Skateboarding in Nature

@__babystears went

Out for a rip before the sun goes down

she was skating on Vancouver Island.

I love all the scenic places she is skating and she loves

how much stronger my legs are from longboarding. Its such a fun way to work out????

Skating is definitely a fun workout.  Where are you skating and why do you find it fun?  More girls skate when they see girls and we encourage each other.

Hot Curbs & Cool Pools Girls Jam

The first girls only skate contest in Germany is coming up in July.  Click above to go to FB for invite shared by Skateboarding München e.V.

With the first German girls only skate contest “Hot Curbs & Cool Pools” we want to offer girls from all over Europe a platform to connect and push themselves to a new level. Every girl is welcome and can find her place in this community. The vision is to combine more parts of subculture, art and music in this event. Passion is what fuels the organisation of this event because all we get as wage is smiles and a good time – and that’s okay ?

On Saturday July 22nd at Munich – Pasing Skatepark there will be an open contest for sponsored, unsponsored, and under 14 divisions.  Plus there will be free beginner lessons (with rental equipment available), a contest jam, and riders’ dinner after.

On Sunday July 23rd at Gefilde Skatepark there will be coaching and a fun session with goodies for tricks.

To register e-mail [email protected] with your name, date you plan on participating, and what you’d like to skate.

Thanks to support from Blue Tomato, Nikita, Volcom, Nais Berlin, Vans & Stance there will be awesome prizes.

And thanks to Celina aka @brontorawr for sharing this rad event.

More girls skate when they see girls having fun skateboarding & we encourage each other so wherever you are in the world keep sharing your skate inspiration!


Riding with a Broken Hand

@mqrinq.p skates even with a broken hand

Марина Пискунова

Vladivostok, Russia. 14 y.o. ?•Snowboarding•? ❤•Longboading•❤ ?•Family•? ?•Friends•? ?•Travelling•?

Accidents happen – no one wants to have a broken hand.  I love how she stays true to her love of longboarding.

Where are you having fun skateboarding?  Whether by land or sea

when you share your pictures & stories, you inspire other girls to try skateboarding.

Hope you share soon & have an amazing Wednesday wherever you are.


Sliding Into the Week with Huong

Huong aka captioned this exquisite photo by @derekblanquer

☀ Sliding into the week like ☀

Huong rides for @millerdivision @remembercollective @luxetruckco & @1triprotective and she’s

always happy to spread the stoke amont girls community ?

More girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skating and get encouragement.

For anyone who wonders can girls skate – look at Huong’s IG.

Oh and is long boarding exercise?

?I think the squat slide is actually my favorite thing to do when i ride, even tho i need to get it steezier ??:@lasessiondudimanche

Longboarding is exercise & Huong has squat style!!!

How are you having fun skating?  Hope you share soon.



Congrats Anna-Claire

Below is a video from Anna-Claire’s bowl run at the first ever @grindforlifeorg series @southsidehtx

Congrats to Anna-Claire for placing 3rd.  Plus congrats to Anna-Claire for entering the bowl.  Street not bowl is Anna-Claire’s passion but she missed the street division so she skated bowl.

I love this story – things happen that you can’t control.  Anna-Claire wanted and planned to enter the street division.  It just didn’t work out.  She had choices – from not even go, to complain, to make the best of it.  She picked make the best of it and ended up having an awesome time.

The unexpected can seem scary and disappointing or it can be an opportunity.  When you look at life as an opportunity, you’re likely to be happier.

Even if Anna-Claire hadn’t of won, she still would have skated and isn’t that where the fun really is?

thanks Anna-Claire for always sharing & inspiring

Longboarding Family

Who do you have fun longboarding with?

Rachele has fun with her puppy!

She’s from Tuscany and now lives in Milan.

In addition to loving dogs and long boarding she loves salt water.

Where are you having fun skateboarding?  And what are your other loves?

When you share your pictures of skating you share your inspiration to skate and a glimpse of all the wonderful places there are to skateboard.


Go Skateboarding Day 2017

I blog because I’m on a mission to get more girls skateboarding for fun.  To me skateboarding is sport, art, transportation, rolling yoga, self confidence building and so much more.  The courage I’ve learned from skateboarding follows me off the board.

Regardless of who you are, your age, style, skill level, etc. if you’re having fun skateboarding keep skating!

Every day should be the day you skateboard but if you need an extra reason to just get out there & skate you’re in luck because today is Go Skateboarding Day!

I’d love if you shared your Go Skateboarding Day pictures and stories with the blog.  More girls do skateboard as they see girls having fun skateboarding & we encourage each other.

Happy Go Skateboarding Day – may today & everyday be the day you have the opportunity to have fun skateboarding – XOXO skatingfashionista




Longboard Dancing by PGE Narodowy

@m_iskierka shares this video of longboard dancing by PGE Narodowy.  Where’s that?  I didn’t know either.

The PGE Narodowy or National Stadium is a retractable roof football stadium located in Warsaw, Poland. It is used mostly for football matches and it is the home stadium of Poland national football team.

I’m thankful she shared and wants other girls to have fun long boarding.  I love seeing all the beautiful places around the world where girls are skating with style.

Where are you having fun skateboarding?  More girls skate when they see stylish girls skating & get encouragement so I hope you share soon.




Yoga Teacher Learning How to Skateboard

I’m all about fashion for on & off the board, so the first thing I loved about Tuğba aka @woolgathererr’s video was the pants.  Then I fell in love with the caption

“She woke up every morning with the option of being anyone she wished, how beautiful it was that she always chose herself.”

Turns out Tuğba is a yoga lover, student, and teacher.  She has her own website

If you’re in the Istanbul area you can take a class with her.

I’ve always thought of skateboarding as rolling yoga so I love the grace & style that Tuğba brings to her skating.  She might be a beginner, but she’s already having fun & inspiring others to give skating a try.

More girls skateboard when they see stylish girls from around the world having fun skating.  Where will inspiration come from next?  Hope you share soon!

As for the quote it’s by Tyler Kent White.  He’s a writer & below is the link to his site.