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Girls Skateboarding in Bahir Dar

I love to see stylish girls having fun skateboarding, so I was grateful that @kuhn.anna wanted to share this photo.  Love, love, love the leggings and I got a geography lesson.

She’s skateboarding in Bahir Dar.

Not the A student in geography, I had to look up where Bahir Dar is in the world.  Turns out it’s in Ethiopia, a country in the Horn of Africa.

Turns out @kuhn.anna is a world skateboarder.  Above she skated instead of taking the train in Germany.

When not skateboarding around the world, you might find her kite surfing.  Above Germany and below Egypt.

With the right attitude and work – girls can do anything.  Thank you @kuhn.anna for sharing your adventures around the world.

Where are you keeping it stylish on & off the board?  When you share, you inspire other girls to try new things and maybe even travel around the world.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.  For me it’s the weekend before finals so I’ll be back soon with more posts.





Phuong Anh Ta Skating in Germany

@PhuongAnhTa412 above with some new tricks in the mini at Skatehalle Ulm in Germany.

Her advice for girls who are thinking about skateboarding?

Good Giirrrlls

I absolutely agree – don’t overthink it just go skating.  What if you fall?

In skateboarding like life, it’s not if you’ll fall, it’s when.  Falling isn’t failing – failing to get back up is failing.

Above she’s at Skatehalle Pfaffenhofen and you can also check her out at @_skatehoes_ she’s part of a Girls Skate Crew in Munich.

Love to see girls skateboarding around the world & girls working together to share the fun of skateboarding.  Where are you skating and I hope you take the time to share & inspire others.

Thanks for sharing @PhuongAnhTa412!

From a Dream to Actually Skateboarding

I love Rosi’s caption on this video.  Everything really does begin in your mind with what you believe.

Two years ago, it was a mere dream for me to one day stand on a longboard and skate around… I told myself I was too old, too fat and too ugly to learn longboarding. I was absolutely terrified of falling and making a fool of myself.

It took me one year to convince myself I could learn something that cool. With a little help from my friends, who actually gave me the board as a gift, I got the necessary push to just try it. And I did probably make a fool of myself. Also I fell a few times. But the feeling of conquering a fear was stronger than any pain and shame I felt.

And now here I am, cruising into Berlin’s sunset. I can skate over cracks and bumps without having a mini heart attack. I became more courageous in life, I take more risks and I love it. The fear of everything still exists, but it gets smaller every time I stand on that board ❤🏂❤

It’s easy to tell yourself you can’t.  It’s even easier to be negative to yourself when things aren’t going well.  What you tell yourself grows so one reason why you can’t quickly becomes several than hundreds of reasons why you can’t.

Be like Rosi give yourself one reason why.  Then focus on that reason until it’s all you hear in your head.  Let that one reason give you the courage to face your fear, take the chance, and keep going even when you fall.

Whether it’s skateboarding or taking a class, or applying for a job, or whatever – start by believing you can.

Thanks Rosi for sharing and enjoy your adventures on & off the board!

Just a Few More Laps of Skateboarding

Danielle captioned this photo

Just a few more laps, Daan!’ That’s what I kept telling myself, just a few more laps. Push by push. Slow and steady. That’s how I made the 156 miles. It’s all about how you dose your energy over 24 hours🕕 you can go diehard during the day, skating in the heat and be all tired by the night. I chose the other way, I skated slow and steady throughout the day and in the night I got a bit faster💨 the wind was strong, but we dutchies are used to it ✔️ challenge yourself, but also stay realistic✨

Danielle is a Dutch distance skater.  She’s inspiring me.  There’s an upcoming marathon in San Diego

It’s 26.2 miles which compare to 156 miles seems doable.  Plus I have till November to train.  Hmmm she has me thinking.

Above she looks pretty happy practicing a 104.44 km.  Below she has reason to be smiling & proud.

3rd place in my age category even though I had to compete with boys. My technique was better this time, skating on a steady pace all the time kept me going even though the wind was strong and the asphalt was tough. Already skating again today, still with the positive vibes.
Next goal is 200miles on the dutch ultraskate but first the quarterultra in May in Berlin.

Ok, I’m in for checking out Fiesta Island and seeing if distance is something I want to try.

When you share your pictures & stories you inspire girls to try skateboarding plus you inspire those who are already skating to try new things.

When we encourage & support each other we all win because we push each other to be our personal best.

Oh and when Danielle isn’t skating she might be on her way to shop!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Janina Having Fun & Inspiring Others

Janina shares this video from her fun session at #skatehallewiesbaden.  As for how she feels about seeing more girls skateboarding

It’s so good to see more girls skating!!! It’s always a motivation!

Wherever you are in the world you’re stylish when you take the time to encourage and support others.

Below Janina skating the streets of Frankfurt.

You can also see her skateboarding on @tenskateboardsgirls

More girls really do try skateboarding when they see stylish girls skateboarding and get encouragement.  Hope you share your story like Janina did!

Girls Skate India Movie Showing in Leipzig near Berlin


13 female skateboarders, from 9 different countries embark on a skateboarding journey through India. This film captures the essence of the emerging skateboarding scene in India, and the perspectives and encounters through the eyes of female skateboarders form all over the world. In a bus they traveled with a filmer, photographer and skate yoga instructor to teach, do demos, build and empower Indian girls to take part.

to read more check out Girls Skate India Website, IG, or if you’re near Berlin see the film on 10/29/16 with Skate Girls Berlin in Leipzig.  Berlin based crew member Linda RTF will be there plus Fabienne Karmann will be there sharing her pictures from the journey.

More girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding – thanks Skate Girls Berlin for promoting this film and connecting the skateboarding girls in Berlin!





Share Skate not Diet Tips

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 12.14.01 PM

storyaboutaboard shares this picture from when she went to L-Beach to teach long boarding & skateboarding.

There’s no age limits on skateboarding – never too young or too old if you have a board & the will go skate!

Love to see people sharing skateboarding – please share your pictures & stories – more girls do skate when they see girls skate and get encouragement.

By the way – love her bio:  skate not diet

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 12.18.15 PM

and check out the site – http://en.aboutaboard.de/ 


Member of the Team

Screen shot 2015-12-04 at 8.14.59 AM

Congratulations to xgipfelkreuzx on being a part of the BTFL Board Team.

Screen shot 2015-12-04 at 8.23.25 AM

Leyla is skateboarding in Rheinauhafen which is a part of Cologne, Germany located along the River Rhine.  I was amazed by the stylish architecture.  Below a picture of one of the Crane Houses.

I had hoped to make it to Germany over the break – wasn’t meant to be so next time   Love seeing girls skateboarding around the world -where are you skating?   More girls skate when they see girls skating & get encouragement so take time to share your story

Screen shot 2015-12-04 at 8.20.39 AM