Missing Skateboarding Season

Fall and winter are wonderful times of the year.  But sometimes they can be sad for those who want to skateboard outside and the weather just says no!

Above Huong @hoonj.ie is enjoying the good weather with the caption

Already missing this ! Can’t wait for next season ?? ?: Dyouper

Below she enjoyed the summer in Paris (photo @benoitsaid).

Where were you able to have fun skateboarding this year?

Hope you share like Huong did and that the weather soon lets you skate again.

Shauna from Wisdom Skateboarding Team

Wisdom Skateboards has been creating skateboards since 2007.  They are headquartered in Florida and built on a mission of sharing a message of peace, faith and respect.

Above a deck from the Good Things V Series which is based on Psalm 107:8-9.

A portion of the proceeds from every deck sold goes to support the mission of a like-minded group or organization of which the graphic was created to support.

In addition to giving back through their decks, Wisdom has a team of skaters who give back in the community.  This post is about Shauna.

When did you start skating & why?

Shauna:  I started skating in 2002. It all started when my mom saw a flyer for skateboard lessons and thought it sounded like something I would like. Honestly my teacher Jeff Meagher was the best and I don’t think I would have stuck with it without him.

   Where’s your favorite place(s) to skate?

Shauna:  Pretty much anywhere that has a nice bowl/pool.

   Why do you like to skate?

Shauna:  I like to skate because it’s fun! You can skate so many different ways and be creative. It’s not like other sports were someone tells you what to do, you get to skate with your own style.

@shaunabregs with @makennya & @dominique

   Why do you think it’s good for girls to skate?

Shauna:  I think it is good for girl to skate because it’s fun! I think skateboarding provides a way for girls to get outside of what culture says about them and explore a passion. Skateboarding also teaches you how to not give up and I think that is a good lesson for everyone.

How did you start skating for Wisdom & what’s special about that?

Shauna:  I met Dave (the founder of Wisdom) at the Florida Bowl Riders contest back in 2009. I had scripture written on my board and he started talking with me about it. After talking for while we figured out that we were both very passionate about being different than the norm of skate culture.

Wisdom is special to me because it allows me to share my faith in Jesus and be a positive influence to those around me. Dave always looks to help us make a difference in anyway he can, that is really rare in a skate brand.

Are there any girls you skate with that you’d like to shout out?

Shauna:  Yeah for sure!

Brtitni McCann a fellow team rider

Jocelyn Giammarino

Melissa Caughey

Nicole Hawkins

and all the girls at New England’s Female Skateboarding, they all kill it!

Thank you so much for sharing Shauna.  I love that you are able to have fun skateboarding while sharing your other passions.

To find out more about Wisdom Skateboards – check out their webpage and follow them on IG @wisdomsb.

And be sure to check out all the skater girls mentioned in this post.  More girls skate when they see girls having fun skating and get encouragement & each of these skater girls is all about sharing the fun & encouragement!

Onzie: Style, Savings & Support of St. Joseph’s Center

Once again Onzie is supporting St. Joseph’s Center.

Onzie is a female owned and operated business headquartered in Venice Beach California.  99% of their sewing, cutting, and dyeing happen in LA!

St. Joseph’s Center is a Venice Beach charity that’s been helping the homeless for over 40 years by helping with housing, job placement and food.

All of Onzie’s designs are ready for anything – literally they are ready for saltwater, chlorine, and heavy sweat environments.  Above I’m skateboarding in my black bell bottoms which move effortlessly on the board and off the board to school, work, or anywhere else you go.

Now is the perfect time to check them out for yourself or for a friend as a holiday gift.  Use the code below and you’ll get savings while helping St. Joseph.

Oh and new this year, there’s Onzie for youth!

Onzie also has a men’s line and is available worldwide.

Traffic is NO Problem

Motorcycles aren’t the only ones who can get through a traffic jam.

Tess shows us what she does when stuck in traffic.

Above she was passing the traffic in Switzerland – Gotthard Road Tunnel.

Tess is a student who loves road trips, action sports & the outdoors – which work together to beat traffic.

How are you having fun skateboarding & how does it help you with life’s problems?

More girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skateboarding so I hope you share soon.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone like Tess who’s shared to inspire others!


Water in Pools is Overrated

Above Nora shows that some pools are best without water.

In addition to pools she loves downhill skateboarding.

So many ways to have fun skateboarding & more girls skate when they see girls having fun – so I hope you share soon!

Hope you check out Nora’s IG soon – LOVE YOUR RIDE THROUGH LIFE!! is her motto & I love her pictures!

November Skate Rising at EXPOSURE Skate

November’s Skate Rising event was held at EXPOSURE Skate on Saturday November 4, 2017.

Skate Rising was started by Calli Kelsay as EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program for girls.  Skate Rising teaches compassion through service and empowerment through skateboarding.

This month’s event included a free Learn to Skate Clinic with Neal Mims Skate Academy.

This was EXPOSURE Skate’s 6th annual event featuring competitions, vendor village, yoga clinics, and a skate clinic.  My favorite part is always the skate clinic because it’s filled with encouragement, smiles, and hand holding.

It’s amazing how much courage can come from the simple act of holding hands.

I was amazed by the girls’ willingness to try new things.

Girl after girl faced her fears and succeeded.

I saw them conquer drop ins,

kick turns, ledges and more!

Plus I saw them make new skate friends. Skateboarding is always more fun with friends who encourage you.

The skate clinic was in the morning so the girls had the rest of the day to watch the competitions and participate in the village activities including the service project at Skate Rising.

This month’s service project benefitted Carol’s House, a women’s shelter and the beneficiary of the EXPOSURE Skate event.  The girls made knotted blankets for the shelter.

The girls also had the opportunity to paint rocks and participate in raffles.

The girls learned that painting rocks is not just fun and easy, it can also be a way to spread kindness.  They were encouraged to write inspirational messages on the rocks and then give them to someone or hide them for someone to find.

If you missed out on November’s Skate Rising you can catch up any month.  Skate Rising happens the second Saturday of the month at the Encinitas Skate Park or if you’re in Phoenix, Arizona area you can check out Skate Rising Phoenix at the 91 West Skate Park.

To find out how you can be involved with Skate Rising (volunteers and sponsors always welcomed) contact Calli at [email protected] .  To find out more about EXPOSURE Skate a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women through skateboarding check out their web page.

To spend even more time with Skate Rising & EXPOSURE Skate check out Woodward West’s Girls Week.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board.

XOXO skatingfashionista

photos by Gavin Silberman, Mary Gardner, & Neal Mims Skate Academy


Skateboarder & Pokemon Master

Kakyy aka @kakykakyy shares that she worked months to learn the basics and is grateful for an excellent teacher!

I love to see more girls having fun skateboarding and that they are getting encouragement to skate.

When she’s not skating she’s busy being a Pokemon Master.  Her IG is in French & Japanese.  I’m struggling to learn French so I’m trying to read her posts without the translator.

Where are you having fun with your skateboard and what are your other interests?  Hope you share soon!



Beatriz Skateboarding in France & Spain

Above Beatriz aka @frausonnenblume is skating with style in Nord-Pas-de-Calais in France.  Below she’s in Spain.

Love how she skates in different places and I love her positive attitude

I Didn’t get it this time!! But next time I will ???

Determination is stylish on & off the board.

I also love that she keeps it fun by skating doubles with her boyfriend.

Where are you having fun skateboarding?  When you share you inspire more girls to give it a try & gain the benefits like learning determination.



The Sky is the Limit with Tilly’s Life Center

The Sky is the Limit when you have skills to achieve your dreams.  So it was appropriate that Tilly’s Life Center, which teaches life skills to teens called their gala The Sky is the Limit!

Thanks to the generous support of those that attended on October 14, 2017 in Irvine and other supporters Tilly’s Life Center aka TLC has empowered almost 3,000 teens in Southern California.

Since 2012 TLC has been running programs at schools and other facilities like the CHOC Children’s Hospital and the Central Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles.

What do TLC programs teach?

TLC teaches skills to face many of today’s challenges including: social media interaction, divorce, body image, self-image, drugs, alcohol, cyberbullying, stress, peer pressure, dating, sex, self-responsibility, motivation and purpose.

Challenges that face teens of all socioeconomic levels and in communities across the world.  Without skills to deal with these challenges, teens are at risk of never achieving their full potential and never being able to give back to the community.

As a teen, I’ve been faced with many of those challenges.  I know first hand that it’s easy to feel depressed and become discouraged from pursuing anything (academic or otherwise). I also know that having a safe place to go and people who will offer help free of judgement can help build back your self-esteem.

Christian Ford, the host, performed magic and explained TLC’s core lessons: overcoming obstacles and adversity and encouraging who we see in the mirror to become a better, more whole version of ourselves.

What do Teen Graduates have to say about TLC?

Through video testimonials, guests were given an inside look at how TLC has enriched the lives 1,100 teens across Southern California this year alone. TLC teens, Alma and Kyle shared how the nonprofit has helped them overcome emotional and physical trials such as sexual assault and cancer.

I had the chance to chat with several of the teens who attended the even and have participated in TLC programs and here’s what they had to say:

  • TLC makes better people, people who are mature, understanding, true to themselves.
  • Through TLC I’ve made friendships and become comfortable with my true myself.
  • I’ve not only found good role models, I’ve become a good role model.
  • I joined because my friend recommended it – she was so right.  I’ve had amazing experience and really grown.
  • TLC helps you deal with normal high school drama and the stress of balancing school with home and work.
  • TLC has given me the courage to speak up and has strengthened my self-respect.
  • TLC is my second family.  I know the friends I’ve made will be friends for life.


TLC makes PSA Public Service Announcements.  Several of the teens I spoke to said that was a highlight of the program.  It was a chance for them to learn about a problem and then work collectively to end the problem.  When I say work, I mean work.  The teens star in, write,  film, edit – make the PSA with guidance from the TLC staff.

TLC PSAs cover topics that impact teens across the world.  For example opioid addiction, suicide, abusive relationships, how to make good choices, and so many more.

click above to go to TLC website & see some of their PSAs

TLC is successful because of the support they receive.  One of the skills TLC teaches is gratitude so part of the evening was about giving thanks and acknowledging the contributions of others.

Awards of the Evening

The CHOC Children’s Hospital, a leader in pediatric care including pediatric mental health, was awarded the 2017 I am Inspiring Award.

I’m very inspired by how CHOC partners with TLC to provide children access to the I Am Healthy Workshop. I absolutely believe that your health is physical, mental & emotional. It’s very important that health care providers talk to their patients about the importance of staying positive and give them tools to help them stay positive.

As a story teller, I loved hearing the stories of how CHOC is working interactively with their patients.  For example literally burying the negative comments they hear in flower pots. Letting things go is easier said then done.  Taking an action can really help, so I’m going to try the flower pot suggestion.

CHOC will soon be opening a Children’s Mental Health Inpatient Center.  This is timely because I heard that in Orange County, one out of five children suffers from a mental health condition that’s 150,000 children.   One in five is a scary statistic, however, with programs like TLC that statistic can decrease.

Steve Van Doren with Tilly Levine

The second honoree, VANS, was awarded the 2017 I Am One of a Kind Award.  VANS, a VF Corporation brand, is active in the global community.  Through social media it’s easy to find them hosting or supporting all kinds of events from sports competitions to music festivals and art shows.  They also support communities at the grass root level.

In addition to Vans® Earth Day and Vans® Gives Back Day, during which all Vans® brand associates at headquarters give back to the community, Vans® donates up to 20 hours for each associate to volunteer at organizations of their choice during business hours each year.

I’m thrilled that TLC is one of the organizations they support.  On a recent #vansgivesback day they donated & assembled hundreds of backpacks for TLC teens.  It’s easy for many of us to take backpacks and school supplies for granted, however, when you need them you really appreciate them.

I appreciate all the efforts (time and money) that I see companies giving.  As I learn in history class, it wasn’t all too long ago that corporations focused solely on profits.  When you see others taking the time to help it inspires you to do the same.  We can’t all make the same contribution, but every contribution is important and they all add up to creating a better world.

What Tilly Levine, Founder of TLC Had to Say

I’m thankful to everyone who opens their hearts to help TLC empower teens by teaching them life skills that build confidence, inspire compassion, encourage them to set goals, continue their education, build a future career, and pursue their dreams.

My vision for TLC is that every single school in the country will have our program as a required curriculum and because of your support that dream is well on its way!

I truly believe that with your ongoing support, The Sky Is the Limit!  Thank you!

Tilly Levine with a few of the many teens she’s helped mentor.

Auction Highlights

Just a sampling of the amazing items up for auction.  Plus there were experiences like a Bugatti and Porsche driving and racing day and a day in the life of the action sports industry with Tilly Levine up for auction.

Gala Summary

I’m excited to report that the night raised $220,000!  That’s $220,000 towards empowering teens to overcome their own adversity and crisis through positive thinking.

What a wonderful evening.  To find out more about Tilly’s Life Center and how you can get involved follow @tillyslifecenter on Instagram, Facebook , LinkedIn and @TillysLC on Twitter plus check out their web site below.

I learned about TLC through skateboarding.  What have you learned through skateboarding?  When we share what we learn and spread the news about organizations who are building a better tomorrow & how we can get involved – we all win.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board.


Ivy Learning New Skateboard Tricks

Ivy has fun learning new skateboard tricks with encouragement from friends.

It’s amazing how much fun you can have plus how much you can learn when you have encouragement.  When people believe in you – it’s contagious.

Ivy’s 7 and having fun skateboarding in Brazil.  Where are you having fun skating & who’s encouraging you?