When You Have Encouraging Parents Learning can be FUN


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When you have encouraging parents – you’re off to a fabulous start.  Here Nollie is enjoying Sunday Funday with her dad.

There are a variety of beneficial reasons why a parent should encourage a child to explore freeform play. From cognitive and memory skills to social and physical development, there is no end to the ways a child can grow and learn through playtime. Kidjunction.com

What could be more freeform than skateboarding?  There’s endless ways and places to skate – I love the freedom to skate.  I’m on a mission to get more girls skateboarding for fun – so it’s important to me to show girls at all levels.  It’s not like the fun starts when you are able to skate vert – the fun starts when you’re on the board and smiling.

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In skateboarding you have to believe you can do it before you land it.  Skateboarding also teaches you how to accept failure- you can know a trick have done it hundreds of times and still fall.  Learning that sometimes you fall is important because that’s what gets you to learn how to get up.

Fabulous job dad – you’re helping her learn while having fun – that’s stylish.  Wishing everyone a rad weekend!

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  1. Thanks Jordan we plan on keeping her on it for as long as she wants to skate she’s only one so we can’t imagine what she’s gonna do at 6 or 7

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