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It may only be March but it is time to plan the summer wardrobe. I have to be ready for not just going to the beach but helping out at skateboard and ice skating camps. Plus Clash at Clairemont and Coachella are just a few of the events coming up so here’s a tip on how to keep it stylish on & off the board!

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First up this season I caught up with Nate from Sub_urban Riot. I’ve loved Nate’s styles for a while my first blog post on Sub_urban Riot was November 22, 2014.

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Nate, love how Sub_urban Riot was founded on the belief that if you want something . . . then make it. What was the first design and when did the Kale design come out? I first got interested in Kale when I heard how great it was for bones – strong bones in skateboarding – very important. But I’m not too big a vegetable eater – kale chips count – do you eat your Kale or just hope to eat your Kale? And congrats on Beyonce being a Sub_urban Riot lover.

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We actually started 10 years ago. Our fist couple tee designs were of bats, ice cream cones, and bunnies. Since it’s our 10yr anniversary, we may release a couple of the originals this year.

I always eat my kale. I have to now because I’m old. I put it in my smoothies every morning and yes… kale chips too. My wife makes them for us.


The Good Vibes comes in unisex – is that because the reminder of Good Vibes helps everyone not just the wearer keep it positive?

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I like where you’re going with that. But our motivation was simpler. We love unisex styling. That being said, we are entering an era of unparalleled equality… lots of work to still be done, but lots of barriers being removed at the same time.


My favorite is Brunch or Die loose tee because I believe in food and sleep so brunch is the way to go. What’s your favorite tee & why?

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Eat well, sleep for 8 hours a day, and good things will happen. My personal fav right now is QUINOA PHOENIX, or MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE

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Love the Canada Dreaming tee. I’m a huge fan of Canada most of the February blog posts were on Canadian skater girls – what do you dream of in Canada?

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I envy our neighbors to the north. Cool cities, breathtaking outdoors, and free healthcare.


And Thank You for saying browsing isn’t stalking. What’s the best place for people to browse all your clothes – the internet or ??? I love how you’re always on display at my local Nordstroms.

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Thanks Nate for your designs that keep it playful and connecting with your customers. I appreciate the subtle reminders to not take my life so seriously and the reminders that change (a riot) can start with me.

Reader tip if you haven’t checked out Sub_urban Riot on-line do it now & you might get a discount & for sure get updates on everything new.

And follow them on Instagram & please tag them & me to show how you’re keeping it stylish on & off the board in Sub_urban Riot.

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XOXO skatingfashionista