#girlscanskate USA – the collage

I started the blog because I believe more girls skateboard when they see stylish girls skateboarding.   Style to me is so much more than what you wear – it’s how you wear it.

If someone looks confident yet approachable – that’s style.  All the girls in this collage are stylish.  Each one of them skates and wants others to skate – skate because it’s sport, art, transportation, relaxing, rolling yoga . . . skate because it’s fun & always know #girlscanskate!

collage final USA

These girls show there’s no wrong way to skate and no uniform in skateboarding.  So what are you waiting for pick a state or any location & go skate there!

Alabama               You’re never to young or old to skate

Alaska                    It’s never too cold to skate – there’s always in doors

Arizona                 It’s never too hot to skate – there’s air conditioning

Arkansas             No matter where you move, your skateboard will go

California           Girls Scouts Skateboard

Colorado            Bomb hills not countries

Connecticut     Skating, traveling, eating & repeating is a life goal

Delaware           Stay positive when learning anything new

Florida                 Some waves are concrete

Georgia              Skateboarding and pizza can lead to happiness

Hawaii                 Your pictures not spirit can be deleted

Idaho                   Coexist

Illinois                 Anyone can encourage #girlscanskate

Indiana              Skateboarding builds a strong community

Iowa                    Skateboarding success is about getting back up

Kansas              Balance is the key in skateboarding & life

Kentucky          Travel on & with your skateboard

Louisiana           Most skaters don’t compete – it’s a choice

Maine                   Enjoy the now & know in time all things are possible

Maryland           Talent and style aren’t gender dependent

Massachusetts     Face the Fear

Michigan             Support your local girl skater group

Minnesota          Success is on the other side of the comfort zone

Mississippi         What makes a skate park is its vibe

Missouri             Girls who skate with style have time to help others

Montana             Skateboard in a dress – if you want to

Nebraska            Share the love of skateboarding

Nevada                Red Shoe Tuesday

New Hampshire        Skate all the New England states

New Jersey          Hoboken is a real place with a real skate park

New Mexico        You can “be the change”

New York              Skateboarding is rolling yoga

North Carolina   Skateboard for transportation

North Dakota      Skate shops are a place to meet skaters

Ohio                          A buckeye is a tree

Oklahoma             Finding your true love on a skateboard does happen

Oregon                   Kick turn is my best trick

Pennsylvania      A day at a time, enjoying the journey

Rhode Island       Roll with your cause

South Carolina   You are limitless

South Dakota       Skate with your crew

Tennessee               Sidewalk surfing

Texas                           Everything is big in Texas

Utah                            Knee sliding is a skill

Vermont                    More skateboarders – that’s good

Virginia                        Persistance is a life skill

Washington             Support your fellow skater girl – that’s priority 1

West Virginia           Girls should be welcome at all skate parks

Wisconsin                  Fly through your obstacles

Wyoming                     Skateboarding can be a part of cross training

District of Columbia            Skateboarding or skate pulling ???