Agenda Long Beach – January 2017 with the Skatingfashionista

Since starting in 2003 the Agenda Show has become

the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world.

As a fashionista and blogger, I have to go!  The Long Beach January 2017 show was on 1/5 & 1/6.  I went on Friday.  

Blondes aren’t the best with maps so maybe it’s me or the show was bigger than years past. 

The guide listed over 100 new exhibitors, so it quite possibly was bigger than before. 

My first stop Triple Eight.  Looked at the newest helmet colors with Justin.  

Helmet hair is bad; a brain injury is worse so I hope everyone who needs one gets one & wears it.  

Triple Eight also has a color changing helmet.  It goes bright at night.  

Dark by Day. Light by Night. Perfect Urban Style for Skate and Bike.  Be seen at night with Stealth Reflective Technology.  It looks normal by day – but the special reflective coating makes you visible to cars at night.


Speaking of technology, Triple Eight is now offering Smell Well.  Nothing kills style like stink so these packs  have my attention & I’ll be putting them to the test.

Then it was time to finally meet Amy at Rastaclat in person.

Rastaclat is a symbol of righteousness,
doing good for yourself and others.
We believe that positive action can change lives,
inspire confidence, and unite us as human beings.



#seekthepositive is important to me because what you seek you find and what you support grows. 

Above Rastaclat has so many amazing partnerships.  Like the Classic Awareness


Below new bracelets – more colors, more sparkle.  I especially love the Miniclat bracelets the perfect size for my wrist & for stacking.

Watch out for even more new bracelets.  (Hint in picture below.)

Looking forward to blogging more about Rastaclat and how they’re

spreading positive vibrations one wrist at at time.

In 2016, DC told the world that Wes can.  As follow up to the Wes We Can Campaign, DC with Wes & SK8MAFIA unveiled a new collection.

Debs took me through the collection. My favorite piece the quilted stitch vest with the inside pockets. Not sure Wes was thinking of a place for my lipstick when skating – but it will work so  👍👍. 

All the jackets & boots (look behind Debs) in the DC collection were designed for boys, but I liked them so I’d wear them.  Would I go out in the wilderness?  That would be its own post.

The other item of style with function that I liked from DC was the backpacks with “bottom padding” to protect your laptop.  

I hadn’t thought about needing that before, but it makes perfect sense especially for a skating blogger who likely has her laptop at all times.   

Another thought that never crossed my mind is where else could you use the rubber that makes tires?  At Agenda be ready for out of the box thinking.

Above I’m looking at the Chris Joslin etnies shoe.  That’s not Chris on the sole – that’s 

the Michelin Man. Yes thee Michelin Tire man

I missed meeting him; he went to Agenda on Thursday.  I didn’t meet Chris either – but I have hopes for a sit down interview with both of them soon.

I did meet Chiara Carozzi the engineer from Michelin (girls can be smart, sporty, & stylish) who explained the development process.  

Above the shoe – out in July 2017 with a sole 3x more durable for Chris, likely indestructible for me, because it’s not just the material it’s the ridges that work. 

On the topic of style meeting protection, I stopped by the Casery.  Protecting your best friend (iPhone) with style. 

Can you ever have enough phone cases?   No, sometimes more is better.  I’m all about a case for your mood and a case that protects it because nothing kills your mood faster than smashing your iPhone.  

While in the “girly” mode I also stopped by Hot as Hell aka HAH. 

Swim and lingerie rooted in LA with a commitment to sustainability. If the pieces look familiar 

You’ve probably seen them on Khloe or Sofia Richie.  They’ve both done photo shoots wearing one of the iconic pieces. 

Another favorite piece of mine the DIY Top – 8 ways to wear means endless style possibilities.  Another plus of the collection is it’s easy to care for being both washable & packable. 

Is there room for lingerie on the board?  I say yes there’s no uniform in skateboarding.  Snowboarding is about layering and for the surf board there’s the swim collection where many pieces are adjustable.  So if you want to keep it hot on & off the board check out HAH. 

Before leaving Agenda Women’s section, I stopped by Bitch Stix.  SPF lip balm and more.  100% of proceeds go to domestic violence & sexual assault prevention programs.  

Is the name inappropriate?  

I like people who catch my attention and make me think.  

The booth that made me think most was NIGHT:SHIFT Goods.  I honestly didn’t realize I was in a rut. 

I’ve been sleeping on boring sheets for years. It was just what I did.  Plus I’d been snuggling with boring throws. 

The bedroom revolution began in October 2015 so I’m ashamed that it took me so long. But can’t live in the past – it’s about now. Now is the only time we can take action.

NIGHT:SHIFT Goods has a lot of choices; all affordable and made in the USA.  Everything is made to order, yet takes only 10 days to be yours – so decide & boom it’s yours.  

Check them out on the web & follow them on IG because they’re always releasing new collaborations & designs so your room need never be in a rut again (if the Grizzly looks familiar, it’s because he is – olive green truly is Tory’s color).  

Soon check them out in their own Santa Monica showroom.  I can’t wait to blog about their store’s grand opening. Call me a traditionalist,  I love the experiencing of shopping in a store.  

Below just a few of the NIGHT:SHIFT Goods throws.  When you’re throw is this nice, wear it everywhere.

At this point the fire alarms went off.  So just in case I wrapped things up.

Congrats to Element 25 years. Always love their collaborations with artists on clothes & boards. And welcome to 187 Killer Pads – always raising the style of knee pads with new colors & patterns from right near my home in the San Diego area.

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed Agenda.  Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board.

Tossing creamer into the shoe, the next big thing 😂 

XOXO skatingfashionista

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