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Sarah Johnson Metalsmith Artist at KAABOO

Sarah Johnson is a self-taught metalsmith artist.

photo by Kim Martin

She designs and creates jewelry and has a mobile boutique unit that rolls around central Illinois. I’ll be lucky enough to check her out when she comes to KAABOO September 15-17th.  Until then, here’s more about her & her art!

How were you attracted to metalsmith art & how long have you been doing it?

Sarah:  I started making jewelry at a hobby level about 8 years ago. Through experimenting and finding the need to broaden my skill set, I found a love for working with metal. I taught myself through a ton of trial and error, a few YouTube videos and hours of reading online. I have come a long way from those initial hours with my little butane torch in my basement, and feel comfortable and happy with my skill level now, although I don’t believe I will ever be done learning.

How were you inspired to start share your jewelry by opening a mobile boutique? I absolute love the mobile boutique idea! 

Sarah:  The mobile boutique was born out of necessity. I have always done a ton of markets and shows to sell my jewelry. Unfortunately for me, I live in the midwest and most of those shows that are close by are limited to May-October due to weather.

Every year I went through a bit of brainstorming about how to sell in those off months. I have a website and have dabbled in Etsy, but I crave the face to face interaction with my customers. My husband and I looked at opening a brick and mortar store, but found it to be a huge financial risk. I had been traveling in Chicago and saw a ton of mobile clothing boutiques and thought, “why not jewelry??” From there it was a matter of finding the right truck, rehabbing it and getting it on the road.

How often do you do mobile shows?

Sarah:  I fell in love with a 1973 Winnebago Brave and we launched it in April of this year. I take the ‘Bago’ out about twice a month, more or less, and so far it has been really well received!

Is the mobile boutique coming to KAABOO?

Sarah:  I will not, however, be making the 30+ hour drive to Del Mar in the Bago. If for nothing else, to spare my nerves of that long of a drive with a vintage vehicle.

Your website is called Brazen Jewelry – what’s the meaning behind the name?

Sarah:  I went through some re-branding about 2 years ago when I made the decision to make this jewelry gig a full time job. I was searching for a name for my business that would exude my style and look before even seeing a piece from my collection. I started looking in a thesaurus at words that I wanted my brand to be know for. Bold, strong, different, edgy were a few and among the synonyms, brazen kept popping up. I mulled it over for a minute and it just felt right!

Each piece is hand sketched, designed, cut & finished by hand will you be demonstrating the process at KAABOO – making pieces?

Sarah:  I will not be demonstrating my craft at KAABOO. There are so many tools, steps and parts to my process, not to mention it is dirty and almost always requires a torch!! Its not the best thing to try and travel doing.

How do you decide which pieces are created and offered multiple times on your site? Will you be bringing all the pieces from your site to KAABOO or will it be a surprise?

Sarah:  The design process has always been a little different for me. I used to just make whatever I felt like and almost always only made one of everything. Over the coarse of developing a brand, I have changed my process a bit and now I try to design a whole line. Pieces that jive together and speak to my brand.

My website is stocked with pieces I have on hand or things that are easily repeated, i.e. not one of a kind pieces. I also use my website for wholesale purposes and kind of a sampling of my work. Pieces that are listed in multiples are usually pieces that sell well, have been popular, or have been requested often enough to make multiples.

So while I will be bringing most of the things on my website with me, I will also have a ton of new pieces made specifically for KAABOO as well as one of a kind pieces that have never been listed on my website.

custom Elephant – can’t wait to see what custom pieces come to KAABOO

Thank you Sarah – I realize you’re super busy and appreciate you taking the time to share with us your passion which is now your job! Check out all of Sarah’s art on her IG & website.

KAABOO 2017 starts today – Friday, September 15th & goes thru Sunday September 17th.  KAABOO come see Sarah & all the other artists – the line up is incredible.

To see the full 2017 Line Up click here.  To see my 2016 recap click here.  For apps to keep you up to date on schedules

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Thankful to all the artists featured on my blog posts leading up to KAABOO 2017.  They were girls following their passions and willing to inspire other girls to do the same – which is always in style on & off the board!

XOXO skatingfashionista


Paul Mitchell the School San Diego Back at KAABOO

KAABOO Indulgences is your spa & relaxation zone while at KAABOO September 15-17th. For the third year Paul Mitchell the School San Diego will be participating.

I was lucky enough to become friends with them last year, so here’s the scoop from Pamela Heal, Social Media Specialist of PMTSSD, to find out what style & fun they have planned for this year!


In 2015, you offered a braid bar and in 2016 you added services. What are all the services you’ll be offering this year?

Pamela:  We love bringing our famous Braid Bar to Kaaboo! We’ll also be offering makeup services and styling. Our Future Professionals are sensational makeup artists, as you can see on our instagram @paulmitchelltheschoolsandiego

The services are performed by Future Professionals, your students. How do you select the students that come? I’d imagine everyone would be dying to come!

Pamela:  Oh, they are dying! Our attendees are selected based on grades, attendance, and visionary attitudes. We bring the best of our best to ensure our guests at KAABOO are feeling their best when they leave our showcase.

Where will you be located at KAABOO and what hours will you be open? Can people make appointments?

Pamela:  We will be located in the Indulgences Lounge again this year and will be taking appointments!

Paul Mitchell lives by “Success unshared is failure.” #givingismystyle is totally represented by the school as the students donate their time, talent, and energy to multiple SD charities will the school be doing any charity work at KAABOO? 

Pamela:  We will be collecting donations for Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Bright Pink!, a Breast Cancer Awareness foundation.

What else would you like to share about why you partner with KAABOO and keep coming back?

Pamela:  KAABOO is a thrilling lifestyle event for San Diego to host right in our backyard: from the musical guests to the incredible variety of vendors that offer the best experience to its festival-goers, we’re grateful to have been involved with KAABOO since its inception. Not only is it a unique opportunity for our Future Professionals to network and share their skills, it’s a great way to celebrate San Diego and share with our community what Paul Mitchell is all about!

Thanks Pamela! Not able to make it to KAABOO or just can’t wait to check out the services offered by Paul Mitchell the School San Diego? If you’re in the SD area you don’t have to wait. The school is located downtown at 410 A Street Building in SD.

I’ve been there multiple times and loved every visit. You can visit 6 days a week just click here to see their hours & services. It’s also that time of year for classes to start so if you’re thinking about Cosmetology, Barbering, Make Up courses now is the time to check them out.

KAABOO 2017 is coming up fast September 15 – 17th.  KAABOO features:

world-class music, hilarious comedy, incredible cuisine, craft libations, inspiring contemporary art, and personal indulgences

To see the full 2017 Line Up click here.  To see my 2016 recap click here.  For apps to keep you up to date on schedules

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Link to the KAABOO app page

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board & yes skateboarding like the rest of life is more fun when you love your hair!