Jordan “JoJo” Beal

I’m a girl who skates for fun.  Sure skating is a sport but it’s also an art – a way to express & challenge yourself physically & mentally.  To me skating is “rolling yoga” all about the balance.  Part of the way I express myself is through fashion – so let’s keep it stylish together on & off the board!

  1. More girls skate when they see girls skating & get encouragement.
  2. And more PEOPLE sk8 when the vibes are positive!

encouragement is always in style – on & off the board

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Thankful for post below on Girl Is Not a 4 Letter Word with Cindy Whitehead photos by Neal Mims



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      1. Just saw on IG skatelikeagirlsf is having Skate Date this Sunday January 18 at Berkeley Skate Park from 11am – 2pm 5th Street & Harrison Street in Berkeley

        all ages & abilities – wish I lived near there I’d totally skate by

  1. Yass!!! Love your blog and words! We relate to everything you say and believe photos and videos of females skating for fun will encourage other females to pick up or continue skating even though there might be negativity around them! Check out our ig @femmeskate ! Do you have a ig account ? Keep shredding ladies !!

  2. Awesome! So awesome to see so much passion and love for skateboarding from a girl. I’m in Chicago and we don’t see too much of that here! I hope one day we can skate together! :3

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