lending a hand to a drop in

Dropping in is a right of passage in skateboarding. It looks amazingly graceful when you see someone with confidence doing it.

But those first times that it’s you that’s going to do it – well that’s scary. A few feet can look like thousands of feet because it’s you that’s going down them.

amazing photos from @skatehalleberlin ⚡️ it’s soo great to see the female ? community grow in Berlin and it’s so rad that everyone is supporting each other ??? Check @nikesbshelter / @skatehalleberlin for weekly indoor girls skate sessions ?
Photo cred ? @thaisespezin
seen on Skate Girls Berlin

What can stop the fear is that helping hand. I love every picture I see of someone getting help dropping in.

As the person who’s been in both positions, I can assure you the helper has as much fun and maybe more joy when the person makes it.

How are you helping others? Whether it’s on or off the board, a helping hand boosts all hand up!

Check out Skate Girls Berlin – they are passionate about connecting and empowering Girls who love skateboarding – they are building community!