Clash at Clairemont 2019

I’m so excited that Clash at Clairemont is happening September 21, 2019.

I’m a huge fan of the event which is a day of fun in support of two of my favorite charities – Grind for Life & Clairemont Skatepark YMCA. Check out my post & video on the event’s history here.

I volunteer during the planning of the event and at the event. I would love if you joined me because this year will be

I haven’t posted in awhile because first I was studying like crazy for the March 9th SAT and then I was depressed over the “Varsity Blues” college admissions scandal. I’ve given up a lot of my skateboarding and blogging time to study both for school and the SAT. It’s demoralizing and depressing to think my work won’t help with admissions.I’ve found that I can’t blog when I’m depressed, so I’m happy my invitation to Clash came when it did because it snapped me out of my depression.

When you work with Grind for Life, you realize how lucky you are to have your health and have the joy of helping others. My grandmother is in remission for the second time, so I know how important it is for family to be together and receive the best medical treatment possible.

I’m looking forward to blogging about the road to Clash 2019 and the event. I hope you join me!

Belgian Skatergirls

Above the first video from Belgian Skategirls with 83 Lies Apparel – I really love the message they are sharing:

it’s all about: friendship, fun, skateboarding, Learning , motivating, falling, Getting back up

That is absolutely what life should be about. School is forcing me to spend more time off the board, but I’m constantly using the determination I learned on the board to keep going on subjects that I honestly don’t like.

For now let’s just focus on all the fun going on in Belgium – click any of the pictures to follow the girls to their IG.

Skate Safe

Any activity can be dangerous because even when you’re paying attention and taking precautions you can never control the actions of those around you or the environment.

“These moments… These moments bring me a special mixture of feelings when I’m 100% sure of what I’m doing and still feelling pretty insecure. And after years of riding I still don’t like these moments when I do everything to prevent any accident and I’m still in the hands of someone else. Stay safe all the time ❤️” – Valerie

Don’t let fear stop you from having adventures. It’ thrilling to longboard down a curvy, steep road. Just remember to wear protective gear, don’t go alone, and practice. It takes dedication to become graceful and know how to control your board. So literally work your way up the hill and when possible learn away from traffic.

What’s your advice for having fun skateboarding? Hope you share soon because more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating.

Triple Eight Welcomes Bryce to the Team

Triple Eight continues to support girls & women in skateboarding by adding Bryce Wettstein to the team.

click above to hear from Bryce

I absolutely love to see organizations recognize women’s contributions to skateboarding. More girls skate when they see girls having fun skateboarding, so girls representing skateboarding companies is a win-win for everyone!

To check out how Triple Eight can help keep you protected click here and I hope you share who’s supporting your skateboarding adventure soon – we all accomplish more when we encourage each other to be our best & chase our dreams.

Where are you Skateboarding & What’s Your Skate Style?

I wish I was skateboarding in San Diego where I live, however, homework and bad weather have put a serious dent in my skateboarding time. I know how strange for it to be rainy in Southern California!

Until the weather improves and the homework lightens up – I’ll focus on the positive which is all around the world more girls are having fun skateboarding.

Above Léa in Lyon, France.

I know I don’t post as much or as fast as I used to – the struggles of high school academics are real for me – but I’m thankful to all who share there pictures and stories because more girls do skateboard when the see girls having fun skateboarding.

I’m also thankful to have been recognized by Feedspot as one of the Top 30 Skateboard Websites and Blogs for Skateboarding Enthusiasts. How awesome to know that more and more people are seeing that girls can skateboard and that skating benefits girls on & off the board. The determination and balance you learn from skateboarding really do apply to life. Plus it’s awesome to know that people realize there’s no uniform in skateboarding – skate while staying true to your fashion just like Léa and all the other skater girls featured in the blog!

Skate Rising at CA Training Facility

Skate Rising avoided the threat of rain thanks to the generosity of CA Training Facility in Vista, CA.

I’m so bummed that I had to miss it and I’m grateful for the wonderful photos from Mike Moore which capture the joy that all the participants had.

In addition to skateboarding and helping each other skate the girls learned about resilience and donated baby items for the Door of Faith orphanage in Baja Mexico.

Bridget from Yoga for Skateboarders

What is resilience? It’s the ability to recover quickly from difficulties which is critical to accomplishing your goals. Everyone encounters set backs and then has the choice to let the set back stop them or find a way to continue. For Mulan it was figuring out how to use the weights to pull herself up the pole, how have you shown resilience?

As skateboarders we practice resilience every time we fall and get back up. More girls skate when they see girls having fun skateboarding and all people are inspired when they learn how people demonstrated resiliency, so I hope you share soon.

What Happened to the SkateXS Board that Flat Stanley Built?

Back in 2016 I had the pleasure of hosting Flat Stanley. One of the many places I took Flat Stanley was the SkateXS workshop in Carlsbad, CA where we built a deck.

click on photos to read original post

The skateboard went to Louisiana where it found a home with Emma. I was super excited to see that Emma had fun with her board this past holiday season.

As the skatingfashionista I absolutely love the dress. My hope is that Emma and her board have a fabulous 2019.

It would be awesome to see her take the board on adventures. We all start skating somewhere. Having the courage to step on the board might just be the hardest decision we make.

The real lessons of skateboarding come when we keep having the courage to get back on the board. Falling will be inevitable and if you find a love for skateboarding than getting back up will also be inevitable.

May 2019 be your year to challenge yourself to be the best skater you can be. Whether it’s cruising, street, park, downhill . . . keep skateboarding for fun & keep challenging yourself to be your best on and off the board.

Hello 2019

After taking a break to refresh, I’m ready for 2019. Before moving on to new posts, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who made 2018 a wonderful year.

I love skateboarding and I love sharing skateboarding. Skating and volunteering at events is fun “work”. When I say I needed a break I mean from school. I’m a junior so in addition to classes, it’s SAT time.

To be honest I’m scared. Where will I be in two years? It’s the first time in my life that I’ll be leaving for the unknown. There are endless unknowns from where should I want to go to will my scores be “good enough”.

As someone who’s never focused on numbers or defined her self worth by a number, I find it disturbing that my near term future appears to be all about the numbers. I appreciate that I had my skateboard and could just go out skating with my dad this past holiday season.

Here’s to 2019 – I hope this blog inspires many girls to try skateboarding. It really is liberating to just balance on your board and roll away from everything.

Plus no matter where I end up for college I won’t be going alone because my skateboard goes anywhere and I can always bring it back home to skate with my dad.

Skate Rising Celebrates the Holidays at the YMCA Ecke Skatepark

photos by Mike Moore

Over 100 girls came out to the December Skate Rising event at the YMCA Ecke Skatepark in Encinitas, California on Saturday December 8, 2018.

In addition to skateboarding with their friends the girls had the opportunity to learn from other girls

Angela Strong lending a helping hand.

and from skateboarding pros like Neal Mims!

The event was free to attend and free rental equipment was available.  Those who could donated new toys for the Community Resource Center.

The girls under the leadership of Skate Rising Founder Calli Kelsay, discussed all the other ways they can give back. In addition to physical gifts there are the gifts of time and kindness that all of us can share daily.

Yes, it’s always fabulous to get a new toy, skateboard, or clothes but what really matters is knowing that you are not alone. Friendship makes everything better, even being stuck in line or studying is better with a buddy.

Wishing you tons of joy and hoping you share your joyous skate adventures because more girls really do skateboard and keep skateboarding when they are surrounded by encouragement.