There is NO Skateboarding Uniform


Vianez Morales has some amazing videos and shots on her Instagram. The link will take you to a video and the picture above is one where I just love, love, love the outfit.

If you Google how to dress like a skateboarder and you’ll find a lot of advice like:

. . . The more black, ripped and worn out clothing you have, the better you’re going to look . . .

Well maybe black, ripped, and worn out clothing looks good on you – wear it skateboarding – my point is there is NO skateboard uniform. You don’t have to be dressed in black, Vianez is shredding in yellow – some might even say neon yellow – she looks fabulous and inspires me to keep skateboarding.

Keep sharing your pictures – the more people see the more they know stereotypes about skateboarders are just stories.



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