Roller Skating Made More Stylish by BTFL

I’ve been skateboarding for fun for years and sharing it through blogging for a couple of years because I believe more girls skateboard when they see stylish girls having fun skateboarding and receive encouragement.

I see more and more girls skateboarding and roller skating on IG. I myself was inspired to try roller skating.

That’s right, I went back to the elementary school near my house to practice.   This time I’m also multi tasking.  I’m trying to learn tennis.  So after losing all my tennis balls, I take a skate break to go and collect them.

Roller skating was a lot harder than I anticipated.  It uses different muscles than skateboarding and I’m still getting used to it.  Now that school is out my goal is to get really comfortable in them.  I’m going to start doing laps around the park area of the school before I go back to the ramp.

I’m excited to see what progress I’ll make now that I have time.  I’m so grateful that this school year is over and I’m grateful for my BTFL roller skates.  All their skates look as fabulous as they are functional.

BTFL – “beautiful longboards and rollerskates” – are designed specifically for young women. Originally founded in Germany in 2015, they launched with a line of longboards tailored to women’s body sizes and weights. I first found out about them when I blogged about several girls who ride their boards.

Following is my interview with BTFL:

Why design roller skates for girls? 

Staying true to our Motto: BTFL – Made for girls we designed our skates especially for girls.   All our skates combine a sporty but trendy look.

Not only can you stay fit by cruising around the city, you will look great doing so!  We find that skating is a great sport for both girls and boys, which is why we designed our uni-sex model LUCA.

How did you design the roller skates? 

Our experiences came mainly from the Skateboard-Sector, so expanding to roller skates was new and exciting for us. We got in touch with some experts and found out what is important and what we could do better than other brands.

We design each model with special care. We only sell what we love ourselves so every roller skate gets some personal touch.

When did you start selling roller skates and what has the reaction been?

We started selling our roller skates in late 2016 and the reactions have been overwhelming.

We didn’t really expect such a high demand right away and are extremely happy that our customers love our skates as much as we do.

Before summer even started, we were already sold out on some models and sizes. To meet with such positive response gives us the reassurance that what we are doing things the right way.  We are looking forward to getting more and more girls motivated to go out and skate.

Where are your roller skates available? And what ages are your roller skates for?

There is no age-limit for our roller skates.  We find that there are many young girls who like our skates but also teenagers and women of all ages are getting excited to either bring back a memory from their youth or try something new.

You can order our skates directly on our website “” or from Amazon.  In Germany you can find our Roller Skates at different shops, if you prefer trying them on beforehand to get a better idea of the sizes.

Do you see more and more girls roller skating in Germany? Is is mostly outside or indoor rinks?

It is both, really. I’m sure you heard about Justin Timberlake throwing a Rollerskate-Birthday party for his wife?  After that more and more people are keen to go and try it out for themselves.

They find an indoor rink where they can have a first taste of the fun. Then when spring starts you see the first brave girls skating outside.  By summer there’s more and more girls who can’t be kept inside an indoor rink, and who want to enjoy the fun of skating in the sun.

Thanks so much BTFL for creating beautiful skates, the interview, and for encouraging girls to try skating.

Both skateboarding and roller skating are fun exercises that benefit girls.  Teaching important life lessons like falling isn’t failing, enjoy the process of learning, and there’s always more to learn.  Plus both skateboarding & roller skating are fun alone or with friends.

Inspiration to try skating does come from seeing other girls skate so it’s huge that BTFL has a Longboard Team and Roller Skating Team.  Above is Lisa Marie one of their newest Roller Skating Team members and below Jen and Tracy.

Be sure to follow BTFL on IG to see tons of skating inspiration.

Are you having fun in your BTFL roller skates or on your BTFL board?  I hope you take the time to share.

I’m really so excited that school is out, summer is here, and I can have hours of fun roller skating.







Shred Doll

Do you know what’s more fun than skateboarding in a stylish dress?

I can’t think of anything more fun.  That’s why I love this video shared by Toni Marie of Shred Doll.

She’s 8 years old and loves Kona Skatepark, surfing, and cars.

She doesn’t always skate in a dress but as the videos show she always has fun skateboarding.

Where are you having fun and how are you keeping it stylish on & off the board?  More girls skate when they see girls and get encouragement.

Off to my last final of the school year & then it’s summer – hope you’re also having an amazing day.



Zoee Skating & Inspiring as a SheShreds Ambassador

Love this shot of Zoee

evoking my inner ellen o’neal by working on my nose manual. so stoked for summer riding! ☀️?

She’s a SheShreds ambassador.  I’ve blogged about SheShreds before and love all they do to

To arm everyday girls and women with apparel, experiences and a system of support that helps them feel extraordinary. Every day.

Hope you check out Zoee on IG and  check out my past interview post on Gina the founder of SheShreds – this month there’s a birthday sale in her honor!

Happy Birthday Gina – you inspire me & so many other girls!

And thank you Zoee love your style on & off the board.

More girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skating and more girls succeed when we encourage each other and work together.  If you’re willing to share your inspiration, I’d love to hear from you.

Ana Traveling the World

Ana’s been to 24 countries and counting!

Above she’s having fun on her longboard in Wöhrder See.

Her latest posts are from Slovenia and all her posts are beautiful and inspire me to see more of the world.  She also inspires me to trampoline.

I had no idea trampoline work outs were this fun.  Seeing is believing so share your pictures of how you have fun staying fit & stylish both on & off the board.





Rain Can’t Stop Skate Rising

On June 10, 2017 the morning started off rainy.  Rain and skateboarding don’t go together so it looked like the Skate Rising event planned for the Encinitas Skate Plaza would be cancelled.

What you see above is a miracle – the skate park dried up and the girls came out in force!  By the end of the event over 60 girls came to skate and be of service.

The service project for the month was collecting blankets & making thank you cards for veterans.  Before making the cards the girls heard from Wounded Warrior Homes a non-profit in Southern California providing transitional housing for single, post 9/11 combat veterans with TBI & PTS.

The girls got to hear first hand how girls can make a positive difference in the world by volunteering and how volunteering helps the volunteer too.  Volunteers learn new skills and make new friends.  The girls also learned how to interact with service dogs when they’re working.

The girls got to work on their thank you cards

and before long had beautiful messages for the veterans.

Thanks to parents’ support the girls were also able to donate 35 blankets to Wounded Warrior Homes.

Skate Rising happens because of all the parents and volunteers who come out each month.  Now we can say in rain & shine, they come out to encourage girls to skate, find friends who skate, and learn the importance of giving back to the community.

I blog because I 100% believe that more girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skateboarding

and when they receive encouragement.

You can always find girls skateboarding & tons of encouragement at Skate Rising events.

The world is more stylish with handholding & encouragement so I hope to see you at a Skate Rising event.

To find out more about Skate Rising, EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, follow them on IG or contact the organizer, Calli Kelsay at

If you’re in the Phoenix Arizona area you can also check out Skate Rising Phoenix.  They have an event the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board and if you’re ready to share your skateboarding story & encouragement for other girls just let me know!

Step by Step

Susana captioned this video

Step by step, dreams are realized!

So true, don’t give up because you’re afraid of the work or get tired of the work.  Most things worth having require work.  Sometimes you won’t see the progress but just keeping stepping more forward than back and results will come.

Besides being a skateboarder, Susana’s a fashionista, adventure lover, and

animal lover which is why you might remember her from a prior post.  She lives by the motto:


I’m grateful to Susana for sharing again!  Where are you skateboarding and what’s your encouragement for other skaters?





Girls Skateboarding in Bahir Dar

I love to see stylish girls having fun skateboarding, so I was grateful that @kuhn.anna wanted to share this photo.  Love, love, love the leggings and I got a geography lesson.

She’s skateboarding in Bahir Dar.

Not the A student in geography, I had to look up where Bahir Dar is in the world.  Turns out it’s in Ethiopia, a country in the Horn of Africa.

Turns out @kuhn.anna is a world skateboarder.  Above she skated instead of taking the train in Germany.

When not skateboarding around the world, you might find her kite surfing.  Above Germany and below Egypt.

With the right attitude and work – girls can do anything.  Thank you @kuhn.anna for sharing your adventures around the world.

Where are you keeping it stylish on & off the board?  When you share, you inspire other girls to try new things and maybe even travel around the world.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.  For me it’s the weekend before finals so I’ll be back soon with more posts.





Stop Talking

Naomie aka @richardnaomie has good advice

“Stop talking.  Go Faster”

Often what holds us back is ourselves.  What we fear, we procrastinate against, which many times means we miss out.

Don’t miss out on skateboarding.  If it’s something you want to try – go try it.  Will you fall?  Probably, but then you can pick yourself back up & keep skating as long as it’s fun for you.

Enjoy the journey on & off the board.  Whether it’s learning to skate, learning a new language, whatever – enjoy the process of learning to go faster.


Nele Skateboarding in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Nele shares this photo and that she’s ready for summer.  During the winter in Germany, she’s missed skating.

I absolutely love her style and wish her the best, most fun skate season ever.

Where are you having fun skating?  When you share your adventures you inspire other girls to try skating all around the world!