Neon Supergirl Pro 2017 Women’s Skateboarding Clinic

2017 was the 10th year for Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro and the 1st year for the event to have a Women’s Skateboarding Clinic.  Also new this year, the event was called the Neon Supergirl Pro.

Neon is Paul Mitchell’s line of hair care that’s infused with natural sugar and it’s especially for girls.  Neon believes

that every girl is unique and style should be fun!

Fun is exactly what the girls at the skateboarding clinic had.

Thanks to EXPOSURE Skate who organized the Skateboarding Clinic on Sunday from 11am – 1pm and the girls skate demos on Saturday throughout the afternoon.

I got to spend time with a caped supergirl above and a pink supergirl below.

For some girls it was their first time on a skateboard.

I loved seeing both their eagerness to learn and the enthusiasm that all the volunteer instructors had.  Above my favorite mermaid Kendra holding hands with a beginner.

I finished the clinic by making a new friend, who now has a passion for skateboarding.

We met up after at the Neon Braid booth and have plans to skate again at the Encinitas Community Park.

I’ve loved coming to Supergirl for years, it’s truly  a celebration of female empowerment.  I’m always inspired by the pro athletes and all the people who make the event happen.  Now I have one more thing to love the Skateboarding Clinic.

Be on the look out for my post on the Neon Braid Booth and other Festival Village Shops & booths that made the weekend fun.  Till then remember

It’s true we are all supergirls. Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board!




Longboarding for Peace

Julie @mistica_surfista is an ambassador for Longboarding for Peace Movement.

I got to ask her what that means?

Being an ambassador means that I share my longboard passion with everyone that I meet in my travels…Spreading the word…I work and teach a lot of kids both girls & boys and women, helping them to find their balance!!!  Doing a lot of longboard sessions with them – I  love it!!!

I love to see girls like Julie sharing their passion for skating.  Above she’s in Tarifa Spain.

Below she’s skating in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec – Canada.

When she says she travels, she means it.  Below she’s skating in Essaouira – Morocco.

And here she’s skating in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

She definitely keeps it stylish on & off the board around the world.  Where are you skating?  Are you traveling with your board?  Hope you share soon because more girls skate when they see stylish girls skating.


Gidget Rides

Sometimes Gidget rides at the park.

You might find her at an outdoor or indoor park.

Sometime she goes off road.

I just love all the fun she’s having and that she took the time to share.  She’s also a snowboarder.  What kind of board are you having fun on?

When you take the time to share, you inspire other girls because seeing is believing!

Chesley Skatepark in Minnesota

One of the things I love about summer is summer camp!  Why because of all the friends you meet.

Absolutely love that Chesley Skatepark shared this photo with the caption

BFFs Day 1 of Skate Camp

It’s always fun to skateboard with a friend.  And a true friend is a friend on & off the board ?

You don’t have to be in Minnesota to see all the fun at Chesley Skatepark you can follow then on IG.

Thank you so much Chesley Skatepark for sharing skateboarding & encouraging girls.


Cruising Together

Lena shares this picture of cruising together in Sankt Leon-Rot in Germany.

When I started skateboarding, I absolutely appreciated my camp counselors at the YMCA who held my hand in skateboard camp.  It gave me courage.  It broke my heart when some older skateboarders said “there’s no hand holding in skateboarding”.

I absolutely believe skateboarding is more fun when there’s handholding.  When you’re a beginner it can give you courage and after that it’s just fun & reassuring to be with a skater friend.

Check out Lena’s IG to see her having fun on & off the board.

And when I say off – I mean she might literally be in the air!

Fun with Her Son

Nihan loves to skate with her son.

Skating is sport, art, exercise, transportation, self-confidence building and yes an awesome way to spend time with the ones you love.

Can you skate with those who aren’t skating?  Absolutely!

Who are you having fun skating with?  Hope you share soon because more girls skate when they see stylish girls having fun skating.


Skate Like a Girl – SF Bay Area Summer Session Schedule

Skate Like a Girl – SF Bay Area Summer Session Schedule

All ages and all abilities are welcome.  Follow them on IG for all the latest updates & recap photos.

Programming Notes:
– Instruction for 1st hour of every session for all abilities: beginner, intermediate and advanced
– No experience necessary, all abilities and ages, loaner gear available
– Special prizes and giveaways at various sessions
– Free Sessions at outdoor parks: Berkeley, Town Park (Oakland) and McInnis Park (San Rafael) (donations welcome!)
– Private Indoor Sessions at Stoked 2 Skate in Santa Rosa (fee based)

girls at the 7/15 Stoked to Skate event

Where are you having fun skateboarding?  Hope you share soon.


There’s a Bump

I love this video shared by Mary

“Oh God there’s a bump. I’m not used to this.”

Yup, there’s a bump, but it doesn’t stop her.  She acknowledges it and keeps on skating.

I blog to encourage more girls to try skating by sharing the stories of girls already having fun skating and all the reasons they skate.  Skating definitely teaches you perseverance which is a skill that will help you in life.

Here’s to facing the bumps of life with style & smiles.  Thanks for sharing Mary & I loved checking out your etsy store MET Vinyl Designs.

Longboarding in Pink

M.B. @longboard_mb is practicing her pivots in pink.  Pink does make most things even more fun.

What makes skating fun for you?

Whether you’re a beginner or have been skating for years – I hope you’re having fun every time you go out and skate.

I also hope you take the time like M.B. did to share your pictures because more girls do skate when they see girls having fun & know there’s encouragement out there.


Ola & Her Mountain Board

I absolutely love the pictures & videos Ola shares of mountain boarding.

Above Ola’s in Compiegne France where she shares this caption:

Welcome to my world ?No words to describe this awesome feeling every time when I turn fear into progress and power ?

Ola is 19 – she loves snowboarding & mountainboarding  – she’s a team rider for

She mountain boards indoors too – below she’s training at Freestyle Park in Poland.

Help me in congratulating Ola for being the

?Overall World Champion Wmn 2017
?Freestyle World Vice-Champion Wmn 2017
?Boardercross World Vice-Champion Wmn 2017 ?????????

Ola has opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Thank you Ola for sharing.