Woodward West Girls Week – Creating Vision Boards and Powering Through Fear

Monday night at Woodward West with Skate Rising saw the girls pull out the glue, magazines, and stickers to create vision boards.

Before the creating, the girls learned what a vision board is and how it helps you be your best. A vision board is a tool used to help visualize and concur goals. Vision boards have worked for many.

Studies show that visualization increases athletic performance by improving motivation, coordination and concentration. It also aids in relaxation and helps reduce fear and anxiety.

There is no wrong or right way to create a vision board. Every person’s vision board is unique because it consists of their hopes, dreams, goals, and things they love. The key is being creative and capturing what you want your future to be.

Below are a few of the vision boards.

Personally, I am a big fan of vision boards. I use them and have blogged about how Skate Rising encourages their use.

I love seeing my vision board become reality. My board helps keep me on a path that allows me to achieve my goals. Creating vision boards is not a one time event. As you grow your vision grows and you create new vision boards.

For behind the scene commentary on my vision board Dreams, Goals & Love & why learning is important to me click here.

After completing our vision boards, we headed off to sleep so we would be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the next morning.

In the morning, we talked about the importance of powering through our fears.

To show that everyone has fears and that fears do not have to stop you, we shared memories of how we conquered our past fears. Sometimes we forget that things we used to fear are things we now do normally.  How did something go from being a fear to normal? We faced the fear and even when we fell we did not give up.  Falling is not failing, it is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

To further inspire the girls to believe that they could power through their fears, we heard from guest speaker Nina Buitrago, an accomplished BMX rider.  She talked to us about how she handles fear and gave us tips on how to power through our own fears.

The message I heard was that fear is not real, it’s the self-talk that your mind creates.  Fear causes you to second guess yourself.  She, like everyone else, still has fear.  Some people are just better at hiding their fear.  She handles fear by breathing, centering herself, preparing/training, and surrounding her self with friends.  To hear her click below.

Full of inspiration, we headed off to skate.

How do you face your fears?  For me it helps to realize that they stand between where I am and where I want to be. The vision board makes it clear as to where I want to be. So then it’s my choice to pursue the vision or let the fear stop me from achieving my vision.

Fear can be healthy.  Let fear be the motivation to wear safety gear, practice, learn from mistakes, listen to good advice, but don’t let fear stop you.

If you can believe, visualize, and work you will succeed on & off the board!

So far Girls Week has been amazing – what do Skate Rising and Woodward West have in store for the rest of the week?  With Calli as our leader, I’m sure there’s much, much, more to come so stay tuned!