Tilly’s in the Community

When I first heard of TLC aka Tilly’s Life Center, I wanted to know more.

This post is about what I found out and how you can help support them through their collaboration with Rastaclat.

Tilly’s Life Center is a

youth-focused, 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable foundation aimed at empowering all teens with a positive mindset and enabling them to effectively cope with crisis, adversity and tough decisions

TLC is part of Tilly’s, which every fashionista knows is a store with the latest in action sports clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Tilly’s was started in 1982 with the girl power of Tilly Levine.  In addition to her love of fashion, she has a passion for inspiring youth to be their best so in 2012 Tilly’s Life Center was created.

TLC programs are currently empowering teens in high schools, as well as through organizations such as CHOC Hospital, Samueli Academy at Orangewood Children’s Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club.

Why teach teens a positive growth mind set?

Today’s youth are facing more difficult challenges than ever before. Those problems are universal, affecting teens at every socioeconomic level and in every community. Even in supportive environments, teenagers face confusion and uncertainty in life.

As a teen, I know that no matter where you live you will encounter negativity.  Personally I’m targeted by bullies for numerous things – including writing this blog, how I skate, and what I wear.  Without tools to cope with the hate and support from others, bullying can be overwhelming.

Constantly being subjected to hate whether it be physical, verbal or through acts of exclusion is exhausting.  At times giving up seems like the best option, but quitting just because of someone else’s hate is never the right answer.

What TLC programs do is empower teens to not give up by giving them tools that allow them to be confident in who they are.  The “I Am Me” program teaches life skills that build confidence, inspire compassion, and encourage the pursuit of dreams .

Through experiential learning, including journal writing, open discussions, and activities, TLC classes promote self discovery and cover relevant topics in a safe and caring environment.

Does TLC work?

To me the proof of any program’s success is it’s ability to create future leaders.  TLC has successfully done this as shown through their ambassadors.

Tilly’s Life Center goes full circle. Meet some of our graduates and other community teen leaders who have either joined our TLC Ambassador Class and/or have dedicated their time to serve as a Tilly’s Life Center facilitator. Our Ambassador’s experience first hand the life-changing tools discovered in the TLC “I Am Me” program and how to help build awareness for this unique and empowering curriculum. TLC Ambassadors contribute to our social media initiatives, make television, radio and print media appearances, attend events, and help brainstorm new ways to grow our mission (as well as often earn community service hours for school) .

If You Believe in TLC’s Mission How Can You Be Involved?

The first step is finding out more which you can do by visiting Tilly’s Life Center website or following them on IG.

Another easy step is purchasing the TLC x Rastaclat bracelet.

Rastaclat is a symbol of righteousness, doing good for yourself and others.  We believe that positive action can change lives, inspire confidence, and unite us as human beings. #SEEKTHEPOSITIVE

Logos_Rastaclat_Circle_greyLogoRastaclat created this white bracelet which is available in-store at Tillys and online at tillys.com for $15.99 – 100% of the proceeds will go to TLC and you’ll have a reminder and talking point to share TLC message with others.

I 100% believe that sharing TLC mission is a positive step in achieving their message because you never know what someone is going through and the person you tell may be the person who needs TLC services the most.  Every person that learns through TLC is one more person who can share positivity with the world.

Below I asked Angel, a TLC rep some questions about the collaboration and how to contact TLC.

  1. Are the school districts benefitting from these bracelets across Souther California in the LA, Orange, &/or San Diego areas?

Tilly’s Life Center (TLC) currently operates in Orange County and Los Angeles’ school districts. Here’s a list of the high schools, clubs are after school programs where TLC is currently implemented: 

Orange County: Anaheim High School, Century High School in Santa Ana, Estancia High School in Costa Mesa, Junipero Serra High School in San Juan Capistrano, Ocean View High School in Huntington Beach, Samueli Academy in Santa Ana, Silverado High School in Mission Viejo and Anaheim Downtown Community Center

Los Angeles: Operation Progress, Youth Center on Highland and Central Juvenile Hall

2.   Founded in 2012 how many teens have completed the program?

So far, 625 teens have successfully completed TLC’s program.

3.    How does someone find out where the programs are offered and sign up?  

Students are notified on campus by teachers, students and staff at their high school. Many students have found TLC through the Boys & Girls Club; TLC has worked with the organization in the past offering classes to the teens.

4.   I saw information to give to your school, how to sign up for the newsletter, and social media links are those the ways to be involved if you don’t live near a training site?  

Yes, if you don’t live near a training site, you can get involved by following the steps listed under “Get TLC” at


which includes:

  • Providing your high school, after school program or local community center with TLC’s program information
  • Donating to the organization online, by phone or pledge your birthday
  • Becoming a sponsor – Sponsorships include: sponsoring a teen, a high school and/or after school program or TLC’s operations
  • Staying informed on TLC’s events, collabs and news by signing up for TLC’s e-newsletter and follow TLC on social media at @tillyslifecenter

Above vision board created by one of TLC students and below TLC students journaling.

As someone who believes in the power of seeing and writing, I know that what TLC is offering is an opportunity to follow your passions and shut the noise out.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board and always share your stories because positivity grows.

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