Longboarding Sisters

Sari shares this picture of longboarding sisters in Sotkamo, Finland.

All around the world more girls are having fun skateboarding every day.  I hope you share your pictures soon.

Sari has magnificent photos on her IG.

The longboarding sisters was my favorite photo but there are so many other photos I loved – like the wedding photo shoot in Rome above.

I’m truly grateful for all the pictures and stories of skater girls that are shared because more girls really do skate when they see girls having fun skateboarding.



Skateboarding by the Sea

Where’s your favorite place to skate?  Erica aka @oceangirl88‘s enjoys

Sunset skate ? by the sea ?goofing around and enjoying life.

Skateboarding by the beach is a favorite place for me too.

Erica’s about healthy living – yes skateboarding is exercise plus enjoying life is good for your health – you can check out Erica on @healthlivingcollective for tons of tips

How are you keeping it stylish on & off the board?  When you share you give others idea that help them enjoy life too.



Azul aka @azul.casi.morado captioned this photo

The way of a new beginning?

As the character in Hope Floats said

Here’s to hope being greater than fear when you approach any new beginning on or off the board.

Azul is in Mexico City, Mexico where she also has fun with roller derby.  Hope you share where you are skating soon because more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating.


Celebrating Her Slide

Ayla shares

Yeeeeesssss finally got my slides without holding the rail today !! ?⚡️?✨?? Happyyyyy ?

Skateboarding, like most things, is a process.  You might not always see the progress, but it’s there.  What can keep you going is celebrating the process.  Yes, look for the things that you couldn’t do before or that now come naturally.

As for Ayla she’s skateboarding everyday & the progression is amazing.  Yup – practice does make a difference & when you’re enjoying it – it’s not even work, it’s just fun.

She’s also balancing off her skateboard

you can find her on a surfboard or climbing

Where are you skateboarding?  More girls skate when they see girls skate and girls can be adventurous.

Choose adventure and then stick with it – celebration is sure to follow!

To find out more about Ayla check out her blog Between Rocks and Waves.

Happy July – hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.