Skate for Change 20,000 Socks Challenge

I’m happy to share Skate for Change’s 20,000 Socks Challenge!

Skate for Change chapters across the globe take a look at what their community needs, and then take action.

Whether it is handing out socks, or cleaning up parks, Skate for Change is all about your town, and your city. Creatives, misfits, skaters, artists, photographers, musicians; Everyone is welcome.

Skate for Change has already received support from Bombas & Ethica but they’ll need your help to reach their goal of #20KbyXmas.

Click here to go to their site or here to go to their IG for details on how you can help.

“Socks are the most requested, least donated item in homeless shelters across the world.”

Everyone can “Be the Change” and together we create a better world.




Wandy Chan Teaching Skateboarding

Above Wandy & one of her classes

Having a great night with the youth yesterday!? This is my last skate class in 2017.its special and thanksful as we cruised around in the big park and i met those youth,they were so smart, kind and cute ! ????Although we skated at midnight ,we had so much fun and they knew more about skateboarding ! ⭐ Wish they will have a Happy Christmas!? ?

Wandy has been skateboarding for about 16 years and she loves sharing skating with others.  While it took me forever to post this – sorry for the delay – Wandy has been teaching more.

How do you share your love of skateboarding?  Keep sharing because kindness grows exponentially and it really helps people stay motivated to learn on & off the board.

Hyper Cheetah – Exploring the Beauty of Bangkok

I’m a Hyper Cheetah fan.  Catching up with her I see that she’s exploring the beauty of Bangkok.  While some people may question city skateboarding, I think it’s the perfect way to see everything.

What cities have you explored with your skateboard?

To see more of Hyper Cheetah check out her IG where she’s currently sharing

and see her prior posts by clicking the cheetah tag below.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board.