Back on Her Skateboard

Whitney shares this photo by Noah Baskin with the caption

I got this skateboard for Christmas in 1997, and taught myself how to do an ollie and a “pop shove it” (which sounds like an uncoordinated white person dance move). I retired from skateboarding at 12, but mercifully, I can still stand on one for photo ops.

I’m glad that Whitney came out of her skateboarding retirement!

Cruising with your skateboard is like biking – you don’t forget.  You might be rusty at first but it will all come back.

Here’s to hoping Whitney keeps the skateboard out.  It doesn’t matter why you started skating, just that you keep having fun skating.

Have you recently started skating again?  I’d love to share your story.  When we share our stories, we encourage each other to be our best.


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