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KAABOO is 3 days of music, comedy, gourmet cuisine, craft libations, contemporary art, and personal indulgences.

I wanted to know more about the art.  And when I saw that Aaron Glasson one of the contributing artists had just completed a mural in Leucadia – I decided that’s where I’d start.  I live in Cardiff which with Leucadia makes up Encinitas.

Aaron is one of the featured mural & sculpture artists that will be featured at KAABOO.  For a complete list of all artists, exhibiting galleries, & exhibiting artists https://www.kaaboodelmar.com/the-experience/artwork/


the Fearless Garden by Aaron Glasson

When Aaron did his Instagram takeover for KAABOO he “challenged” readers to mural hunt because many of the artists at KAABOO have murals close by the festival.  I’m accepting that challenge so look for posts on what I find and for sure tag me when you find some.

Before I interviewed Aaron I did some snooping on his web page http://aaronglasson.com/


So going in I knew he was from New Zealand and now lives in San Diego.   His work is autobiographical, inspired by his life, life encountered and the sometimes inexplicable nature of being. Exploring the coexistence of the unseen and the observed.

Aaron is also the creative director of PangeaSeed, an international organization collaborating with members of the art, science, and environmental activist communities to raise awareness and education surrounding the conservation and preservation threatened marine species and ecosystems. 

SF:  This is KAABOO’s second year – is it also your second year or your first with KAABOO?

AG:  It’s my second year working with KAABOO.

SF:  What excites you about working on KAABOO?  What makes it unique?

AG:  It’s  a very eclectic mix of music, art, and comedy that brings such a diverse crowd which is cool.

Amanda Lynn curates the art and does an amazing job bringing unique art and installations into the festival. I’m excited to see what all the other artists create this year.


SF:  Above a fun & educational art installation that Aaron did with  Celeste Byers for PangeaSeedSurfrider.  It will be at KAABOO with Sea Walls.  What are Sea Walls?  

AG:  Sea Walls is a project I’ve been working on with PangeaSeed for a few years now. We put together large scale mural projects and public art installations that educate and raise awareness about pressing ocean issues that everyone should know about.

KAABOO has been very supportive of the project the last two years, contributing much needed artists, funding, supplies and ideas. We collaborate a lot, and it’s great! They’ll be three Sea Walls installations this year at KAABOO.

SF:  What’s the best way to get clues on finding those murals in the area?

AG:  Follow your instincts, ask around and stalk the artists instagrams. 

Thank you Aaron for sharing with the blog.  I’m excited to see all the art and hope to skate to the Fearless Garden soon.

How Skateboarding Helped Me

If you want to do something, then do it. If it requires you learning an entirely new craft, learn it. Take the time to push yourself.

Growing up, if I ever failed something, or fell down, or wasn’t an expert on the first try, I would immediately abandon ship. Skating was the first thing in my life that I actually challenged myself to learn and complete, and because of that, I complete so many super important things and it makes me feel fulfilled.

When I started learning how to board, I couldn’t balance on one leg on flat ground if my life depended on it. But I didn’t give up, and I didn’t let mental or physical barriers stop me. I learned to finish what I start, and learned a skill that makes me look badass.

It’s okay to be scared. Just be scared, and do it anyway. You have nothing to lose if you think about it.  – Catie

Screen shot 2016-01-02 at 1.45.03 PM

Why do you skateboard or how has skateboarding helped you?  The stories of why you love skateboarding and how you are having fun & growing as a person – that’s what inspires other girls to skate.

xoxo – skatingfashionista

Missing Girls Art Project


MISSING is a public art project started by Leena Kejriwal in India.

Black silhouettes of a young girl have been painted all over Indian cites to represent dark holes into which millions of girls disappear. It’s estimated that global trafficking has 27 million people and millions of that are children. This is horrible and way too many people don’t know about it.

MISSING or #missingirls is bringing awareness about sex trafficking in hopes people will step out to see it ended.
I found out about #missingirls at the beginning of this year and thought it was such a great idea that I made a stencil and painted it on my skateboard. I actually told my mom that some day I was going to work for and help these people, and then one month later, I was asked to be the USA ambassador. I’ve painted the stencil on other peoples skateboards at a few local skateparks and am really stoked about how much everyone gets excited about it. We also have been working towards painting it at churches and local business. I am so grateful to Aura Skateboarding and Training Facility for showing so much support and being the first place that the Missingirls stencil has been painted here in the USA!   They also have done half price admission days for anyone who get the Missingirl stencil painted on their skateboard.
In the past 3 months we’ve been able to paint the Missingirl stencil on over 30 boards! But sadly Sex trafficking isn’t the only kind of trafficking, labor trafficking is a huge part of human slavery and there are things YOU can do to help us end it! Look for the Fair Trade label. Buying fair trade chocolate, coffee, rice, clothing, soccer balls and many other items does make a Huge impact on ending trafficking. Where we put our money really does make a impact!
Also if you would like to put the Missingirl stencil on your skateboard or business or anywhere you know you can, I will email you the stencil PDF so you can make your own!
Please keep the trafficked girls and everyone who is trafficked in your thoughts and prayers!
15yrs old, Vista CA

Thank you Carly for writing this blog post & everything else you do to help Missing Girls.

Don’t be shy – if you’re a skater any board/skates and doing something rad  – share it – skatingfashionistas aren’t just skateboarders or girls – they are people who keep it stylish on & off the board.

Yes – more girls skate when they see girls skateboarding AND more people make positive changes when they see & feel positivity!