Above @dinedinges

Dancing around at @grrrlscanskate FEST. Didn’t do a lot of dancing this summer ūüėď but this was an awesome weekend and so nice to meet all these new people ‚ô•ÔłŹ photo:@haakf

Check out @grrrlscanskate¬†on IG to find out more. ¬†They’re in Germany. Or check them out on Facebook by clicking below.

Where are you having fun skateboarding?  More girls skate when they see girls having fun skating and we encourage each other.

Thanks so much @dinedinges for sharing this awesome event with me.


A Skater Girl Event by Chase Barclay

More girls skate when they see girls having fun skateboarding and get encouragement.  Chase Barclay is doing both at her event on February 18th at the Rye Airfield Skatepark in New Hampshire.

There will be pizza, raffles, and Chase’s favorite, SKATEBOARDING!!!!

Chase wants to thank Stephanie LaVita and the event sponsors for helping make this event happen.

If you’re in the area, hope you check this event out & please share your pictures and stories of how you’re having fun skateboarding and encouraging others.

Video of Chase at Rye Airfield


Skate Rising January 2018

This month Skate Rising met and discussed how to turn the new year into a year of growth.

The girls heard from guests Beaver Fleming, Bridget Erin Gamble and friends on how the power of believing in yourself and thinking positively can affect growth.

Above Beaver Fleming

Instead of thinking I can’t do this think I can’t do this YET!

Above Bridget Erin Gamble from/founder Yoga for Skateboarders

We also talked about how failing the first time is okay and doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it means you need to try a different way.

After listening the girls got to make a growth journal. Each time they have a goal they will write it down and how they accomplished it, so when the year is over or they are having a hard day they can see all they have accomplished.

Then, we got down to business and hit the ramps.

We mastered kick turns,

Learned how to push,

Dropped in for the first time,

and practiced rolling in.

Plus most of all as Neal Mims said we made friends on & off the board.

Made some new friends @skaterising. Introduce yourself, say hi, build community. Skateboarding brings us together. What a great way to make new friends. Thanks to @thekelsays for all you do. #SkateRising#NealMimsSkateAcademy ūüôĆūüôŹ

Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers who make this wonderful event happen.  Plus thank you to all the parents, who bring and encourage their wonderful daughters.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who brought socks for the homeless.  Each month Skate Rising has a service project and this months project was collecting socks for the homeless.

Socks are the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters.

I learned that from Bombas who to date have given more than 5 million pairs of socks to the homeless!  They donate a pair for every pair sold.  The more we learn from each other, the more we all grow.

Pictures by Gavin Silberman

Till next time stay fashionable and have a positive mindset!

If you‚Äôre in the San Diego area be sure to check out Skate Rising the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Encinitas Community Park from 9am ‚Äď 11am. ¬†Or if you‚Äôre in the Phoenix, Arizona area check out¬†Skate Rising Phoenix at 91 West Skate Park.

Babes Brigade Update

I first had the pleasure of blogging about Babes Brigade and interviewing their leader Stephanie Battieste back in December of 2015.

Under her leadership they’ve grown so much. This past December 10th they held¬†a Babes Skate Jam at Skate Loft in Toronto, Canada.

From 4-10 pm they skated the park plus they offered lessons to girls ages 4-17 (4-6 pm) and women 17+ from 6-8pm.
click above to see recap video
I’m constantly inspired by how Babes Brigade skaters support all skater girls and welcome all girls to join them. ¬†Below are three pictures by Brittany Farhat that capture the magic of the day.
Yes, that’s Stephanie sharing her love of skateboarding and inspiring girls to learn both skateboarding and self-confidence. ¬†To find out more about Stephanie, you can check out her webpage. I think it’s amazing how she’s living her dream and combining her talents to create such a positive environment and opportunities for so many girls.
In addition to keeping up with Babes Brigade on social media, you can also find out all about them on their webpage.
What’s really amazing about the webpage is how the girls are both living their passion and creating the tomorrow they want. ¬†When we take the time to encourage and help each other we all grow.
If you’re in the Toronto area (and a girl) you can check out their next event on January 21st. ¬†Click below to register!


Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board by sharing kindness and please take a moment to share your skate stories here because

more girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skating and get encouragement!

Agenda Long Beach: January 2018

Agenda Long Beach celebrated their 15th year on January 4 – 6th.

While I celebrated being able to use my ID to get in for the first time!  However, I still got the under 18 wristband.

Across from the skating is where I caught up with H-Street.

I chatted with Tony Mag (T-Mag) and Monica Mag. ¬†H-Street has a long and rich history which you can read here. ¬†Plus I’m super excited for everything H-Street has planned, so be sure to follow them on IG for the latest and be on the look out for a book by Monica.

I also learned that old school boards are starting to make a come back. They’re selling like hot cakes at H-Street.

I was also excited to hear that two of my favorite brands are now collaborating.

Yup – Triple Eight and 187 Killer Pads are working together to keep you protected. Both of them are able to keep up with my changing likes in colors – I was feeling the yellow & of course they have yellow pads, plus 187 can customize anything you can dream up.

Fairdale is working to keep your skateboard protected.

I love how easy Fairdale’s Adjust a Rack makes it to take your skateboard anywhere with you. ¬†Sometimes you need to go off pavement to find yourself – so a rack that secures your board is a must have.

What else might you need while biking and skateboarding?

A backpack!  Dora knew and Element have always known you need a trusty bag for all your adventures.

When Element decided to re-design their backpack line, they packed up the van, hit the highway, and headed to their favorite place on earth for some inspiration: Element Skate Camp.

A portion of the proceeds from every bag directly benefits Element’s camps and the programming that helps to communicate the natural world to the youth.

I especially love the patches – which you can choose to have on or apply yourself. Plus I love that so many of the styles in the Element Men’s collection are universal. It’s about as cold as it gets here in southern California – so it’s time to wear the flannels & wovens.

It’s also time for a jaunty jacket like the the one below from Element Women’s. As I write this post, it’s raining so now really is the time for a jacket with style & function.

It’s also time to clean your shoes. ¬†I’ve never liked dirty shoes, but I’ve also never liked cleaning shoes until now.

Before Agenda I read up on Sneaker Lab.  The holidays came early for me when I got a pair of white adidas Matchcourt High RX but unfortunately the dirt came soon after. With hope in my heart, I headed to the Sneaker Lab booth.

The cleaning wipes worked phenomenally.  The best part is the entire line of Sneaker Lab products are eco-friendly Рbacteria is actually cleaning your shoes!

Just this morning, my dad said

Those wipes really work!

In addition to wipes there’s protector solution, odor eliminator, and more. ¬†Sneaker Lab makes it easy to keep a New Year’s resolution of clean shoes. It also saves money from buying new shoes because it keeps your older ones looking new and fresh.

My real New Year’s Resolution is to spend more time with my brother.

Agenda wore him out but he was revived when he found out that if you’ve attended an event at the Long Beach Convention Center you get into the Aquarium of the Pacific (which is less than 10 minute walk) at a discounted price.

What revives you?  Follow your passions and inspire others to follow theirs.

Till next time – keep it stylish on & off the board.

Matrix Clothing collaboration with Mountain Dew

Plus be ready when Agenda returns to Long Beach in the summer with the Dew Tour.












Hailey Skating Everywhere She Goes

Hailey @hailey_mae_07 captioned this photo

Cruising the streets of Seminyak after skating at @eaglebasesk8park and @raceamplitudetoday in Canggu. So much fun!!

So where is Canggu? ¬†I had to look it up – it’s a village in Bali, Indonesia.

I also looked up where she’d been skating and was happy to see there’s lots of support for girls.

Amplitude Skate & Bike Park

All around the world more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating and encourage each other.  Hope you share your skate adventures soon.

Be sure to check out Hailey and her friends – below some shots of Hailey at Ballina, New South Wales – Australia and a group shot before the event.


An Afternoon Skateboarding with Your Ladies

In 2017, @emilyrosebramfitt shared that she loves an

Afternoon with my ladies #skatinginthesun#pushingmongoūüėČ #girlswhoskate#vansfamily@clarelewington@racilong

They were skateboarding at Victoria Park in the UK.  Where do you have fun skateboarding & with who?

All around the world more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating and find friends to skate with.

And what’s your must have for skating? ¬†Emily is “serious” about her shoes!




Vongirl24 Says & Lives by NEVER Give Up

The video above of Jennifer aka @vongirl24 comes with the caption

GD Rock2Fakie (progression). Nothing in life comes easy, you gotta work for it. Took at least 80 tries before I got it. Being 47 and having HIV doesn’t stop me from shit. Never give up!

I love when girls share the process because when you look at a picture or video, you might think why can’t I just go out and do that. ¬†However, when you read it took multiple tries and different approaches, you realize you can do that, it’s just going to take work.

Jennifer shares inspiration on her skateboarding journey and her life journey.

Jennifer is a teacher, surfer, skater and single mom of three children. Since being diagnosed with HIV and AIDS, she made the decision to share her story so others can be informed and not afraid.

The original link I was going to share got messed up and to be honest my system for tracking down girls when the link I intend to write about gets lost is not great. I’m thankful that I found Jennifer and can write this post because I’m in awe of her courage.

Jennifer says and truly lives by “Never Give Up”.

To check out Jennifer’s You Tube Channel just click here.




Aurora Having Fun Skateboarding

What if I don’t get practice runs in? ¬†Is a terrifying question to have to answer. ¬†You want to do your best and it’s logical to think that you’ll do best with practice. ¬†However, sometimes things don’t go how you planned or wished them to be.

I absolutely love how Aurora answered the question – she went out there and had fun skating.

2018 is a brand new year of challenges, I hope we’re all able to face them with the style and courage that Aurora showed us in 2017.

Thanks for sharing and encouraging Aurora & so many other girls to keep it stylish through perseverance & choosing to be positive!