gear for Girls

I love finding out about companies that support & encourage girl skateboarders so I was thrilled when my friend Pauline Branom told me about her board sponsor Feisty Crew.

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Plus I was so excited to find out Pauline has a Pro Model board.

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Being the curious type – I had to find out more so I contacted Feisty Crew.

SF:  Why & when did you start a brand for girls?

We worked for many years in this business and found out that there is not really a core brand for girls, a brand in several x-treme sports
that is about the purity of the sport and girl riders on the streets and slopes. We wanted to create a platform and brand for girls where they feel connected with, proud of and have a voice in.

The last years we also saw many girls were kicked out from brand teams or will never have a chance with brands because men always have the advantage at Unisex brands so we wanted to create new room for  them.

In August 2013 Feisty was founded. We gave it the name Feisty as it stands for tough girls with strong personalities. 

SF:  In addition to on-line, where are your boards available?

Beside our webshop sadly we are not in any shops yet. We just changed our structure of working with involving our crew girls into the sales part of our decks. We hope shops will believe in Feisty soon so girls can buy the decks in their local shop.

Screen shot 2015-10-12 at 10.49.08 AM

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I’m happy to have insider information which is Feisty Crew is a proud sponsor of EXPOSURE Skate 2015 – so on November 7th there will be some Feisty Boards at the Encinitas, CA event.  Thanks Tiffany R for making that happen.

SF:  Who’s on the Feisty Crew?

We have girls from around the world in our crew. Feisty works with girls who design the decks and to ride the decks.

Every girl in the world can show us their artwork and we decide if we will use it yes or no.

Our crew is growing and will grow with the years. We are not looking for pro girls only –  like every other brand only works with pro riders. We are looking for girls who have heart and passion for their sports. If we see this in a girl and the girl has a great story for girls in x treme sports in general we are happy to help the girl. The only thing we ask our girls is to make content so we can use it and share their adventures with the world. everybody is equal at Feisty.

For snowboarding and skateboarding we have a rider stop and we are looking for some cool freestyle longboard girls.

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I love what Feisty Crew is doing for girls on all boards.  Definitely check them out & if you’re interested tell them why you’re Feisty it’s as easy as tagging them on IG.

till next time keep it stylish on & off the board – skatingfashionista


Rolling To School

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Most people roll to school in a car or bus – maybe on a bike.  Yael skateboards to school.

Her mom chiara_spruit shared this picture and said Yael would love to have more girls skating in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Well that’s why we’re here – more girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding.

Can’t wait to see more pics from skater girls in Amsterdam.

Tactics Supports Skater Girls

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One day I was online browsing and I came across this – Tactics with FREE U.S. Shipping – No Sales Tax.  Some people might start thinking why – I don’t need to know why – I just need to know what they have!

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Tactics does not disappoint.  Tactics has an incredible selection – all the brands and styles I love.  Plus savings – it was like being at a Super Sale but better because it was so easy to find my size – just click instead of digging through tons of clothes.

Ordering – easy 1-2-3  – delivery right on time – I loved my on-line experience with Tactics & you’ll be seeing what I got if you follow my Instagram.  You can also follow Tactics on IG to see what they have plus amazing shots from their Skate Team, Snow Team & Downhill Skate Team.  And I know they support skater girls!

How do I know Tactics supports skater girls?  Because when I asked for a donation for EXPOSURE Skate which is coming up on Saturday November 7th and both empowers girls through skateboarding and helps victims of domestic violence – boom Tactics donated over 20 prizes for the competitions!

Tactics also has a blog – where I hope to guest post and Guides.

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Truth be known I used their Guides to help with an intro to skateboarding class I put on.  Tactics helped me keep it fun & fashionable while saving money so XOXO!







Can you Start to Skateboard with Cowboy Boots?

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The hardest part about skateboarding is making your mind up that you are going to skateboard.  Everyone who ever has or ever will had to make the decision to get on the board.

I love that she’s on a board, having fun, and staying true to her style.

Keep it stylish on & off the board by staying true to your style – love who you are and never be afraid to be who you are.


Catching a Ride

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Mynta32 shows us she’s part of a rolling mother-daughter team!

This is one of the most fun photos I’ve ever seen.  More girls skateboard when they see girls skating so it makes sense that more girls will skateboard when they see their moms skateboarding.

Keep it stylish on & off the board & when you can catch a ride!