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Ash Dreaming of More Girls Skateboarding


Video from ash_aka_bgirlagame or just Ash from a skate park she found in Green Port, New York.  Her bio says

My dream is for more girls to sk8!

I think she’s doing a good job of making her dream come true because more girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding and she definitely shares her skate pictures.

Earlier in November she was at EXPOSURE Skate in Encinitas, California – this picture by Olga Aguliar.


Below a video from SLO Skate Park


and in July she shared this video from the Vert Jungle.


Hope more girls share how, where, and why they have fun skateboarding and of course you can always share again.  Every adventure that inspires others, is an adventure I want to blog about.

Volunteered to Help Teach Kids

theeneemsay aka Yasmeen shares this picture from the 9/9/16 weekend


with the caption

This weekend I volunteered to help teach little kids how to skate with this program…(whom I forgot the name of?) Anyways it was just as much of a learning experience for me as it was for them. The last day was bittersweet… I actually missed them. Bye kitties

We learn when we teach


and at least for me working with others who want to learn to skate or learn new tricks is super fun.

Thanks Yasmeen for continuing to share – always happy to have you on the blog.  And love that you continue to inspire others to have fun skateboarding.

Where are you skateboarding?  Take time to share because that’s what inspires others to try and continue.