Borrowing a skateboard

I came to Belgium with just my cruiser board. I always love cruising in Knokke-Heist. I especially love the never ending boardwalk.

But this time I checked out the Skatepark at Duinenwater, which is part of an amazing compound of activities. As soon as I saw the other skaters, I was missing my other board.

I missed it so much that I got up my nerve and asked a stranger if I could borrow his board. Thankfully he said YES!

I ended up borrowing several boards throughout my stay. Next time I’ll bring mine for sure. I just wanted to share this because I think it’s important to be afraid and still do something. It was scary asking strangers who speak a different language for help. Plus it’s important to be helpful to strangers. My fellow skaters did not know me. The risk was low that I would skate off with his board, the park is fenced in, but there was risk. Take some risks, the world truly is a better brighter place when we help and trust each other both on and off the board.