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31 Bits Fashion for Good a Find from KAABOO


31 Bits is a unique line of jewelry made out of 100% recycled paper by women in Northern Uganda. I found out about them because of their participation at KAABOO.


Started by 5 college friends who wanted to make a difference in the world, 31 Bits has grown from selling at school events, craft fairs, and home parties to be available to a much larger audience.

I had the opportunity to ask Lisa from 31 Bits some questions.

SF: In the five years that 31 Bits has been around how have the pieces evolved?

Lisa: 31 Bits has grown so much since we first began! We started with the more traditional multi colored beads and single strands (which are still well-loved and part of our classics collection!) and we evolved into incorporating more trends and creating new bead shapes and designs. I am always amazed to see what our women can do with paper!


above the original design

SF: I read that each woman who participates in Uganda receive health education, finance training, counseling, and business training. So she’s earning money and an education. How do you do this? Do you have a school set up? Is there an application process for the participants? Is it a program i.e. duration 12 months or ???

Lisa: There is an application for our women and it has become very competitive in Gulu, where we are located. A lady goes through our program for 5 years before graduating. Each year she receives new training and is able to save and set aside money through our banking system. We work with their skill set and train them in jewelry making. To maintain transparency, we negotiate a fair price for each piece, factoring the complexity, materials, and time involved in the making. We purchase a set amount of jewelry from each beneficiary each month so they know exactly how much they will be earning. This monthly wage enables them to provide housing, food, and healthcare for themselves and their families, and even gives them a chance to save for future business endeavors.

Profits generated through jewelry sales are invested back into the company for operations, purchasing more jewelry, and developing programs for the beneficiaries such as English lessons, finance training, and vocational training. For even more information, please visit our website: http://31bits.com/ about/. We are not a non-profit. We operate with a business model that allows us to invest more back into our programs for our women in Uganda.

For information on our graduates, please visit our blog and look up the hashtag #beyondbits.  


All of our graduates are fully self sustainable and have started their own businesses. We provide follow up support through our community and are always accessible to our graduates.


click the picture above to go direct to one of the graduates stories

Before 31 Bits, Rose was making money by digging holes. Her family lived in a small hut with no beds – just a mat to sleep on. Since being employed by 31 Bits, Rose has not only purchased land, but constructed a 3 bedroom house for her and her family!

SF: The 31 Bits team – are they all full time? Or is this volunteer work for the team here in the USA?

Lisa: We have 8 full time staff at our U.S. HQ, including our founders, and we work with a group of 3-4 incredible interns each semester and often have volunteers for special projects.

SF: Shopping on-line is available, where else can people find your jewelry? Is it available world-wide?

Lisa: You can definitely find the most selection on our website and we ship internationally! Additionally we partner with over 300 retailers across the U.S. and Canada. We are sold primarily in boutiques, but there are larger stores who carry us too – including Nordstrom’s website! You can find a location near you by providing your zip code here


SF: What did you like about being at KAABOO? Did you bring your entire collection or favorite pieces? Speaking of favorite pieces what are your 3 favorite and why?

Lisa:  We loved being at Kaaboo! It was such a fun new experience for us and we loved sharing our story with new people! We brought 20 of our favorite styles, including some of our newest Fall collection as well as our most loved Classics.


My current favorites are the Urban Knot necklace from our fall collection, the Coastal Collar from our summer collection, and the Sunlit Eden bracelet from our summer collection.


They all make their own statement and are so easy to throw on to complete an outfit. The bracelet has especially become a staple that I wear with my watch everyday!

Thank you so much Lisa.  I’m a skateboarder, fashionista, blogger, and I love to see when people’s passions help others.  Since I started this post there’s been a big announcement:


Below 31Bits new Charm Collection featuring an 18K gold-plated charm, handmade by Javanese artisans in Bali. And a dainty paper bead made by artisans in Uganda!

From a unicorn to a peacock, each charm has a special meaning!


This weekend only (10/21-10/23) when you check out 31bits.com you Get 20% off EVERYTHING with the code WELOVEYOU!


I believe people both learn & are inspired by the stories they hear and then share.

Please share the story of 31Bits and if you’re looking for a fun & fashionable way to shop this holiday season, think about hosting a house party where you share the story of change & empowerment.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board & Happy Weekend!








KAABOO 2016 with the Skatingfashionista & Friends

What’s KAABOO3 days in Del Mar of Music, Comedy, Art, Food,  & Indulgences.  This was KAABOO‘s second year and in addition to huge musical acts like Fall Out Boy, The Chainsmokers, Aerosmith, and Jack Johnson there were amazing opportunities to just relax and be pampered.



You know it’s going to be a big event, when you see the signs on the freeway.  I went last year and it was big – this year was bigger.  Saturday single day passes SOLD OUT.  How could it not sell out when Aerosmith & The Chainsmokers were both on stage?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Let’s see some of the Music highlights.  For me what makes the concerts special is the music & the vibe.  I’m sharing pictures that captured the vibe – which was fun –  dancing & singing along every stage you went to.  And huge shout out to all my fellow festival goers who captured & shared their shots.  I go to tons of events & the crowd at KAABOO was fabulous!!!


map from the KAABOO guide – nice guide that helped you navigate the 8  stages – see bottom of post for the line ups & the KAABOO app was super helpful & easy to use


Sugar Ray is captured above by Kelly – that crowd was at 3ish in the afternoon – KAABOO was big & this years weather was perfect!


Nelson saw Echosmith kill it – and that dress, I love it


Caylee found Grouplove on Friday


Above Agustino shares a shot of “Margaritaville”.   KAABOO had Jimmy Buffett on the Sunset Cliffs Stage while Fall Out Boy was on the Grandview Stage.  So many choices at KAABOO & no way to go wrong.  Below a close up of the Jimmy Buffett stage from Rebecca


Below up close with Jimmy Buffett thanks to the photography of Jenny Martinez



above my view from Fall Out Boy on Friday – yes the Grandview Stage on Friday went from Sugar Ray to Echosmith to Grouplove to Fall Out Boy = amazing

also amazing on stage with Fall Out Boy – “The Dancing Fire lights it up with Fall Out Boy! Fire, Aerial, & Pyrotechnics!”


Harry shares the fireworks from Fall Out Boy



lucky for us, on Friday ISH kept his eye on the Sunset Cliffs stage and saw Hall & Oats then on Saturday ISH had us covered for this shot of Lenny Kravitz


And Danielle shows us how popular Lenny is



If a close up shot of Lenny is what you’re looking for – Memo has you!  Before Lenny on the Sunset Cliffs Stage was Third Eye Blind – which Memo also captured beautifully.



Sophia spent part of Saturday with the Goo Goo Dolls, above at the Trestles Stage, while Hao was at the Grandview Stage first to help Flo Rida celebrate his birthday (picture below) and then


for the Chainsmokers (picture below) & if you think Hao’s photo is rad you’re not alone the Chainsmokers themselves liked it on IG.


Hao IG is pretty amazing as he also had time to catch some Lenny Kravitz & Goo Goo Dolls so on Saturday night he was at Sunset Cliffs, Grandview & Trestles stages.


Before we leave the ChainsmokersAngela above was loving the “100% Crowd Participation”   KAABOO really was such a fun crowd!

below Arturo captured the Chainsmokers set design


Yes, I think Andrew from the Chainsmokers winked at me so I might have looked for lots of their rad photos.


Rockin Ryan, who is a published photographer, shares this incredible shot, above of The Struts on Saturday early afternoon on the Sunset Cliffs stage and below Rockin Ryan’s amazing shot of The Shelters


Frank captured this up close photo of Luke Spiller of The Struts


Also on Saturday the iconic Aerosmith on the Sunset Cliffs Stage as captured by ISH. 


Below just one of the amazing shots captured by Micah Wright – photographer with Getty & Lonely Planet


Saturday late night Steve Aoki enjoyed by Kayte Bataille – love to see the “hands in the air”


Still more – here comes Sunday . . .


Jessica captured this incredible shot of The Avett Brothers on Sunday early evening


while I got a  shot of Cypress Hill on the Grandview Stage above and Cold War Kids on Trestles below

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Sunday – Rebulution with Michelle Burke. 


Thank you again to all the contributors – there were truly so many shows across so many stages that there’s no way I could have shared highlights of this many shows without everyone’s willingness to share photos.  Takes a village to cover a festival this big!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset


and shutting it down with Jack Johnson on Sunday photos by me & then Olivia Doan.


Jenny Martinez Photos captured so many wonderful photos including Dana Carvey and Jeff Ross on Friday



“Jeff Ross the Roast Master General!  This guy killed it on stage super hilarious!  Must see next time he’s in your town!”  Jenny Martinez


Anitra from the Non-Profit  Americana Nueva that focuses on GENDER EQUALITY, AND SOCIAL JUSTICE in business, family, and beyond captured this shot of Vaness Bayer on Saturday & be following Anitra on IG because soon she’ll be posting more including Sarah Silverman.


on Sunday ISH laughed with Cheech & Chong – thanks ISH for having awesome pictures all 3 days


There was art done in advance and art done live.  And yes art for sale.  Here are just a few of the amazing works.


“Leviathan” by Brett Crawford


“Lucid Dream, Reflections on Ocean” by NC Winters


“Going Down the Rabbit Hole” by LOLO – click picture for a video

Arbor Skateboards, if you’re reading this KAABOO is a rad place to find artists for future board series.

Oh – there was interactive art too- I’m loving all the pictures I’m seeing of festival goers with Taped Metal Canvas


as far as walking art, Alex saw Glassman or is it Mr. Glass


for more art see my post on Art at KAABOO interview with Aaron Glasson, Creative Director PangeaSeed


There was a lot of food and I’m not talking “wizard fingers” – you know the hot dogs you might find at other festivals.  KAABOO is about the grab-n-go gourmet.  You could find it at Posh Nosh, on the boulevard, and at the stages – Sunset Cliffs Stage, Trestles Stage, Grandview Stage, Palate Stage & Encore.  Food was abundant & delicious.

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-2-46-32-pmGourmet S’Mores by Mallow Mallow in Posh Nosh

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-3-17-05-pmMilkshake Shenanigans from The Milk Bar in North Park after all cookies + milk + beer make the world go round


A returning favorite for me – Paul Mitchell.  Keeping a festival look going for 3 days can be hard – Paul Mitchell had me & everyone else covered.  Yes get your hair & makeup done or redone right at the festival.


Above my Step 1 on KAABOO arrival go direct to Paul Mitchell.   For more on the school see my post & their site.

A new favorite Savvi Jewels.  What better place to start wearing your headband & embrace your inner princess than a festival?  I did say start because once you’ve found your inner princess – treasure her & take her out!


The best find of KAABOO for me was My_Wraps Wraps Wristband Headphones – Anti-Tangle Storage with Superior Sound. #wearyoursound with style. They don’t just look great they sound great too!

When function & fashion unite – Super Powers Activated – I love these headphones & don’t know how I lived without them.



The best part of any event to me is the memories with friends.  These are a friendship pictures that I just had to share.


Murphi Kennedy, resident DJ at the Omnia SD had fun working & with friends – win-win!


The week after KAABOO, Mark is ready to go back!


The Real O Marruiz had a blast with his squad


Erin with her friend Jamie because “Sometimes you need a hand from a bestie!”


Shaiden came back to San Diego for KAABOO!   I’m from San Diego are but I’d say KAABOO is worth traveling for.


Donovan with “Da Boyz” & me below with just some of Da Girlz – oh yes we be wearing glitter

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Yes, there was more.  A KAABOO Charity Poker Tournament on Friday & Saturday 10:30pm.  You played with pros – Phil Hellmuth, Maria Ho, and Mark Kroon with the YMCA benefiting on Friday and Voices for the Children benefiting Saturday.  Who says you can’t have fun & help others?

KAABOO believes “that local charitable organizations have the ability to affect major change in a community.  With that in mind, we have focused our partnership and giving efforts in the San Diego Area.  One dollar of every pass sold by KAABOO will be distributed among our four title sharity partners through our charitable giving program:  KINDNESS.”

Yup, I read the KAABOO Guide.  See page 31 for all the details on how KAABOO supports San Diego Community.  The 4 charities for 2016:  YMCA – Military Support, San Diego Foundation of Music – music & arts education programs, Voice of the Children – helping foster children, and Surfrider – protecting the environment.

You know what was missing?  Porta Potties & I say hallelujah for flushing potties & bathrooms with mirrors.  Nothing says style like running water.

If you have something to share from KAABOO – share it – one of the many beauties of blog writing – it’s easy to update.  My e-mail is easy to find on my skatingfashionista IG bio.


Now what – it’s time to get ready for next year – who’s with me???













































































































Kettle Potato Chips at KAABOO

I love potato chips, so I was excited that Kettle Brand Potato Chips was at KAABOO last year and thrilled they are coming back.

Here’s the inside scoop from Rachel Kravitz’s their Field Manager.


SF:  Why is Kettle Brand excited to come back?

Rachel:  We love the vibe of the festival – everyone is having fun, enjoying music and art. What better time to enjoy the best tasting natural chip around!

SF:  Where can people find you at KAABOO and after?

During the festival, people can look for the Kettle Brand booth on Kaaboolevard between the “Palate/Artwork” and the “Humor Me” pavilions.

Keep an eye out for people wearing Kettle Brand shirts throughout the venue.

You can also keep an eye on what we’re up to on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @KettleBrand, and we also just joined Snapchat, so add us there!

thanks Rachel!

my favorite – Sea Salt – if you see me at KAABOO make sure to tell me yours


I’m the skatingfashionista and I approve eating Kettle Potato Chips as stylish on & off the board!



L’Duex a Stylish Accessory On & Off the Skateboard

When you have long hair it’s inevitable that it can get in the way.  My hair has been known to get in my way when I’m skateboarding so I wear a rubber band on my wrist to be prepared.

It’s time to say goodbye to the rubber band.


The bracelets above double as hair ties.  Vickie Adamson, who worked as a Fashion Designer and Merchandiser saw the need and created L’DUEX.

Girls with long hair on skateboards, at the gym, running errands, doing homework, etc. appreciate being able to make a pony tail and who doesn’t love a bobble?

SF:  Is this your first year at KAABOO?  Can people find you in the Indulgences section?

Vickie:  Yes and Yes

SF:  How many styles do you currently have and will they all be on display at KAABOO?

Vickie:  Currently about 100, but as a designer by nature, always adding new ones!  We will have most of styles…plus a surprise addition!!!


SF:  When will your on-line shop be open?  Until then how does someone find out the nearest spa L’Duex is sold at?

Vickie:  As we just relaunched our website we will be getting online ASAP.  We can be contacted directly until on line store is ready vickie@lduex.com.

We retail at nearly 200 resort spas internationally (locally Montage & Balboa Bay Club). 


Thanks Vickie.  I look forward to meeting you at KAABOO so I can  see & try the bands in person.  I love how you saw a need, got creative and now have a beautiful product to sell.   As your IG bio says L’DUEX is a niche line & untapped market of beautiful ARM CANDY BRACELETS that double as HAIR TIES!

Vickie is a Girl Boss!  I hope she inspires all of us to solve our problems with style on & off the board.


KAABOO is 3 days of music, comedy, gourmet cuisine, craft libations, contemporary art, and personal indulgences.

I wanted to know more about the art.  And when I saw that Aaron Glasson one of the contributing artists had just completed a mural in Leucadia – I decided that’s where I’d start.  I live in Cardiff which with Leucadia makes up Encinitas.

Aaron is one of the featured mural & sculpture artists that will be featured at KAABOO.  For a complete list of all artists, exhibiting galleries, & exhibiting artists https://www.kaaboodelmar.com/the-experience/artwork/


the Fearless Garden by Aaron Glasson

When Aaron did his Instagram takeover for KAABOO he “challenged” readers to mural hunt because many of the artists at KAABOO have murals close by the festival.  I’m accepting that challenge so look for posts on what I find and for sure tag me when you find some.

Before I interviewed Aaron I did some snooping on his web page http://aaronglasson.com/


So going in I knew he was from New Zealand and now lives in San Diego.   His work is autobiographical, inspired by his life, life encountered and the sometimes inexplicable nature of being. Exploring the coexistence of the unseen and the observed.

Aaron is also the creative director of PangeaSeed, an international organization collaborating with members of the art, science, and environmental activist communities to raise awareness and education surrounding the conservation and preservation threatened marine species and ecosystems. 

SF:  This is KAABOO’s second year – is it also your second year or your first with KAABOO?

AG:  It’s my second year working with KAABOO.

SF:  What excites you about working on KAABOO?  What makes it unique?

AG:  It’s  a very eclectic mix of music, art, and comedy that brings such a diverse crowd which is cool.

Amanda Lynn curates the art and does an amazing job bringing unique art and installations into the festival. I’m excited to see what all the other artists create this year.


SF:  Above a fun & educational art installation that Aaron did with  Celeste Byers for PangeaSeedSurfrider.  It will be at KAABOO with Sea Walls.  What are Sea Walls?  

AG:  Sea Walls is a project I’ve been working on with PangeaSeed for a few years now. We put together large scale mural projects and public art installations that educate and raise awareness about pressing ocean issues that everyone should know about.

KAABOO has been very supportive of the project the last two years, contributing much needed artists, funding, supplies and ideas. We collaborate a lot, and it’s great! They’ll be three Sea Walls installations this year at KAABOO.

SF:  What’s the best way to get clues on finding those murals in the area?

AG:  Follow your instincts, ask around and stalk the artists instagrams. 

Thank you Aaron for sharing with the blog.  I’m excited to see all the art and hope to skate to the Fearless Garden soon.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs at KAABOO

Screen shot 2016-09-06 at 11.28.19 AM

KAABOO is coming up quick so I’m making last minute preparations of what to bring and who to check out.  One of the sponsors Eargasm was new to me – so I had to check them out & this is what I found when I checked in with Ryan from Eargasm.

Screen shot 2016-09-06 at 11.30.27 AM

Eargasm above with Arnett Credentials wrist band 

SF:  You’re new to KAABOO – what made you want to be a part of it? Perhaps you attended last year?

Ryan:  Yes, this is our first year doing the festival. We wanted to be part of this great event because we wanted to get the word out there that earplugs don’t have to be lame! People often associate wearing earplugs at a concert to be burdensome rather than beneficial, but we are trying to change that perception. 

SF:  Why is ear/sound protection important?   So many think louder is better.  The line up of music for KAABOO:

Screen shot 2016-09-06 at 11.43.17 AM

Ryan:  When you hear ringing in your ears after a show, that is because sound-sensitive cells in your ear have been damaged. Your ears will usually recover from the ringing in a day or two and you might think that all is back to normal, but that is unfortunately not true. Repeated exposure to loud noise can result in permanent hearing loss and a persistent ringing sound called tinnitus. Our earplugs help reduce the chance of long term hearing damage and also help prevent the ringing you hear immediately after a concert.

SF:  What’s revolutionary about your product?

Ryan:  Normal foam earplugs muffle sound and block so much noise out that it ruins the experience of listening to live music.

Our earplugs use a special attenuation filter that reduce noise evenly while maintaining the full spectrum of sound. It’s as if you have you ability turn the volume knob on noise around you from a 10 down to a 5 or 6. Everything sounds the same as you normally hear it, just at a lower volume!

Additionally, our earplugs are very discreet and for most users they do not stick out of your ear. No one will even know you’re wearing them! However, if someone does happen to catch a glimpse of them, we don’t think you’ll be that embarrassed to show them off since they have a pretty awesome design.

SF:  Where can Eargasm be found at KAABOO & before?

Ryan:  Our booth at KAABOO will be on the KAABOOLEVARD. We will be giving away free snow cones and have our earplugs available for purchase!

On line you can order Eargasm at their website or on Amazon.com

Screen shot 2016-09-06 at 11.45.37 AM

To check out Eargasm further follow them on IG.  And be looking for my KAABOO wrap up post to read how I liked mine.

Screen shot 2016-09-06 at 11.50.17 AM


Four Weeks to KAABOO Del Mar

Four weeks to KAABOO Del Mar it’s time to get serious about planning.

Screen shot 2016-08-18 at 6.21.50 PM

If you don’t have your tickets – get them now – there’s 1 day and 3 day passes.  I’m so excited to say I’ll be there all 3 days – because choosing between all the artists would have been too hard.

Screen shot 2016-08-18 at 6.24.50 PM

What to wear?  I’ve been working in the background and will be posting updates on my tips.  For sure you’ll see me there in Articles of Society & Adidas but 3 days room for dresses & sandals?

jeans and adidas

picture TooPretty

Who to go with – there will be plenty of parking but it’s always more fun to go with & hang with your squad.

As you make your plans – share them because I want to know why you’re excited to go & hope to meet up with tons of you.