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Another Skateboarding Love Story

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Whitney Montandon shares this video and the following story

TBT to this day in 2007 when I placed 3rd in a long boarding competition. I was the only girl and after wards had guys asking me about the details of my board and I was like…Uhhh it just came this way when I bought it hahahaaha. Fun Fact I met my husband at this comp!

Of all the stories I share – the love stories are extra special.  The ones where the girl was the only girl – love those too because change can be beautiful.  And of course I love the stories where girls encourage each other.  So please share your skateboarding stories because more girls do skate when they see stylish girls skating.


Women’s Longboard Camp

I take skateboard lessons because they’re fun and I go and help at camps because that’s fun.   Can you learn to skate on your own – sure, but why would you want to when you can skate with friends!

Here’s a camp that I feel has the right idea.

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The caption – We love what we do and we do it together!

I think that’s stylish on & off the board.  By the way the March camp was in Portugal, June will be Stuttgart, and August in France.  Traveling is super stylish with your board!

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