Strong Girls Support, Encourage & Congratulate Others

I’ve known Justyce Tabor for a couple of years now and she’s always impressed me with both her skateboarding skills and attitude.

They say attitude is everything – I’ve even heard attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure – Bob Bitchin.  I believe it.  I skateboard for fun and you can tell who else does because the entire vibe is positive. Justyce lives a life of adventure!

I’m so happy to congratulate her on her own Silly Girl pro model deck!  If your skate shop doesn’t carry Silly Girl – ask them why but first go order the deck from Pink Widow Distribution.

Screen shot 2015-11-27 at 2.47.40 PM

silly girl is a symbol for individuality, unity and progression, sometimes associated with females that skateboard;  silly girls help promote and establish a vision for females of all ages to see that there are no limits to what they can do.

7 justyce

Want to win this autographed Justyce Tabor deck?  To win, follow skatingfashionista on IG & add me in Snapchat sk8fashionista – winner to be announced this week.  You don’t have to be a girl to support and inspire girls to skate!

On the 7th day of December we were happy for #oregonluck




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