sort of the First skate Rising of 2020

Unfortunately there were problems with permits so officially the January Skate Rising event in Encinitas was cancelled.

But permits or lack of permits can’t stop skaters from skating, so part of the crew still came out. A huge part had an awesome time.

Should you skateboard where it’s not allowed? That’s a topic for debate, but should you skateboard at a park with your friends? That answer should be YES!

The skills I’ve learned at Skate Rising events have gone far beyond board skills. I’ve learned how to ask for help and how to help others. Those are two skills that I use on and off the board. People weren’t made to live in isolation, to be our best selves we need others. When we learn from others and then pass on that learning, that’s when community thrives.

I hope the permit issues get resolved, but even if they don’t I’m committed to helping at future Skate Rising events.