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Become the Free Spirit

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Haileyjcarter captioned this photo You might as well enjoy life to the fullest and release any tension holding you back from joy.  Become the free spirit that is captured in you.

She’s right & she’s right if you’re in Virginia like her or anyone else in the world.  Listen to the voice in your head that tells you you are free and should enjoy the outdoors – the world is a beautiful place.

Persistence is a Life Skill

shot 1

In skateboarding you pay to play! And @autumn_tinkleberry Took a nasty slam but came back and got the line And that’s how it’s done! One tough girl!TheFarm Local skate park located in Virginia Beach

I had to share this because a skatepark that supports girls – that’s my kind of park and a girl who doesn’t give up is my kind of girl.

Our story doesn’t end here – she’s back skating & . . .

shot 2 with cast


. . . landing it with her new accessory – pink cast.

Since I’ve started this blog – I’ve seen so many rad photos and stories of skateboarding helping girls become stronger people.  It takes strength to face your fears – her fear was real she slammed – she faced it anyway and figured out how to land it.

In life your first try won’t always be successful – learning not to give up and try it a little different – that’s a stylish skill on & off the board.