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Skate Rising Coming Up On One Year Anniversary

August 14, 2017 will be the one year anniversary of Skate Rising. Since August of 2016 the girls have been meeting the 2nd Saturday of every month under the leadership of Skate Rising founder Calli Kelsay. I had the chance to check in with her and here’s what she had to share.

I can’t believe it has officially been one year! I am seriously in awe of everything that has happened and everyone that has helped the Skate Rising program grow and the amount of people that have been impacted through Skate Rising. – Callie

For those not familiar with Skate Rising, what’s Skate Rising’s mission?


In short I would say Skate Rising teaches, “Compassion through service and empowerment through skateboarding”

What inspired you to start Skate Rising?

I was inspired to create Skate Rising after seeing the positive life lessons that come with skateboarding arise in my own children. I saw my oldest two children, Aubrey and Kirra, push through fear, gain confidence, and learn to fall and get back up on their own two feet multiple times.

After seeing that I knew this sport/art form would positively impact other young girls if given the opportunity. We added the service element because service teaches compassion and the world will always be in need of compassionate, kind, strong women.

Although this program may have started as my vision, this program really took flight with the help of my close friend Nina Seibert, she happens to be the creative one behind the scenes. Also partnering with Exposure Skate, the large skateboarding non-profit, was also was a great fit for us. Without people like Nina, Amelia, and Lesli, this program would not be what it is today.

At each event there is an activity. Like the Commit to Kindness (anti-bullying) contracts at the very first Skate Rising and making cards for veterans at the June 2017 event – how do you think of the activities that are important to the community & of interest to the young girls?

We have specific topics to work with the girls on like; kindness, compassion, anti-bullying, welcoming new members to our community, believing in yourself, pushing through fear, and more! We decide who we can help based on the needs we know of at the time and then cater the theme. There are always a lot of people and groups that need help so, if we know about them we try to help where we can.

I have personally seen Encinitas grow as more girls come monthly. There’s also Skate Rising Phoenix now. How amazing that within a year there were two locations. Are there plans for more?

We are definitely open to growing the program nationally and internationally if the right opportunity were to arise. This program does take multiple volunteers with specific skill sets to run it and make is successful for everyone so we will always be cautious yet optimistic with opportunities that do come.

What else would you like to share about Skate Rising – from your favorite moment to your hope for the future?

Skate Rising has been such an amazing program to be part of. From the volunteers, partnering organizations, to the participants, and the recipients of our projects, it has been amazing to see how many people have been impacted in some way in such a short time. In fact, just in the past year over 2500 people have received assistance from our projects. Some of those that have benefited are refugee families, patients at Rady Children’s Hospital, victims of domestic violence, Veterans, and homeless individuals. To me this is everything. If I can have but a small part in helping the youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow then I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity.

Last month we had an event focused on empowering ones-self and pushing through fear, it was amazing what even five year old girls had to say at the end of the event. They shared how they had pushed through fear by going down a bigger ramp than ever before or how they had tried an ollie.

My hopes for the future would be that the existing participants will continue inviting more girls to participate, learn, and serve with them, the program grows to more areas and continues to advocate for those less fortunate. Just to see the positivity that has taken action has been very impactful for myself and my family.

Thank you Calli for taking the time to do this interview and for all the time you take to make Skate Rising happen and to mentor girls such as myself.  You’re a huge inspiration to me & countless other girls on & off the board.

To stay up to date with all things Skate Rising give them a follow and if you can make it out to the Encinitas Community Skate Park the 2nd Saturday of every month from 9am – 11am to share in the fun or if you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area check them out the third Saturday of every month from 10am – noon at 91 West Skatepark.


Rain Can’t Stop Skate Rising

On June 10, 2017 the morning started off rainy.  Rain and skateboarding don’t go together so it looked like the Skate Rising event planned for the Encinitas Skate Plaza would be cancelled.

What you see above is a miracle – the skate park dried up and the girls came out in force!  By the end of the event over 60 girls came to skate and be of service.

The service project for the month was collecting blankets & making thank you cards for veterans.  Before making the cards the girls heard from Wounded Warrior Homes a non-profit in Southern California providing transitional housing for single, post 9/11 combat veterans with TBI & PTS.

The girls got to hear first hand how girls can make a positive difference in the world by volunteering and how volunteering helps the volunteer too.  Volunteers learn new skills and make new friends.  The girls also learned how to interact with service dogs when they’re working.

The girls got to work on their thank you cards

and before long had beautiful messages for the veterans.

Thanks to parents’ support the girls were also able to donate 35 blankets to Wounded Warrior Homes.

Skate Rising happens because of all the parents and volunteers who come out each month.  Now we can say in rain & shine, they come out to encourage girls to skate, find friends who skate, and learn the importance of giving back to the community.

I blog because I 100% believe that more girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skateboarding

and when they receive encouragement.

You can always find girls skateboarding & tons of encouragement at Skate Rising events.

The world is more stylish with handholding & encouragement so I hope to see you at a Skate Rising event.

To find out more about Skate Rising, EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, follow them on IG or contact the organizer, Calli Kelsay at calli@exposureskate.org.

If you’re in the Phoenix Arizona area you can also check out Skate Rising Phoenix.  They have an event the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board and if you’re ready to share your skateboarding story & encouragement for other girls just let me know!

Skate Rising May 2017

Skate Rising returned to the Encinitas Community Park for their monthly event on 5/13/17.

Over 75 girls came out to learn about the importance of having a healthy mind and body from Yoga for Skateboarders & Nekter Encinitas.

As the girls listened to Bridget who founded Yoga for Skateboarders and Shannon the owner of Nekter Encinitas, I couldn’t help but think how rad it was that there’s so many women business owners who support Skate Rising.

How inspiring for the girls to see they can grow up to follow their passions like Bridget & Shannon do into a job.

In addition to hearing about healthy food choices – “fuel for your vehicle (body)” – the girls collected food for the Wounded Warriors Home.

Plus the girls made Mother’s Day cards.  (Mother’s Day was the day after this event.)

Teaching compassion through service and having a fun and safe place to skateboard is what Skate Rising is all about.

Seeing all the girls and their support systems

always brightens my day.

The day literally brightened as the sun just kept shining brighter.

Skate Rising will be back at the Encinitas Community Park on June 10th.  To find out more about Skate Rising, EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, follow them on IG or contact the organizer, Calli Kelsay at calli@exposureskate.org.

If you’re in the Phoenix Arizona area you can also check out Skate Rising.  They have an event the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Now that I have a driving permit, I’m that much closer to checking out Phoenix Skate Rising myself!  Please be sure to check out my post on Yoga for Skateboarders so you can find out all about the awesome events they attend throughout Southern California.

Till next time wishing you fun on & off the board.  If you have a skate story to share – your own journey or an event – just let me know.  We all shine brighter when we inspire each other to follow our passions, face our fears, and be our best selves.




Yoga for Skateboarders at Skate Rising

On May 13th, Skate Rising is returning to the Encinitas Community Skate Plaza.  In addition to skateboarding the girls will learn about health and wellness on and off the board from Nekter Juice & Yoga for Skateboarders.

I caught up with my friend Bridget, who I met through EXPOSURE Skate, to find out the scoop on Yoga for Skateboarders.

Bridget runs the yoga clinics at EXPOSURE Skate and for the 5th anniversary last year she held an EXPOSURE Skate Yoga Challenge. She’s also active with LA Girls Skate Sesh where she held a workshop on April 2nd.

How & when did Yoga for Skateboarders start?

Bridget:  Yoga for Skateboarders happened entirely as a result of my environment.

I grew up in Venice | Santa Monica, and I can’t recall a time in my childhood where I didn’t know what yoga or skateboarding was. They were present in my daily life. It wasn’t until more recently, after I became certified, that the connection happened on a deeper level. I wanted to share that feeling with all of my friends.

I had just received my first yoga certification in 2010, right after the Venice Skatepark opened. I wasn’t confident enough as an instructor to waltz into a yoga studio just yet, so whenever I was at the skatepark with my friends, I would practice teaching them, as a way to hone my skills as a new instructor. Soon i realized skateboarders make the absolute best yoga students! I learned so much just from teaching friends with different kinds of injuries, conditions, etc. Eventually we would gather near the graffiti walls for class then venture to the park to session. It started to become a regular thing and the name “Yoga for Skateboarders” stuck. Now I’ve been teaching yoga for skateboarders for 7 years and it is my favorite thing to do.

Why do you think yoga helps skateboarders?

Bridget:  For me, yoga has a very synergistic relationship with skateboarding. They have been crucial in the way I view life. Yoga has taught me how to be aware of my fears, skateboarding taught me how to face them.

Every skateboarder, athlete or human can benefit from a yoga practice. If you love skateboarding, you’re already halfway there! It has more in common with yoga than you might think. They both are more than a sport, like a form of individual self expression, they require you to be in the present moment, they teach you balance and you can practice both of them on your own or with a group of friends.

If you think of your body like a vehicle, then yoga is the process that keeps your vehicle running well and performing it’s best. Like changing the oil or rotating the tires.

The poses we do in yoga are used to check in with yourself. The pose will tell you a story about your own body; what may feel tight, what may feel sore, etc. Utilizing yoga as a tool in this way allows us to treat our bodies the way we should. Like our own best friends! Namaskate.

Thanks Bridget – can’t wait till Skate Rising on May 13th to see you!

To find out more about Yoga for Skateboarders follow them on IG

and check out their website downwarddogtown.com

To find out more about Skate Rising, EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, follow them on IG or contact the organizer, Calli Kelsay at calli@exposureskate.org.   If you’re in the San Diego area, hope to see you next week May 13th for Skate Rising with Yoga for Skateboarders.




Skate Rising April 2017 with Pride Socks

Skate Rising held their April 2017 event at Academy Skatepark in Vista, CA.  The guest speaker was Rachel Smith, founder of Pride Socks with Bryce Wettstein, team rider.

Before speaking to the girls Rachel signed to them because her first language was ASL.  Both Rachel’s parents were deaf and growing up she was teased for being different.

She shared her experience of being shy until meeting an inspirational coach.  The coach inspired her and it’s that inspiration that she “pays forward”.

She started Pride Socks to help others instill positivity into their minds and hearts.  She believes that just like “you are what you eat” – “you are what you think”, so choose to think positively.

She shared that thinking positively helps you “chase your dreams, never give up, & be proud of who you are”.

She had the girls up, literally jumping up and down and repeating

I am awesome, I am strong, I am me!

She also encouraged the girls to face each other and tell the person next to them how awesome they are.

They are billions of people in the world, one girl said 7 billion, but there is only one you.  Rachel wants everyone to remember and cherish their uniqueness.  She reminded the girls that whatever you tell yourself your mind will believe so tell yourself – “I am awesome, I am proud, I am me”.

To help people tell themselves positive things, Rachel created a magnet set.  Each girl received a magnet set to take home.

The girls also heard from Bryce who encouraged them to keep skateboarding because “it’s a metaphor for life – get back up after falling & persevere!”

In addition to skating, the girls had the opportunity to fill out Pride Cards.

Plus they got to sign a thank you to Neal Mims card.  Neal supports Skate Rising by opening Academy Skatepark and having his entire staff welcome & support the girls.

“An attitude of gratitude” is a life lesson that Skate Rising models.

I’m always grateful to attend Skate Rising both to have fun with the others and be inspired.  In addition to Pride Socks with Rachel & Bryce, what really inspired me this month was all the moms helping out.  These are just a few pictures of

Strong Women Raising Strong Women!

Skate Rising was started and is organized by mom Calli Kelsay and thrives because of all the volunteers who support her.   If you’re interested in learning more about Skate RisingEXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, with monthly events in San Diego (2nd Saturday) and Phoenix (3rd Saturday) area, contact her at calli@exposureskate.org

The event which is free to attend, ended with a product toss from Pride Socks.  Above “socks in the air” and below Rachel said goodbye and reminded each girl how special she is.

That’s a wrap for Skate Rising April 2017 in San Diego.  Up next Skate Rising April 2017 in Phoenix on April 15th.

If you have pictures and stories to share about your Skate Rising experience just let me know.  All girls are encouraged to share why they have fun skating and want other girls to skate too.

To read the interview with Rachel and find out more about Pride Socks check out the 3/29/17 post.

Skate Rising group shot 4/8/17 at Academy Skatepark by @ninashoots

Pay it Forward Day with Skate Rising Phoenix

Pay it Forward Day is Friday, April 28, 2017.  I found out about it because Darleen Santore the US Ambassador for Pay it Forward Day will be speaking at Skate Rising Phoenix on Saturday April 15, 2017 at 91 West Skatepark.

“Pay It Forward Day is a global initiative that exists to make a difference by creating a huge ripple of kindness felt across the world. We believe that small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can literally change the world for the better — and on April 28th we’ll set out to prove it! For this year’s international Pay it Forward Day (PIFD) we are aiming to inspire over 10 million acts of kindness around the world. Imagine the difference that would make!  Join us in paying it forward, and help spread the word about this important day!”
I got to ask Darlene what she has planned for Skate Rising Phoenix?  
I’m so excited to be part of the Skate Rising event in Phoenix! What a wonderful opportunity and honor. At the event, I’m going to get everyone fired up and am excited about Pay It Forward Day and ask us to all #stand4kindness  
It is such a special event and is growing year after year. I’ll be encouraging you all to come up with acts of kindness. I’ll give you ideas and examples and talk about how you can join this awesome movement! You’re part of changing the world with one act of kindness at a time!
How can girls help Pay it Forward on April 28th and every day?  
Girls can do something big or little, either makes a difference. It’s “kindness” that wins. Who doesn’t want someone to be kind to them? It’s not hard. You just have to do it! Think about it! If everyone would pay it forward with kindness, our world would be so much better!
Do they report what they did towards the 10 million acts of kindness goal?  
Yes! Use the hashtags #stand4kindness and #payitforwardday in all social media and encourage others to do the same!
How do they stay in formed on the latest Pay it Forward acitivies?
Go to www.payitforwardday.com for global information and www.pifdayUSA.com for USA related items. Keep up with social media by visiting www.twitter.com/ PayItForwardDaywww.twitter.com/pifdayusa and www.facebook. com/payitforwardinternationalBe sure to use @pifdayusa and @payitforwardday on Twitter and Instagram.  Click on the #stand4kindness and #payitforwardday hashtags to see how people are making a difference one act of kindness at a time and be sure to use the hashtags yourself!
Thank you Darlene!  I hope lots of girls make it out April 15th and that they share the news so even more people can be involved.
Below pictures from past Skate Rising Phoenix events at 91 West Skate Park where everyone is welcome & it’s free to attend.
Skate Rising Phoenix is a free event held the 3rd Saturday of each month at 91 West Skatepark.  Skate Rising Phoenix encourages girls to recognize self-worth, strength, and abilities through skateboarding.  If you have questions about Skate Rising Phoenix contact Mary Gardner at skaterisingphx@gmail.com.
To find out more about Skate Rising, EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, contact the organizer, Calli Kelsay at calli@exposureskate.org 

Pride Socks Founder Speaking at Skate Rising

Skate Rising – EXPOSURE SKATE’s youth program for girls – is excited to have Rachel Smith, founder of Pride Socks and the “Proudest Moments” movement, speaking on the power of self-worth and empowerment.

This Skate Rising event will be on Saturday April 8th from 9-11am at Academy Skate Park in Vista, CA.

Like all Skate Rising events it’s free to attend.  It’s the perfect opportunity for girls to meet other skater girls, skate at this session just for them, learn skate tips from the Academy Staff , volunteers, & other girls,  plus this month hear from Rachel of Pride Socks.

I had the opportunity to check in with Rachel who founded Pride Socks because

Anyone can sell socks, but we sell socks that spread love, pride, respect and inclusion. No gesture is too small to change the world, and we want to change the world from the feet up and when you feel that sense of pride in who you are, then we’ve succeeded.

Why & how you support girls skateboarding?

Rachel:  I love supporting girls in skateboarding because it takes passion, patience and courage to fall and rise back up.

These are all attributes that will continue with them into adulthood and make them strong and amazing women.

How did you find out about Skate Rising and why are you excited?

Rachel:  I found out about Skate Rising via Exposure from Donna Wettstein. We sponsor Bryce Wettstein and they are huge supporters, which naturally made us want to be involved from day 1. We’ve seen it grow each year and it makes our hearts happy to see the involvement in the community and the difference it makes among the girls.

Pride Socks is branded in people taking pride in who they are so they chase and accomplish their dreams. When you are chasing the life you deserve, you naturally ride cloud 9 and become a positive influence for yourself and others to do the same. Within Skate Rising, you see how the girls empower themselves and others and it is so important to us to see the life lessons they are learning, inside and out of the bowl and into their community.

Where are you traveling from?

Rachel:  I am traveling from Austin, TX.

What do you have planned for Skate Rising?

Rachel:  I am planning to help the girls recognize the amazing attributes they have within and how to empower themselves from a daily activity with the use of our magnet set (which we haven’t released yet). People are amazing and we all have unique qualities to contribute to the world.

Do you want to share anything about the Your Story Tab – I really like that section of your website.

Pride Socks is about being proud of who you are so you chase and accomplish your dreams. We show case stories of people’s proudest moments because we feel it is important to celebrate them. Sometimes it takes years to achieve a certain task or over come a fear and when you do, it’s worthy to share and celebrate. More than likely you are not alone and chances are someone else needs to hear your story to give them a little boost to keep moving forward.


You mentioned the magnet set, what else does Pride Socks have and where can people find Pride Socks?

Rachel:  We have expanded our product line, which includes tube, athletic and business/casual socks, vintage styles shirts and hats.

We niche out the rainbow because it symbolizes hope and our hope is you continue to live the life you deserve and chase your dreams.

If you can’t make the event, please shop with us at www.pridesocks.com and when checking out, input skaterising for 20% off.


Thank you Rachel.  I’m excited to hear you speak at Skate Rising – April 8th at Academy Skatepark.

If you’re interested in learning more about Skate RisingEXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, with monthly events in San Diego (2nd Saturday) and Phoenix (3rd Saturday) area, contact the organizer, Calli Kelsay at calli@exposureskate.org

Below just a few of the girls who came out to March 11th event and helped collect books for Casa De Amparo.

In 2017, the SD Skate Rising participants have built over 120 activity kits for Rady Children’s hospital patients, donated items to build 35 complete hygiene kits for the Alpha Project, committed to 65 random acts of kindness, and donated the 200 books to Casa De Amparo. – Calli

To read more posts on Skate Rising  just click here and for sure be following Skate Rising on IG.

Skate Rising Phoenix

11 brand new girls came out to join us at our Phoenix @skaterising event this month! We’re so excited to watch this group of future change makers grow. Not only are they strong, brave, and fearless on their boards, they also have beautiful hearts. We can’t wait to see the acts of kindness they do over the next month. 📷@trishspence67

Skate Rising Phoenix started when Mary, the mother of skatergirl Rylie saw the Skate Rising events in the San Diego area & she knew she wanted to have events like it in her area.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Mary’s been living in Phoenix for almost 14 years.  Mary got involved with skateboarding when her daughter Rylie started skating.  That’s how I met them.

Mary reached out to Calli, who started Skate Rising – EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, and worked with 91 West Skate Park to have an event in January 2017.

Mary loved the event so much that she’s now continuing to volunteer her time & skills to make it a monthly event on the third weekend of the month at 91 West Skate Par from 10am – noon.  I had the chance to ask Mary some questions and get her recap on the February event.

Why do you think skateboarding is good for girls?  Is that why you encourage your daughter & other girls to skate?

Mary:  Skateboarding has been a HUGE confidence builder for my daughter. When she first started going to the skatepark I couldn’t get her to say a word to anyone. She was timid, nervous and unsure of herself. After only 5 months she now has older girls who are like sisters to her. They mentor her and inspire her to push herself. They support her when she falls down and cheer her on when she does something good. She’s learning that behavior and putting it toward encouraging girls younger than her.

The biggest lesson I think she has learned is that you can fall, get back up and try again. We have a lot less drama over something as small as a hang nail now. She’s becoming stronger every month and has the mindset that she can do anything  if she puts her mind to it.

What did you love about the Skate Rising event that made you want to share it?

Mary:  In one word EVERYTHING. Haha. But really, I’ve been trying to teach my daughter the importance of giving back since she was very young. It’s hard with younger kids because a lot of the shelters and organizations that need volunteers don’t allow kids under a certain age. Thinking back to when I was young skateboarders got a bad rap. To see how the sport has evolved and see all the good that is happening in skateboarding, I really wanted to be a part of it. I want to show other parents that skateboarding is an incredible sport for girls and can be safe and fun when you find the right group to do it with. So far the parents have been really impressed with the skaters who volunteer their time. They are amazed at their patience with the girls and how they are able to make even the most nervous girls feel comfortable on their boards. We’ve had coaches who take time off of their jobs to come out and skate with us, which I have a lot of respect for. It shows they care about the future of skateboarding.

above @nealmims helping at a Skate Rising event 

Did the January event get new girls interested in skateboarding?  Way back when Calling all the Skater Girls in Mesa Arizona I wrote this post about a girl who wanted more girls to skateboard in Arizona so I hope more girls are skateboarding in Arizona!

Mary:  Absolutely! I know of 2-3 girls who had never stepped foot on a board before now asking for boards for their birthdays. I’ve seen 2-3 new girls taking trial lessons each week and even coming out to our Girl’s Night open skate session at 91 West.

I think it would be hard to grow the girl skate scene without an event like Skate Rising. It’s just not a sport most parents think to involve their daughters in and many don’t realize it is something you can take a class in.

I think especially for parent’s of girls, particularly dads, it’s a bit intimidating walking into the unknown. The first time I walked into 91 West I was terrified. Had I started her at an event like Skate Rising surrounded by more girls, I think I would have felt much more comfortable. I hope this gives those parents of of those more daring and adventurous girls the comfort they need to allow them to try something new.

above @theprofessoraz helping at a Skate Rising event

What was the response you got from participants at the January event?  

Mary:  The girls who were already skating were so grateful that Exposure allowed us to bring this program to Phoenix. They love seeing new girls skating and making new friends. It’s an incredible group of girls we have at the park. From what I hear, the new girls who have come to Skate Rising go home wanting to live on wheels, even if it means putting on a pair of roller skates if they don’t have a board. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from both parents and kids.

If someone (or organization) wants to be involved with Skate Rising Phoenix do they contact you?

Mary:  They can touch base with me at skaterisingphx@gmail.com

Are the Skate Rising events at 91 West Skate Park in addition to the Wednesday Lady Nights?  

Mary:  Yes! Before we started Skate Rising here in Phoenix we started $5 Ladies Nights to try to inspire other girls to skate. Now we use it to drive even more girls to our monthly Skate Rising events and we’ve seen many girls come out from our first Skate Rising event to join us on Ladies Night.

What happened at the February event?

It was a rainy morning, but we still got 20 girls out to the event, 11 who had not attended last month.

Our topic was spreading kindness and how one act of kindness can make someone’s day, no matter how small it is. We encouraged the girls to go out and do an act of kindness this month and share it on social media to get their name in a drawing for a new skateboard  from Sunset Skateboards with a set of light up wheels. After our talk they wrote their names on leaves to add to our kindness tree to demonstrate how kindness grows.

If the tree looks familiar, it’s because Calli was kind enough to bring it from San Diego to Phoenix.  She & her daughters have made the trip twice to support the Phoenix girls!  (SD February recap)

We had so many generous donors this month who helped us to buy shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap and toothbrushes and toothpaste for the Women at the Phoenix Dream Center. The girls packed hygiene kits which included leggings from Ndulge and a meaningful Living Locket from Origami Owl with a flower charm and a love charm to lift their spirits. The kits will be delivered within the next week to women at Phoenix Dream Center which houses people who are getting back on their feet after different life altering situations.

Thank you Mary for updating us on what happened and for getting these quotes from girls who attended.

“I like doing the service project and especially like skateboarding with other girls who are willing to help me learn new skills.” Laynee P., Phoenix, AZ

“What I like most is dropping in and seeing other girl skaters skate hard like me.” Chloe W., Tolleson, AZ

Be sure to follow Skate Rising on IG for all the latest updates on upcoming events.

above from Skate Rising Phoenix

Where are you having fun skating & who are you sharing skating with?  Hope you share soon because more girls do skate when they see girls having fun skating & getting encouragement.

Skate Rising February 2017 Celebrating Kindness

Skate Rising met on 2/11/2017 at Academy Skate Park in Vista, CA.  Over 60 girls came to skate, contribute to a service project, and find out about Random Acts of Kindness.

Nina, who donates her time to photograph Skate Rising events, introduced the analogy of trees & kindness.  She had all the girls act like a tree to see their roots & trunks keep them anchored and strong while their branches let them reach others.

The girls found out about Random Acts of Kindness Week, which this year is from 2/12 – 2/18, and were challenged to commit at least one act of kindness in the coming week.  They are encouraged to share their acts by tagging #RAKweek2017 #SkateRising #EXPOSURESKATE on social media and come back in March to share what they did as inspiration to encourage everyone to perform  daily acts of kindness.

All acts of kindness – small to huge – can have a rippling effect.  “Kindness is contagious.”  Each girl who wanted to wrote her name on a leaf as her pledge to perform an act of kindness.

With the leaves in place it was time to skate.

The entire Skate Rising event is an act of kindness.  From the volunteer parents above & below doing whatever needs to be done – just two examples.

SkateXS provides loaner boards sized just right for smaller feet.

To the organizer Calli,

sisters Carly & Tabitha,

and Academy Skate Park Staff – like Mike below

you see so many acts of kindness – smiles, hand holding, offers of encouragement!

I love to volunteer at these events because I’m grateful for them.  When I started skating none of this existed.  How refreshing to have an event that promotes kindness and empowerment.

So happy to see girls from outside San Diego come too – like Angela, Stella, Briel, London & Teagan.

Thank You EXPOSURE Skate for having a youth program – Skate Rising.  Huge thanks to Neal Mims for opening the doors to Academy Skate Park – especially appreciated with this Seattle like weather.

All girls who want to share their skate stories & inspire others to try skating are always invited to have a blog post just email or DM me because more girls do skate when the see girls skateboarding & yes sharing your story to encourage others is definitely an act of kindness!

Skate Rising is a free monthly event in the San Diego area.  Held the 2nd Saturday of the month.  To find out more and/or volunteer contact Calli the organizer at calli@exposureskate.org.  This month’s service project benefitted Alpha Project by providing hygiene kits for people that are moving off of the streets and into more permanent housing.   There is also a Skate Rising in Phoenix area held the 3rd Saturday of the month.


Skate Rising Phoenix is Monthly

SKATE RISING IS HAVING MONTHLY EVENTS IN PHOENIX, AZ at 91 West Skatepark! The events will be every third Saturday of the month from 10am-12pm
Help them spread the word!  All girls are welcome & it’s FREE!
Check out this awesome video about Skate Rising created by Austin Urlocker after our very successful Phoenix event!

The January Skate Rising Phoenix event had 27 girls show up and made 50 backpacks full of school supplies for an after school skate program for underprivileged youth called Skate After School.  Every girl at the event committed to stand up to bullying by signing anti-bullying contracts!

 Above pictures from Skate Rising Phoenix IG & below a video by Timothy Ward of Skate After School

Thanks for sharing this awesome update Calli.  Calli Kelsey is the organizer & “force” behind  Skate Rising – EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program for girls – she can be reached at calli@exposureskate.org if you have any questions or want to volunteer.
The original Skate Rising in San Diego area is the 2nd Saturday of the month – below details for February 2017 event.


If you’re in San Diego area, I hope to see you 2/11 at Academy Skate Park.

More girls skateboard when they see stylish girls skating & get encouragement so share your stories too!