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Practice Nuxology Both On & Off the Skateboard

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I found out about Nux USA from my mom.  She handed me a business card where the job description said In-House Sales Diva and said “You two might have some things in common.”  I was intrigued so I investigated – the following is what I learned from Christina Jones – the In-House Sales Diva herself and Malek S. Neman founder & CEO of Nux – activewear for inspired living.

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SF:  I love Nuxology – who came up with that and was it before or after the clothes?

MSN:  I have always been a “seeker”.  Along the way, in my life as a seeker, I have learned many things from masters, teachers, wise friends and my travels.  NUXOLOGY is an blend of such learnings that I try to apply to my life and that I think applies to our work.

SF:  What’s your role and how long have you been there?

MSN:  I am the CEO of NUX and started the company in 2007.

SF:  At NUX, we measure our success by the inspiration we are able to
evoke.  I loved reading that on the webpage.   How do you hear back from customers success & how do you share that?

MSN:  We  have open social media channels of communication (such as Instagram and facebook), where people tag us wearing our clothing, hashtag NUX or NUXUSA, or send us pictures of themselves working out in our clothing.   We are always trying to improve on our communication.

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SF:  Compression – what kind of compression would you recommend for skateboarding?  What kind is the one I liked based on looks?  

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MSN:  The V Crop Pant is Moderate Compression, which is
great for higher impact activities;   compression holds you in, and helps blood flow and perhaps is even more protective in case of a fall.   A moderate compression piece would work well for skateboarding.

SF:  Does compression lead to better performance and/or less

MSN:  There are many compression products on the market for runners and cyclers … compression leg sleeves, compression arm sleeves,  etc.  The benefits of these pieces are well documented. We at NUX offer beautiful articles of clothing with a built in compression. So it is fashionable and functional.

SF:  Do you think wearing a compression top helps core strength?  And if so why?  I guess I’m wondering if it makes it harder to move but easier to be straight.

MSN:  I am not sure about core strength, but we have received e-mails from customers with back problems telling us that the compression tops help with their back problems.

 SF:  Your offices are in LA area is that where clothes are made to or
what city/state?

MSN:  We make everything  with love in Los Angeles, California!

I appreciate Nux taking the time to answer my questions and I do recommend active wear for skateboarding because it is fashionable and functional.

It is true that you don’t see a lot of active wear clothing at the skatepark.  There was a time when you didn’t see girls at the skatepark either.

So why do I think active wear has a place at the skatepark?  I believe in smart material – material that wicks sweat so you feel dry – that’s smart.  Material that improves circulation and can lessen back pain – that’s smart. Material that doesn’t split when you move while skateboarding – that’s at least helpful if not smart!

And above all – I believe in options.  Sometimes I want to wear jeans, or skirts, or active wear, or . . . . I’m going to wear it because I want to & can.  There is no skateboarding uniform – wear what you want & wear it well.

Do you have something to recommend while skateboarding?  Send me a picture and your story – because more girls do skateboard as they see girls having fun skateboarding & staying true to their style.

Too Pretty for What???

Girls often get mixed messages – messages to be strong and messages to be pretty.   Cary Williams got those message and did something about it – she said it’s not either or – a girl can be strong and pretty at the same time.

Cary, a former Olympic style boxer, now owns several California boxing clubs, coaches at her club in Santa Monica, CA, and started and runs Too Pretty Brand.

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As the skatingfashionista I wanted to know more so here’s what I found out from Cary.

SF: Originally your brand was “Never Too Pretty To Hit Like a Boy” when did you decide to expand to other sports? 

The idea to reach out to other sports came from the simple idea that girls “hit” lots of things in a lot of sports, not just boxing. I starting thinking about girls hitting balls in soft ball, volleyball, tennis and many more. This led me to expand the idea of the brand to reach all girls/women in everything they do with strength, determination and grace.

SF: Is Too Pretty a non-profit? I love how you give back to the community and support athletes and teams – do you have a favorite success story to share?

I have created a couple of non profits in the boxing world and that is the idea I have for Too Pretty.

But with Too Pretty we need to generate revenue in order to give a percentage of that to support all of our sisters out there! We currently do small sponsorships for some young athletes but the goal is to do that on a larger scale. The biggest goal I have for the brand is to create a movement to allow all young girls and women to feel like they can do anything they put their mind to no matter what anyone expects!

SF: Too Pretty has a shop – I love when you’re able to combine passions like sport, fashion, and charity.

And I love that your clothes let others show what they believe – that girls can be strong & pretty. I think clothes like these start positive vibes that can lead to real change.

I’m torn between Shred Like a Boy & Too Pretty? Never. I’d have to go Too Pretty? Never as my favorite because you never know what you’ll try next and I want girls to believe they can try anything.

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What’s your favorite message current, past, or coming? And where can people get these shirts on the website & ???

My past favorite was “hit” like a boy because that was where the brand started, my current favorite is “be a boss” because it encompasses so much more than one sport or activity.

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There will be a new “crush it” line coming out before Christmas which may become my new favorite because it is a bit more aggressive!

The online store at www.tooprettybrand..com has all of the gear and we will be adding some new lines such as “sweat” and “crush it” along with a vintage print. Items will include long sleeved dolman tops, hoodies, sweatpants, beannies and fanny packs!

SF: Do you skateboard or want to try skateboarding – if so where & when are we meeting up?

I actually owned a very small pink skateboard when I was a youngster. I loved that little pink board! Of course, I was the only girl I knew that even had one. I was surprised they made a pink one!

Problem was when I was growing up there weren’t any skate parks and I grew up in the “hood” so there were no empty swimming pools to shred in!

Hope everyone enjoyed this post  – I am always excited to find girls doing & being the rad – please keep sharing where you get inspiration to keep it stylish on & off the board. More girls skate when they see girls skateboarding and all girls are stronger when we support each other!

& oh yes – I’m going to bug Cary to find that little pink board or just get a new one – too keep up with Too Pretty on Instagram just click here.

Want to win some Too Pretty Gear?  Be at EXPOSURE Skate November 7, 2015 Encinitas CA – Too Pretty Gear is a proud sponsor!