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Stay Who You Are When Skateboarding


This is what it’s all about – staying true to yourself while skateboarding. This is her first lesson and I love that she’s dressed for the occasion. I get hate messages – like yesterday’s “skating and fashionista are two words that shouldn’t be used together” – which is not a quote more a paraphrase because I took out the swear words.

Not everyone should be out there skateboarding in pink and/or lilac. Obviously not everyone looks good in those colors – never wear a color that doesn’t complement you.

To my new friend, who’s just starting out – keep it up – and don’t change who you are or what you wear to skate. Skateboarding is about having a sport that allows you to express yourself and have fun.

Till next time stay fashionable and friendly. And good job coffeemomma1981 for being a positive encouraging role model to your daughter.



Skateboarding Should Inspire NOT Scare

1 mount

M0untain_mama has balance. Like oh my gosh balance – I think she might even be going down an incline. Obviously you should not try this at home for a very long time – work up to it – keeping both feet on the board for some time and practice squatting. I guarantee you if you skate and squat you will get an incredible workout.

As for being able to skate like Meria? I know I can’t yet, but never say never – if you want something work for it and don’t be scared by Meria be inspired.

More girls skate as they see stylish girls skateboarding. Please share your pictures and stories – no matter what level, what kind of board – your picture shows the worlds #girlscanskate!



Are Bombas Socks Better for Skateboarding?


Recently I received a catalog that encouraged the wearing of socks with sandals. I won’t be sporting that look. Not all style tips are valid.

When I’m wearing my skate shoes, I will be wearing socks. As a fashionista I like how Bombas socks look, but does that make them better for skateboarding ? Bombas socks don’t fall down and they’re comfortable plus they don’t cause friction blisters all of which makes my feet happy and I skate better with happy feet.

Seriously I’ve observed that people skate, run, and even walk better with happy feet, while people with sore, mad, cranky feet tend to spread doom and gloom. So I’m endorsing wearing comfortable socks as a way to spread joy and improve sports performance. Note this is not scientifically proven or an always – could be some people with sore, mad, cranky feet are just so pumped on adrenalin they have super sports powers.

Another way Bombas socks spreads joy is that for every sock bought a sock is donated. Where I live people take socks for granted. Of course some disappear in the drier or get stolen by little brothers or daddies, but for the most part socks are a given in my community. In some communities socks are in need. Bombas answers that need. I’m proud to support a company born out of a mission to help those in need.

I absolutely agree with Bombas, that we’re all connected and little improvements can add up to make a big difference. It’s always fashionable to connect and help others. It’s also fashionable to change your socks regularly – smelly socks are never in style. Till next time – wishing you happy, fashionable, stink-free feet both on and off the board.

photo by Neal Mims

Be Fearless: Wear Stripes While Skateboarding


Stripes and skateboarding have something in common – people fear them for no reason. I say be brave like Ana Laura Garcia from Buenos Aires in Argentina. She looks amazing in stripes especially as she airs over stairs. Check out her video for day and night clips.

When and where do you like to wear stripes? I agree with Teen Vogue that stripes are sporty check out their article for inspiration on how to wear stripes.

So till next time keep it fun and fashionable on and off the board!

Skateboarding Improves School Work?


Stefani Nurding is a busy skateboarder – she’s also a model and artist. Since starting this blog I’ve been amazed at not only how many talented and stylish skateboarding girls there are but how many of those girls are multi-talented.

Before skateboarding, I played a little basketball but never had a sport per say. My parents encouraged me to be active and I heard that sports actually made you a better student. I just didn’t believe it.

Now that I’m an active skateboarder, I do see how it’s made me a better student. The proof: report cards which show an improvement, the number of days absent has gone down, and my parents don’t have to chase me down over homework. Why the improvement? I think it’s because skateboarding really has taught me the value of persistence, patience and practice.

I’m not saying I’m a model student, but I’m sure a lot more balanced than I was before skateboarding. So thank you to skateboarding for really making a positive difference in my life both on and off the board.

Enjoy Skateboarding


This is an excellent picture of Audrey Berdar and I love her caption: “Get out there & enjoy the ride”.

I totally skateboard for fun, and while I work and hope to be a better skater, my happiness is not dependent on my skill level. I also believe that no matter what you’re wearing you look better when you’re smiling.

Keep sharing those pictures of having fun skating – they are after all the most fashionable pictures and what will inspire other girls to give skate boarding a try.



Skateboarding Ring 4 St. Patrick’s Day

The Claddagh ring represents love, loyalty, and friendship. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty. On this St. Patrick’s Day I’m wishing you all those blessings. As for skateboarding with rings – small, silver, and maybe layered is what I’m loving right now – till next time keep skating and keep it fashionable.
The Claddagh ring represents love, loyalty, and friendship. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty. On this St. Patrick’s Day I’m wishing you all those blessings.
As for skateboarding with rings – small, silver, and maybe layered is what I’m loving right now – till next time keep skating and keep it fashionable.

Show You Believe in Equality in Skateboarding

GN4LW stands for Girl is NOT a four letter word. They have a 2nd edition deck out with Dusters and I’m encouraging everyone to take a look. I’m digging it because the graphics are crisp, I’m loving the color scheme, and I 100% agree with the message.

People can argue with me all day on whether or not a skateboard deck is a fashion accessory. Truth is your deck is a way to express yourself and let others know what you value and believe in. When you ride a GN4LW board you’re letting the world know you believe in equality in skateboarding.

Positive messages are always in fashion. So the GN4LW gets my fashion seal of approval in both its black and white formats – maybe because summer is coming I’m loving the white brighter one just a little more.


Girl Skateboarders Inspire Me


Lorena Brown did not skateboard as a child she just decided as an adult to give it a try. I’m so glad she did and now she’s motivating others to start and keep skating.

“I’ve fallen countless times, getting all bloody and bruised. Fractured my wrist, rolled my ankle. I know it’s the name of the game and it’s been quite a journey so far. Sometimes I get frustrated because my body won’t do what I want it to do on the board then I see a child roll by and their ripping It’s been hard for sure for this 29 year old newbie BUT I’m no quitter!! I’m determined!! And the most important thing that brings me through is to just have fun!! Don’t give up on what makes you happy, no matter the struggle!!” – Lorena

Thanks Lorena – I’m glad you’re an inspiration & not a quitter – plus I love your style including those super cute sneakers!

Skateboarding Skirt

skirt smile

Why wear a skirt skateboarding?  I don’t skateboard because I’m trying to be a boy – I’m a girl and I’m a proud girl. Skirts are fun and fashionable so why not wear one that is skate friendly. Here are my personal thoughts on what makes a skirt skate friendly.

If you’re planning on just cruising any skirt that allows you to push and doesn’t get stuck in wheels will work. If you’re more adventurous – I advise above the knee to allow for pushing.

I favor skater style over pencil style because a skater skirt will flow up & twirl not creep up & have to be pulled down. At least when I’m skating, I don’t want to be adjusting my skirt.

As for material, I’m aware latex is currently a fashion trend and that leather is always fashionable but for skating I prefer a lighter more breathable material like cotton.

I’m pro shorts or leggings under the skirt. Why wear a skirt if you’re already wearing shorts or leggings – style the skirt is a fashion statement. I’m not the only skirt loving fashionista click to read Teen Vogues Top 100 cute skirts for fall!

On or off the board wear what you want and stand proud.

Video on the skatingfashionista instagram.