October 2019 skate rising

On Saturday October 11th at Skate Rising at the Encinitas Community Park, we had a special guest speaker, Kendall Stier.

Kendall talked about the power of girls in sports and her experiences as a US Paralympics National Champion. She is a three time champion in track and field. Her powerful message included this quote:

“You know you and you know your identity. You don’t ever need someone to validate what you can and can not do.” – Kendall Stier

After hearing Kendall speak, we made capes and masks for children being discharged from Rady’s Children Hospital. Everyone should realize they have the inner power to be a super hero.

Next we played SKATE LIMBO!

Skate limbo is exactly like normal limbo but on a skateboard.

There are endless ways to get low and Skate Limbo is fun for all levels of skaters.

How are you having fun skateboarding? And how are you being a super hero? Anyone can be a super hero because helping someone smile is a super power.

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