Annual Rock Around the Rock – Needs More Girls

Kaspar Heinrici hosted his annual Rock Around the Rock this past weekend.  Rock Around the Rock is a two-part event, which consists of a 9.8 mile long distance push (LDP) as well as a 13-story garage race in Dallas, Texas.

Coastal Phoenix shares this picture and the message below


This year Kaspar worked with some sponsors and put up incredible prizes including gear, cash for top men’s, and a bonus cash prize for top overall men’s AND women’s – $500 each!!!!


When you see a girl skating, you should get excited. Doesn’t matter her style, preferred stance or discipline, or where she comes from.

Doesn’t even matter if you just flat out don’t like the gal, SUPPORT FEMALES to encourage the growth of the gender’s participation!!!


Above Coastal Phoenix at Maryhill Loops Road photo by Brandon DesJarlais

Below a video of Coastal Phoenix at Mt. Magazine Arkansas


Love Coastal Phoenix style on & off the board & yes it is always stylish to encourage others!

Pictures from Rock Around the Rock




EXPOSURE Skate – 5th Year – 11/5/16

EXPOSURE Skate held the 5th annual EXPOSURE Skate event at the Encinitas Community Park on Saturday 11/5/2016 from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.


The event was free to competitors, clinic goers, and spectators.  The competitions include Bowl, Street, and Vert.  The vert ramp is Tony Hawk’s and comes to the park just for this event.

The event truly empowers women through skateboarding by providing a stage to see #girlscanskate and then donating proceeds to Carol’s House, who provides refuge and skills to survivors of domestic violence.


Above Neal Hendrix, one of the announcers, with EXPOSURE Skate founders Amelia Brodka & Lesli Cohen presenting a $5,000 check to Carol’s House on the Zevia Sponsored Vert Ramp.

In addition to the competitions and Learn to Skate and Yoga Clinics, there was a vendor village with over 80 booths and an autograph time with some of the world’s biggest names in action sports.

Female skateboarders traveled from as far away as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Netherlands, Russia, and Sweden


to compete for the $50,000 prize purse – you can see all the confirmed skaters pictures on the EXPOSURE Skate IG and see the results on website.

New this year was a pre-event


a chance to win an International Trip to EXPOSURE, and Zumiez who had a booth awarded 3 high-scored girls from selected stops a trip to EXPOSURE see Zumiez Best Foot Forward to find out more about their grass roots events with 37 stops all over North America.

Melanie Mercier from Chickflip was kind enough to share who the 3 winners were:  Una Farrar & Alexis MacRae from Canada and Ariana Spencer from USA.  She also shared this collage of all the Canadian girls who made it to EXPOSURE 2016


I’m proud to be a supporter of events that encourage girls to chase their passions plus supports people who need help.


Now for some moments I captured and that were shared with me.

My first stop and my favorite part of the day Learn to Skate.  When your clinic is run by Neal Mims, you never know who you’re instructor might be –


chance are you won’t be disappointed.


As for my group – we ended the session with sun glasses thanks to Arizona Skate Team and I’m looking forward to meeting up with my new friends soon at Carmel Valley.



After Learn to Skate, I caught up with a few friends and then I had to leave for a bit to tour a high school.   The struggle is real when you’re a teenage girl.


Above my favorite etnies skater, Courtney; my braid sister Mecu; the birthday girl Aubrey; Lisa who hosts some of the best community events for girls at the Ivivva Carlsbad Forum store.


When I came back I got to meet some friends that I had only known on Instagram – Johnny & Gabs.  Huge congrats to Gabs who came from Ohio & placed 2nd in 15 & over Bowl.  Below Gabs shares this video from her pal Jen also from Ohio.


I absolutely love the pictures & stories that girls share of how they had fun with friends.  Below Zoe, who I know & have worked with before on blogging about GRO Girls Riders Organization events in NYC.


This week has been the best week of my life!!! I came to exposure with a plan of checking it all out and maybe actually competing next year. That all changed when I met the other skaters! They talked me into competing and I can’t tell u how happy I am that I did!!


Above Quinne shares

first time ever grinding pool coping was during today’s run. ? I was inspired by over 100 female skaters today!!


Carly who always inspires me with her work to help Missing Girls shares

Today was absolutely amazing! Words cannot express how awesome today was I had so much fun. Thank you SO much everyone who came out to support me and my sister compete, We had SO much fun and are so stoked to be surrounded by such amazing, loving, people.


Kendra, who I totally believe is a mermaid on land and does so much to share the love of skateboarding – check out We Sk8 Together shares

I really can’t even process this happened today. I’m so full of love and stoke and inspirational and gratitude. This was my best birthday ever and best day. I LOVE skating. I love my friends. I love my crews. I love this community.

so there were at least 2 birthday girls because here’s Aubrey


her mom is Calli, the Program Manager of Skate Rising and someone who volunteered many hours to organize this event shared

Aubrey’s first skate competition ever! Thank you @exposureskate @ameliabrodka for making rad opportunities like this for women! Aubrey had the best birthday ever!


Above Stella remembered to wish Amelia a speedy recovery.   Amelia was injured in practice Friday so wishing her a speedy recovery.


Above my favorite Little Surfer Girl kept things in perspective

Today was hands down the second best day of my life (marrying @piecesofmeat is #1)!!!!.. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the smiles, love, high fives, knuckles and cheers!! It means more then you will ever know.

Yes, when you find prince charming – that’s the best day ever.   I also love Stephanie because she proves age is just a number.  This was her first competition and she’s 40.

Now we’re off to the village – but there will be more girls showing you #girlscanskate.


I love interactive booths.  Above Camp Run-a-Mutt with their wheel to winnings; Arbor Skateboards playing miniature golf; Syck Trix letting you test their ollie boards; Team Phun with a variety of games; Tech Deck with what they are famous for and Black Bear Energy had the children energized.

Below Bakpocket brought the hammocks to relax by the Yoga Matts where Yoga for Skateboarders lead the clinic; Pro Trainer let everyone test their product, Neal Mims/Academy Skate Park had you shooting hoops; Too Pretty raffled off an Azza deck and LTC Realty offered you a chance to win a skateboard.


I also love to eat.  There was a variety of food trucks on the black top plus there were treats spread out like Maya’s Cookies and Phive Bar.


Some vendors were there supporting their girl riders like Hosoi Skateboards a Silver Sponsor



Above Kody Tamanaha and Jordan Santana from #teamhosoi and below the booth of co-bowl sponsor XS Helmets and the Zevia Zero Calorie Soda Sponsored Vert Ramp.



There were literally tons of vendors & I loved seeing that because it means that organizations believe #girlscanskate!



Above the Volcom Women’s Booth and below what was going on there.



That’s right the Volcom team of Kaelin, Nicolette, Alli & Jack helped anyone who wanted to design their own tee shirt or parka.  Someone take Arianna to the snow because she’s ready with a parka!

Before I end, I want to say thank you to my mom – who I volunteered to help with EXPOSURE Skate and for two years running she helped organize the best vendor village a fashionista could ever hope for.  If you had a booth and want to add a picture just send it to me because I really am grateful that you came to support the day.


I also want to say thank you to my mom’s friend Stefanie who for two years running ran VIP just because I asked her to


and thank you to all the girls that share their pictures and stories because without you there’s not a blog.


Above Charity (who I need to meet in person) with Patti McGee who inspires so many of us and someone I’m super happy for Minna who skated all three events – 1st in Bowl, 3rd in Vert, 4th in Street!  Plus she still had time to take my little brother trick-or-treating so I didn’t have to – I love you Minna.


Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board – like this NYC Crew who was happy to expand the crew – thanks Niki & Nicole for sharing the picture.


If you have pictures &/or stories to share from EXPOSURE just send them – time never runs out on encouraging others.

If you haven’t read why there’s an EXPOSURE Skate event – check out their story –


The desire to spread EXPOSURE’s message of empowerment moved Lesli Cohen and Amelia Brodka to co-found EXPOSURE Skate, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.



Carly skated and volunteered in the EXPOSURE Skate Game Booth where she shared her Henna talent


Natalie Wallach shares memories of the Zevia Sponsored Vert Ramp


Mels Bells, shares the photo above of the Chickflip crew by Katta Sterner & below of herself and Michelle Pezel, co-owner of Antisocial Skateshop in Vancouver, BC, Canada, soaking in all the California sun.
Mels Bells, one of 3 co-founders of Chickflip, an open to all female skateboarding crew based in Vancouver, BC, Canada aiming to push the progression and empowerment of female skateboarding. @_chickflip_ and
“What a great turn out of Canadian #ladiesofshred this year skating in the Am/Pro Street division and Am Bowl division.  For most of us it was definitely our first international skateboarding contest and are truly grateful to have been a part of it.  The vibe throughout the week-end was amazing. Everyone was smiling and happy to be there. 
There was definitely a feeling of camaraderie in the air. Contest or not, it goes to show how big and strong the skate family/community is. Skaters of all abilities are supportive of each other in the goal to push the exposure and progression of female skateboarding and that’s amazing to see! Till next year’s Exposure Skate, happy skating!!!”
thanks so much Mels Bells for reading the post & then adding so much


 Update a video from Doctrine Skateboards

Jessica at last Saturdays Bowl competition in Encinitas. Representing Sweden and Doctrine Skateboards with style! Taking 9th place! @jesjan


Lorrie Palmos – Photographer

Lorrie Palmos from Santa Cruz is someone I’ve seen at a lot of events. She’s always very busy taking pictures.  I was excited to have the chance to work with her, learn her thoughts behind the pictures, & yes share a picture of her.


In addition to being a photographer and mom she’s also a dental hygienist – she’s truly a #girlboss showing girls they can have diverse interests.  Without further ado my interview with Lorrie Palmos.

SF:  How/when did you start photographing skateboarding?  Do you skateboard?   If so was it before or after you started shooting skaters?

Lorrie:  I started shooting skateboarding on April 1st, 2012. I use to photograph surfers when the waves were too big for me to paddle out. One day a friend I had known through surfing, Scott Foss (member of the original Bones Brigade) asked if I wanted to shoot him skateboarding. He had gone to a Bones Brigade reunion and became inspired to start skating again after a 30 year hiatus.


above Scott Foss

After that first session, I was hooked. I loved the continuous action. Also, the people of the skateboarding community were so welcoming. I loved hanging out with them. From there I went on to shoot my first event, The Pink Motel Pool Party in October 2012. Things just snowballed and before I knew it I was shooting Scott and his Bones bro Lance Mountain in his backyard bowl. I found myself at Van’s Pool Party Classic thanks to then Skateboarder Journal’s editor Barb Odanaka. It didn’t slow down. Bucky Lasek’s Boo-B-Que, The Clash at Clairmont, Exposure…I was on the road twice a month heading for yet another skateboarding event.

I began skateboarding a little after I started shooting the sport. However, I don’t do it much because I’m most passionate about surfing. That’s probably a good thing, because if my passion were skateboarding you’d see very little skateboard photography from me. I’d be skating instead of shooting! So my favorite subjects are happy I don’t skateboard. Ha!


above Dakota Olave

SF:  How did you get involved with shooting skater girls?

Lorrie:  There were always a couple of girls skating at the park when I shot, so it was natural progression.


above Kim Contreras

SF:  How has girls skateboarding changed since you started shooting?

Lorrie:  It has grown and gained more recognition. There will be skateboarding in the 2020 Olympics. That says it all.


above Arianna Carmona

SF:  What’s your favorite type of shooting?

Lorrie:  My favorite is bowl and vert skateboarding.


above Melissa Sullivan

SF:  Where do you like to shoot?

Lorrie:  I enjoy photographing anywhere as long as the prevailing attitude is positive and fun. It’s the people, as well as the action, that draws me to shoot. Skateboarders tend to show camaraderie, even in contest situations, which impresses me.  However, if had to choose one setting, small backyard bowl sessions are my favorite.


above Jim Gray – #thisIsNotJimsBeautifulHouse

SF:  What’s different about shooting skateboarding then other photography?

I love action photography in general. I love that the action is ongoing in skateboarding. It’s not like surfing where the photographer has to put up with lulls in between sets. The excitement is continuous.


above Melissa Sullivan

SF:  Where can people see your work?

Instagram: @lrpalmos

Facebook: Lorrie Palmos

Website: Lorrie Palmos Photography


on Lorrie’s website you’ll see Action, Exploring, Whimsical shots and her blog

SF:  What do you think of all the press girls’ skateboarding is getting?  I think all press is good – but I want to be a journalist.  And every fashionista has a subscription to Vogue.  I was beyond excited when I saw Amelia shoot a prom dress campaign and then the pictures & videos got covered in magazines.   And those long board girls in the Red Hot Chili Pepper video – loved it & totally inspired me to keep skating.  But is that press bad for competitive female skateboarding?

Lorrie:  I feel the press is good for girls in general. It doesn’t stop at skateboarding. The more respect women get in skateboarding and other sports will cross over to respect, greater opportunities and equality in the job market and in all other areas of life. Regarding Amelia’s shoot,  I’m definitely a person who loves creativity and diversity. So, Amelia skating in a prom dress? Awesome! I also LOVE being a girl. I love wearing dresses, putting on make-up, having my nails done and doing girlie-girl things. However, I also love wearing my wetsuit, surfing, wiping out on a wave and getting pounded. I love getting in there and mixing it up with other skateboard photographers. I’m proud of my battle scars; 4 staples in the head, broken finger (compliments of Christian Hosoi’s board).

We don’t have to have only one interest, or choose between being a tomboy or feminine. We can be everything and anything we want to be. The only rules are the ones you impose on yourself.



above & below Amy Treadway


SF:  Did/do you have role models or people/organizations that continue to encourage and support your photography?

Lorrie:  My main role model is my daughter Jesse. She is a tenacious, intelligent, beautiful, spirited young lady who follows her dreams and has encouraged me to follow mine. She sees life as an exciting adventure and has inspired me to be myself.

The skateboarding community has been very supportive in general. So many legendary photographers and skaters have been encouraging. I can’t begin to list them all.


Thank you Lorrie for sharing so much of your time in pictures (including the ones of your daughter above) & words.  I especially love how you said

The only rules are the ones you impose on yourself.

and that you’re open to finding new passions.  2012 wasn’t that long ago, I’m so glad you decided to see if skateboard photography was for you.  It definitely is and we’re lucky to have you showing the world #girlscanskate.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board.


above Pammy Brodowski – this incredible pool is in Malibu



Skatingfashionista Checks out Lazy Acres

Welcome to Lazy Acres Market, your best source for wholesome, natural, and organic foods and products in the Santa Barbara and Long Beach areas. Lazy Acres Market is about natural foods and real people dedicated to providing unmatched personal service. Our people go out of their way to make the Lazy Acres experience enjoyable every time you come by.


Lazy Acres is now open in Encinitas – homeland of this skatingfashionista so I had to go and check it out.

The first thing I noticed is that when Lazy Acres set up shop on Encinitas Boulevard they immediately improved the center.  It’s a great location right off of I5 on the west side, walking distance to the beach.   The space they took over had been empty for awhile so it’s nice to see their happy colors.


Inside it’s pretty amazing.  Starting with a Pannikin coffee shop, juice bar, and fresh made popcorn.



They have a lot of stuff, but they left room so it’s easy to get around.  There’s lots of fresh stuff including pre-made stuff.  See the sign in the back ground – Kitchen.  They have so much to choose from.  A poke bar and fresh backed cookies were my favorite.   I’m not vegan but their vegan donuts are delicious.


I went after school on a mission to make salmon.  So I headed down the aisle to the Seafood section.


I had never made salmon before.  When Lazy Acres says they offer customer service, they mean it.  I left with my salmon on ice because it was hot out and they wanted to keep my fish safe and a recipe.


Above I did pick up fish sticks as a back up plan, but I’m happy to say the recipe worked and my family ate salmon that night.


Before leaving I tried CoolHaus ice cream samples.  Delicious and inspiring.  CoolHaus was started by Natasha Case & Freya Estreller two girls who followed their passion and made things happen.


Yes, they even had my Kind clusters.  If you’ve never heard about the Kind Movement, it’s inspiring and I think you should check it out.

There’s more to business than just profit.

Lazy Acres gets that too, they have a Community Card to support Local Schools & NonProfits.   And I’m happy to say Encinitas Lazy Acres will be at EXPOSURE Skate tomorrow supporting #girlscanskate & helping survivors of domestic violence – Encinitas Community Park from 9am – 6pm.

Plus Lazy Acres Encinitas has an Event Calendar – so there’s hope I’ll learn to make more than salmon.


Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board.


Cinta Practicing her Ollie


Cinta_saniah captioned this photo by @indrapasai07 the night was good!! Still practicing my Ollie!


She’s skating at Motion Skate Park.  I’m not the best with geography but I think that puts her in Bali.  #girlscanskate & they do all over the world.  Hope you share your pictures & stories because that’s what inspires more girls to skate & keep skating.


Check out her IG to see where else & who else she’s skating with!


Carmen Zhou – Photographer

Carmen Zhou was one of the photographers I asked through IG to be a part of this project.  When I asked her all I knew was I liked her photos.  When I read her answers I knew she’s someone I want to know better.


Skate Like a Girl SF – Skate the Lake at Lake Merritt, Oakland

SF:  How/when did you start photographing skateboarding? Do you skateboard? If so was it before or after you started shooting skaters? How did you get involved with shooting skater girls?

Carmen:  I started skateboarding when I was about 10 years old. I grew up skating with the neighborhood kids in the streets. Skated on and off throughout high school and in college as a way to get around campus. Growing up I had never seen or met any other girls that skated. In 2014, I met Erica Harris, Chapter Director of Skate Like a Girl SF and I became super hyped on girls skating. I knew I wanted be apart of the movement and decided to volunteer by helping manage Skate Like a Girl SF’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Erica Harris and friends at Sebastopol

I started designing flyers for events and picked up photography as a method of spreading the word about girls skate sessions and skate clinics through social media. I felt like shooting photos and documenting the skate sessions was really important to show people what we were doing and that it would hopefully inspiring more girls to learn how to skate.


Berkeley Skate Date Flyer


Marie Baeta teaching drop-ins – Skate Like a Girl SF Skate Clinic at Society Indoor Park

SF:  Where do you like to shoot?

Carmen:  This year I was fortunate to have the opportunity to shoot my first contest at Wheels of Fortune 7 for MAHFIA. It was fun shooting behind the scenes, new and old friends hanging out during the competition, filmers and photographer working with skaters, those hard at work offset and making it all come together.


Stevie Barile and Mariah Duran at Wheels of Fortune 7


Mariah Duran and Jenn Soto – Skate Witches Queen of the Road

I think those are the moments that are rarely captured and the moments that are most real and relatable. I’m pretty low key myself so I think shooting behind the scenes is fitting.

Zorah Olivia shooting Mariah Duran in Seattle

Monique O’Toole filming Celina Meehan in Seattle

SF:  What’s your favorite type of shooting –  for example street/bowl/vert/long boarding ?

When it comes to street, park, or vert, I prefer shooting street. I like shooting in the city, there are a lot of fun and interesting skate spots around downtown, embarcadero, and the piers. The city is cracking down with skate stoppers all over but I think that’s what makes it fun, the creativity comes into play around obstacles and constraints. I’m also interested in landscape and cityscape photography so those influences are probably noticeable in the way I shoot skate photos.


Kat Sy at Embarcadero, SF


Rosanna Yau at DIY in Davenport

SF:  Where can people see your work?

Carmen:  Find me on instagram @carmenzsf or tumblr. You can check out some of my photos for MAHFIA.TV in the Wheels of Fortune 7 and Skate Witches Queen of the Road photo albums. Skate Like a Girl SF Bay Area is currently on hiatus and will be relaunching soon, hopefully in 2017. Follow @skatelikeagirlsf for updates.


Carmen Zhou at Wheels of Fortune 6 Photo by @chelseysiphone

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.  I love when people see an opportunity and just decide to volunteer.


The world changes when people volunteer and turn thoughts into actions.  Thanks Carmen for the interview & all you do to show #girlscanskate!













It’s ok to Fall

So many people go through life thinking it’s not ok to fall.  I think that holds them back from trying new things.


above a video of kimmi_adiya it takes her several tries but she gets it & along the way she learns another important life lesson – it’s ok to accept help.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board and please share what you’re learning from skateboarding.