Flat Stanley Gets a Job at SkateXS

Flat Stanley started as a character in a book back in 1964.  After being accidentally flattened by a bulletin board, Stanley traveled by mail.  In 1995 thanks to a Canadian elementary teacher Flat Stanley started to travel outside of his book adventures. 


This thanksgiving holiday, I was lucky enough to host Flat Stanley from his home with Emma at St. Ann School in Metairie, LA.  He traveled by mail to visit me in Southern California.

To me what’s important about Flat Stanley is that he tries new things all the time. Rather than see his flatness as a limitation, he sees it as an opportunity to try new things.

This is what Flat Stanley tried on his adventure to Southern California.  He drove in a mini with the top down or at least until the rain came. 


He baked pumpkin pies with the ladies.  Then helped serve pumpkin pie during thanksgiving dinner.  


After a Twilight movie marathon; he’s Team Edward.  He traveled north to visit a Grandma. He did not like the rain but he enjoyed the mountain views. 


He decided to make a little girl’s Christmas dream come true by getting her a skateboard.  He didn’t have enough money so he had to work in the shop. 


He liked the SkateXS crew and appreciated them training both himself & me. When he gets back home, he hopes to learn how to skateboard with Emma. 


I remember when I did my Flat Stanley project, he went to Boston.  Christina did such a wonderful job on that; I was super excited to now be a Flat Stanley host.  This holiday season try to remember all the people who’ve done thoughtful things for you and then pay it forward.  That’s how kindness grows.