5 years of Skating Fashionista the blog & 90 years of Grandma

Five years ago I started the Skating Fashionista Blog to inspire other girls to have fun skateboarding. I feel that seeing other girls having fun skating is the best way to encourage more girls to skate. Throughout the 5 years, I have been amazed at the number of girls willing to share their pictures and stories.

Thank you to all who have and all who will share! I also want to thank someone who helped make the blog possible, my grandma. My grandma doesn’t skateboard, although she’s from Canada, so in the day she ice skated. My grandma always encouraged me to skate. When I was the only girl at the park, she would come watch me. When I questioned if I should dress like the boys, she brought me back to my senses. And when I said I needed a blog, she literally made it possible by helping me get set up.

My first post was on 10/28, a day that has meaning to me because it’s my grandma’s birthday. This year she’s 90!

You don’t need a specific skill to inspire someone else. All you have to be is willing to listen and encourage. Thanks you grandma for always being there!