Daddy Approved Shorts for Skateboarding


When it comes to skateboarding – I have to admit longer – a.k.a. daddy approved shorts – have advantages.

Yes, if you fall on your bum – it’s better to have longer shorts.  In this shot I’m wearing my favorite jean shorts by who else – Articles of Society. Just like their cousins the Maya & Yoga jeans, these shorts move with you when skateboarding . For a video of me going from an air to but boarding check out Instagram.

It’s always a good day at the skate park and for me it’s an even better day when I’m wearing shorts that my father is not complaining about.

As always keep it stylish on & off the board and remember a prepared skating fashionista is one with several changes of clothes – so yes your wardrobe and bag should have shorts of all lengths!

Support Others Success in Skateboarding & Life


Finally Got it!!! So Stoked!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped me get it – meglemon14

This is what I love to see – make sure to watch the video for all the glory. Smiling while skateboarding and working together is beautiful to be a part of and watch. Skateboarding is not a team sport per say but it is more fun with friends.

Meglemon14 thanks for sharing and I truly am happy for your success.

Support is always in style on & off the board!



Skateboarders Breakfast & Beauty Tip


“People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves.” –  Salma Hayek

I say Salma Hayek has style & words of wisdom.

And yes, I saw the beauty in the chocolate apple – then I ate him with my family because I needed some breakfast before I headed out skateboarding.  Happy Easter!


Serious Athletes Can & Do Wear Makeup


Is Peach the new Pink?

No don’t be silly it’s just a new option from Jane Iredale.

As I’ve shared before I love Jane Iredale’s products – my life wouldn’t be the same without Jelly Jar™ Gel Eyeliner. And loving makeup doesn’t mean I’m not a serious athlete.

Well, I’m not a total hardcore serious skateboarder – I’m definitely in it for the fun but wearing makeup isn’t a sign of weakness. Here is a sad true story – my makeup was questioned and not by boys but misinformed girls at the skate park.

Yes, in 2015 there are girls out there who think you can’t wear makeup and be an athlete. (And I’m in Southern California – OMG!) Sad so sad that people still think makeup is for others not the wearer.

As a blogger I love to read other rad blogs and I encourage everyone to read Alyssa Matthews “4 Reasons Why Women Wear Makeup (For Those Who Just Don’t Get It)”

I 100% agree with her reasons – which really quick are

  • Really, we just do it for ourselves
  • It corrects things that we cannot always correct on our own
  • It’s a way to be expressive

I’m not saying you have to wear makeup – I believe you have the right to wear makeup. And I think you can wear makeup some days and no makeup other days and be the same person.

Well I am the skatingfashionista keeping it fun & fashionable on & off the board. Till next time keep your makeup options open – yes I’m totally daring you to try the peach!

Hurray for Companies that Support Girl Skateboarders


This is Vanessa on her Pacific Tribe Skateboard.  I say hurray for companies like Pacific Tribe Skateboards who show real girls skateboarding. Vanessa looks like a model and maybe she is – what I know for sure is she can skate.

I hope this blog is showing there are skater girls around the world and that being a skater girl isn’t just a look, it’s about living an attitude of balance and confidence.