Skate Like A Girl Seattle #WOF10

Skate Like a Girl Seattle has so many wonderful programs and events to help girls be their best selves.

One event I’ve blogged about before recently celebrated it’s 10th year!

Ten years – a decade – of welcoming all ages & abilities who want to have fun skating.

I so wish I could make it out there one year. Have you gone?

What an amazing group shot. If you aren’t familiar with Skate Like a Girl Seattle, take the time to get to know them. Always something going on – camps – after school – sessions – etc.

They are truly building community every day.

You can have fun skateboarding alone but you might have even more fun skating with others!

What did you do in April?

If you asked me what I did in April, I’d probably say homework, homework, and homework. Whoever said first class in Anatomy was strictly memorization was not in my class!

But the ladies in LA – that’s the LA Girls Skate Sessions Community had a BBQ.

So don’t be me – with too much homework! Instead be them with fun Sundays. Seriously we all need to take breaks. Taking breaks and spending quality time with others is essential to being our best healthy selves.

Wherever you live try to find a group of girls skating. It can be super scary to go to an event where you don’t know anyone, but I’ve found that girls skate events – especially the non competition ones – are all about the fun, so they are very welcoming.

Please share your events and if there’s not an event in your area, it doesn’t take a huge group to make an event. A few good friends at the skatepark is an event and the joy you’re having will attract others.

Go check out the fun at La Girls Skate Sessions