Lilith Knows What the World Needs More Of

When I saw this video of Lilith aka @littlestshoe and its caption

Goals: drop in the big section ☑️ get more girls to the park ☑️

I knew I had to ask her to share on the blog.  This is what she shared:

My name is Lilith Shoemaker (22) living in Fairfield Iowa. I started skating a year ago because it was something that scared me, and they say to do one thing everyday that scares you, so I thought well I’ll just skate everyday then.

That was the beginning of my love for skating that has blossomed over this last year. I’m a beginner with a long way to go, but I’m loving every second of it, especially when I can get some girls out there skating with me!

When I was in California there was at least one girl at every park I skated at, and that was when I realized the importance of women skating together.

When you see another girl skate you really feel a sense of pride and sisterhood, even if you don’t know her. I have had so many girls say that being a skater girl is the coolest thing ever, and my direct response is “Come skate with me then! You can be a girl skater too!”

I want more girls at the park because when there are other ladies, I don’t feel so isolated. Skating can be intimidating itself, not to mention being the only girl at the park. Whether women are three or thirty skating with other ladies makes an already fun activity, that much better; and seemingly impossible goals totally reachable.

When a skater girl sees another skater girl, they have an automatic connection, and that is because at the root of it all, everyone wants to have fun, and everyone gets this bubble of exciting happiness when skateboarding is involved. When girls skate together they build each other up, raising each other’s confidence, and expressing support and love.  That is something I think this world needs more of. So if you’re a girl who has always wanted to skate, grab a friend and head to the park, because there are other girls that want to skate with you, you just need to meet them. ❤️💪👱‍♀️

I absolutely love what Lilith shared.  The world definitely needs more building each other up, raising each other’s confidence, and expressing support and love.

If you have a goal of getting more girls to the park or want to share with other girls why you skate just let me know because there’s always room on the blog for girls encouraging girls.




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