Kat Skateboarding at Loyola University

Kat @kateroo12345 learned to skateboard at Loyola University!  I’m a few years away from University, but I know I want to go to a school where they skate!

She’s in Chicago so skateboarding around campus will be seasonal.  I’m thrilled she learned at the beginning of the season so she has lots of time to have fun before winter.

Where are you skateboarding?  I love to share the pictures of girls who decided to try skating.  Deciding to try is probably harder than actually skating.  It’s a struggle between wanting to because it looks fun and the fear of falling.  Let the want overcome the fear.

Sure you’ll fall, but you’ll learn and the lessons you learn will help you on & off the board.  Skateboarding is sport, art, transportation, exercise, self-confidence building & so much more.



Nolliee Marosa

Nolliee Marosa get tons of encouragement from her dad.

I love how @wood_pusher4life encourages her.  I hope you watch the video above to see she gets right back up and she succeeds – that’s the power of encouragement.

Life’s full of ups & downs – skateboarding helps you develop the courage you need to keep getting up & trying again.  That courage comes even quicker when you have a cheerleader to encourage you!

How awesome that there’s dads out there who encourage their daughters to be anything they want & let them know they can do it & that they’re never alone!

The world needs more encouragement & less criticism.

Skate Rising with Girl Meets Strong – July 2017

On July 8, 2017 Skate Rising welcomed over 80 participants

to hear from Girl Meets Strong, get skate tips from volunteers – including staff from Academy Skate Park, and just have an awesome time at the Encinitas Community Park.

Above Lauren Cortizo from Girl Meets Strong inspired the girls to push through their fears.  She talked about her personal experience and how she too was scared, but used her fear as motivation to work harder and succeed.

She asked all the girls to close their eyes and imagine a life without fear.  No fear of falling or failing (not even on tests).  She then had the girls pair up to share stories of fears they had already overcome. Finally she welcomed girls up to the front to share.

Each of the girls received a Fear Less Do More bracelet as a reminder of what they learned.  Then it was time to skate.

The girls had Steve from Academy Skate Park all over the park.

Arbor Girls – Amelia, founder of EXPOSURE Skate and Tara were sharing tips and below parents were active cheerleaders.

I always love coming to Skate Rising events.  Seeing all the progress the girls are making is so inspiring.

Thanks to all the supporters like Skate XS and My Grey Matterz for helping make sure there’s loaner equipment.

Thanks also to Syck Trix for bringing out their Syck Trix Boards and Nekter Encinitas for keeping everyone hydrated.

The day ended with a raffle of prizes from donors.  Included in the prizes were a Silly Deck that was presented by Silly Girl Pro Bryce, a JoyJoy Watch, and a Pink Helmet Posse board that Kael won and gave to his sister Harlow.

Skate Rising happens the 2nd Saturday of each month and I hope you come to one soon.

To find out more about Skate Rising, EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, follow them on IG or contact the organizer, Calli Kelsay at calli@exposureskate.org.

Calli with the Girl Meets Strong Team

If you’re in the Phoenix Arizona area you can also check out Skate Rising Phoenix.  They have an event the 3rd Saturday of each month.


Shay & her Dog Love Sunset Cruises

Shaina Faith aka @stayfitshay captioned this fun photo

Just a girl and her dog who love a good sunset cruise 💙

How & with who are you having fun skateboarding with?

Skateboarding is sport & art – it’s also transportation, a stress reliever, and yes exercise!

When Shay isn’t skating with her dog, you might find her racing against a scooter.  There’s really a million ways to have fun skateboarding.

Hoping you all have fun skating this weekend.


Paula Roller Skating Fashionista

Paula aka @paulamnchw recently got to skate through the streets of Cologne with BTFL and I had the opportunity to ask her about how she came to love roller skating.

How long have you been roller skating & how did you get started?

Paula:  I’ve been skating for over 10 years now.  Like many young girls I dreamed about becoming a “figure skating princess”, but there was no ice rink in my hometown. So I started artistic rollerskating.  First as a hobby and now as a competitive sport.

When I moved to Berlin, I met so many cool people, who showed me a new perspective of rollerskating.   I’m discovering a new world full of sparkling roller discos, street skating and ramp skating action.

above video “roller dancing in the street”

On your IG, I see you skate indoors and outdoors. Is roller skating popular in Berlin is it growing in popularity? Are there a lot of places to roller skate?

Paula:  To do artistic rollerskating you need very smooth ground, like in a gym.  Artistic rollerskating in Germany is not very popular, like outdoor skating it’s a hobby.

In other countries, like Italy, there are a lot of public skating spots and everyone knows about this amazing sport.

However, lately I see more and more young girls on roller skates.  I’m happy to help them find good places to skate and learn tricks.  Most of them tell me they want to be like the girls from the new Disney channel series called “soy Luna”, which is actually about rollerskating.  Hopefully the next generation will make rollerskating more popular.

What do you like about roller skating?

Paula:  I like the way you can express yourself.  When I do artistic rollerskating I feel like a princess dancing to beautiful music.

For fun and action I enjoy outdoor skating with my friends at a skatepark or skating around the city.

Why do you think roller skating is good for girls?  

Paula:  I can recommend both of the the skating styles I do. The artistic one is all about passion, feeling like a little star performing your program with beautiful music plus hard work (exercise).  Freestyle skating on the street or in ramps is just about fun, action and spending some good time with friends.

Girls, just go out and skate!  Skate slow, skate fast, skate artistic, skate on streets – but just skate!

Thank you so much for sharing Paula.  You inspire me.  As someone who just recently took up roller skating, it’s great to have role models.  Seeing other girls having fun and just doing so much on their skates.

I’ve skateboarded for years at parks and on the streets especially by the beaches and now roller skating is a new way to explore, have adventures, and make friends.

Paula’s roller skating in Germany, I’m trying here in Southern California – where are you having fun roller skating?

When more girls share their roller skating fun it will inspire even more girls to try roller skating – so hope to hear from you soon.

When You Give a Calligrapher a Blank Longboard

What happens when you give a calligrapher a blank longboard?  Sarah shared her story of what happened to her.

above the deck that caught my eye & inspired me to find out more about Sarah

Sarah’s , a 30-something year old from Toronto Canada.  She’s been lettering and practicing calligraphy for about 4 years, trying out all types of styles – mostly doing wedding-related work.

You can check out all of Sarah’s work on her website

On her site you’ll get a glimpse into some of her amazing projects –

like the adidas subscription box above & below

Since she was young she’s always been interested in the surf/skate culture and wished she could ride around on a skateboard like the girls in the Roxy ads.

Did you try skateboarding?

I never tried skateboarding, mostly because I was intimidated and too scared. Last Christmas my husband bought me a longboard, a complete board with a blank deck.

I was equally as excited to start riding as I was to letter it. After doing some painting on my own board I wanted to create more and gear them towards other girls and women who want to ride.

What’s your process for designing boards?

I buy the blank decks locally and sketch out ideas on my iPad Pro. Usually the designs I create have some sort of pattern as well as lettering. To create the pattern, I draw the shape (like a flamingo) on my tablet and import them into illustrator to vectorize. I then spread them out over the skateboard dimensions I’ve set up in Illustrator.

Once I’m happy with the patten I send the file over to my Cricut (cutting machine) and cut it out with an adhesive stencil.   After it’s cut I place the adhesive stencil over the board and spray paint over the pattern. After the spray paint has dried I slowly peel of the stencil and

then sketch out the lettering piece over top using a pencil or special pencil crayon that rubs off with water. After the guides have been laid out I use One Shot paint and Mack brushes to paint in the lettering. I let this dry for a day and then put a couple coats of polyurethane over so it’s a little more durable.

These would look great on the wall but I’d rather see them being ridden!

I like lettering stuff that’s a little cheeky, a little girly but with a little bit of edge. Once I have the board finished I make my husband do a photo shoot with me so I can post them on Instagram 🙂

Above Sarah’s latest board & yes this one is hers she’s still skating!  To see even more of Sarah’s process you can check her out on YouTube.

I’m grateful that Sarah faced her fears of skating and then combined her passions into making such beautiful art.

If you’re thinking about skating and not sure what’s holding you back – maybe you need a board.  It worked for me, my dad got me a board, I looked at it, actually moved it around for about a year, but I finally skated it.  Plus look at Sarah, her husband got her a board now she’s a skater & deck designer.

Sarah long boarding with her husband

You’re never too young or too old to skate.  All you need to be is willing.  Hope you check out Sarah and her boards on her site above & her IG.  And I really hope you share your stories of having fun skating on Sarah’s boards – both she & I would love to see her boards in action plus more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating!





Longboarding Sisters

Sari shares this picture of longboarding sisters in Sotkamo, Finland.

All around the world more girls are having fun skateboarding every day.  I hope you share your pictures soon.

Sari has magnificent photos on her IG.

The longboarding sisters was my favorite photo but there are so many other photos I loved – like the wedding photo shoot in Rome above.

I’m truly grateful for all the pictures and stories of skater girls that are shared because more girls really do skate when they see girls having fun skateboarding.



Skateboarding by the Sea

Where’s your favorite place to skate?  Erica aka @oceangirl88‘s enjoys

Sunset skate 🌅 by the sea 👌goofing around and enjoying life.

Skateboarding by the beach is a favorite place for me too.

Erica’s about healthy living – yes skateboarding is exercise plus enjoying life is good for your health – you can check out Erica on @healthlivingcollective for tons of tips

How are you keeping it stylish on & off the board?  When you share you give others idea that help them enjoy life too.



Azul aka @azul.casi.morado captioned this photo

The way of a new beginning🏂

As the character in Hope Floats said

Here’s to hope being greater than fear when you approach any new beginning on or off the board.

Azul is in Mexico City, Mexico where she also has fun with roller derby.  Hope you share where you are skating soon because more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating.