YMCA Annual Fundraiser

I know everyone is busy and has tons of things to spend their money on. I’m just hoping you have a moment and a small donation for my favorite Y. The Clairemont YMCA Skate & Bike Park has always felt like home to me and so many other kids.

The Clairemont YMCA Skate & Bike Park exists because of the kindness and generosity of so many. Yes, there are more and more skateparks in San Diego and many are free, but this skate and bike park is supervised. Supervision may sound “baby” but it makes a difference especially when you’re young and just starting to skate.

When you fall at this park, there’s always someone there to help you up and give you advice on what to do next time. After all insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

I hope you click below and give what you can. If you’re interested in seeing more of the park check out my past blog posts and video. This park makes a difference. This park is one of the reasons I was confident enough to apply for college and why I have the opportunity to go next year.