Dutch Girls Can Skate


Happy Monday from Roos a Dutch Skater Girl with some rad socks. We all know my geography is sketch but my fashion is on point and I love those socks and her style.

I read a Mandela quote today:  May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.

This picture absolutely reflects my hopes of when girls skateboarding around the world is taken for granted.  To all the pioneers before us and all the girls like Roos sharing pictures now – skate strong, have fun, and inspire others to skate with you.


Open Minds are Stylish on & off the Skateboard


Never did I ever imagine I would pick up a longboard and fall in love with it. The desire didn’t even come from me. It came to me randomly down the pipeline of heaven. God knows me better than I know myself. To know Him is to better know who He created me to be.Kimberly

I love Kimberly’s post and I hope others just go with a feeling and pick up a skateboard.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know why you have a feeling to skateboard – just try it.  LOL you can always quit but at least you’ll know you tried it.

Keep an open mind on and off the board – it’ll keep you stylish!

Girls Skateboarding on the Today Show & in the NY Times


If you missed yesterday’s Today show you missed my sk8 sister Minna!

I’m so happy for Minna and for all girls because when girls see girls having fun skating – more girls skate.

The Today show is an icon with tons of viewers. Imagine how many girls got inspired to try skating.

Minna has inspired me since day 1. No I’m not going down any mega ramp soon – she encourages me to do my personal skate best.

Love you Minna and looking forward to tomorrow’s article in NY Times. Thanks for showing girls skateboarding is fun


Skateboarding Hall of Fame??

hallThe 6th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Icon Awards Induction Ceremony happened yesterday, May 14, 2015 at the Westin South Coast Plaza Hotel in Costa Mesa, CA. I was lucky enough to attend.

Real quick if you don’t know Skateboarding has a Hall of Fame – which I didn’t till about a week ago – check out their page.

Of course I loved it because it was dressy – in the evening at the Westin. No worries – the fashion review is over. And there were too many vegetables for my liking so I’ll skip past the dinner review and go to awards.

The night was a history lesson.  Shout out to my mom who drove me in the rain and to whoever made the program, my mom read it cover to cover and took it home.  I think it’s important to share skateboarding history because many people are like my mom – all they “know” about skateboarding is what they’ve seen in the mainstream media.

The big take away messages for me were the need to be professional on and off the board, the creativity that skateboarding allows you in skating and the creation of skate products, women skaters inspire all skaters, skate for the love of it, and that without other skaters no one would be there.

So till next time, keep it stylish on & off the board and be grateful fashion has evolved since the 70s.


Connecting through Skateboarding & Fashion

caty ollie

This is Caty and she’s keeping it stylish in Norway. She’s a team rider for asfreestyle who’s aim is to promote happiness for board sports and free ski.

Caty’s a triple threat – she sk8, snow sk8 and snow boards. The picture of her wearing a Silly Girl sweatshirt jumped out at me. Silly Girl is local up the coast from me and here is Caty from Norway rockin their logo!

The world really is filled with skater girls who make

caty miles

seem like next door. Yes I googled it – over 5,000 miles and a different language yet I connect with Caty because of skating and fashion.


I’m Going to Skateboard Around the World


I’ve said I can spot a rad skate spot – well dag_ontheway actually goes there.  Her bio does not lie:   See, experience, feel as much as possible! 

She’s got skate pictures in places like Cannes, Monaco, La Palme, Verona, Vien, Passe Rolle, Verona, Vien!

As I’m getting ready for summer I can only dream about places that far away.  Knowing that:


. . . my mind is on skateboarding around the world!  And as always, my mind & actions are on getting more girls skateboarding  for fun! Keep sharing your fun skate pictures – they inspire!

Girls Skateboarding the Peaks of the World


I’m not great with geography – however, I know when a place looks cool. This is Lyndsay from Scotland living in the Peaks – which may or may not mean she’s skating in Scotland.  I know this is a rad photo even if I’m clueless about exact location.

What I do know is there are peaks throughout the world and girls throughout the world skating them.  Ok maybe not me – I’m more a park girl – but never say never maybe my Whiskey board needs a sister. Never have too many sisters or too much motivation to try new things.

Keep sharing those pictures together we inspire each other on & off the board.

UGH, Mondays or at least till Skateboard Camp


Why do you say UGH, Monday – I do because it’s back to school which interferes with my skateboarding, shopping, and Netflixing activities!

But soon – just FIVE more weeks for me and its summer vacation, till then this shirt by Boy Meets Girl is my Monday uniform.

Keep it stylish on & off the board – knowing there is more time on the board coming this summer –  get your outfits ready now. If you’re going to a skateboard camp – remember to take pictures and share them here – more girls do skate when they see girls skating and having fun.

I’ll be at Woodward West for Girls Week – June 28th – July 4th and I’m planning on volunteering at some camps around San Diego – details on that coming soon.  Don’t worry if you’ve never been on a board or are just starting – skate camps are great places to meet other skaters, have fun, and learn some skills – yes even on Mondays!

Skateboarding is NOT One Size Fits All


This is skater girl Mia – she’s five and talented.  This isn’t a recent picture because Mia and her family have been taking a break from skating to find balance.

On mother’s day – I just want to say – good job Mia’s mom.  Balance is important and giving her the opportunity to decide if skateboarding is really her passion is cool. I also appreciate all the sacrifices some moms make to meet intense training schedules. Skateboarding isn’t one size fits all so here’s a shout out to all the moms who take the time and interest to support their child having fun skateboarding.

Till next time keep it fun & stylish on and off the board!

Keep Skateboarding Fun


In this picture Gina’s working on her 360 slide. I have to say skateboarding has taught me a lot about revolutions. 360, 540, 1080 . . .

I prefer my skateboarding basic – however I’m always in awe of Gina and other girls that skate downhill at such incredible speeds. I’m also in awe of how one board with 4 wheels can be used for so many types of riding.

How do you like to ride – cruising, downhill, street, bowl, vert??? Show us how you have fun skateboarding and I encourage everyone to be open to the possibilities – that’s just one of the great things about skateboarding there’s no rules – no rights – just fun.