Holiday Time

ugly sweater 2

As we enter the Bermuda Triangle of shopping, After Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year Clearance. I will share not only my brand advice but my common sense fashion tips.

Stay Tuned and Enjoy!

the Ugly Holiday Sweater above is a NO Absolutely Never go skating or even leave your house in it – NO not even if someone tells you there’s an Ugly Sweater Contest


When not Skating or Shopping

What does a Skatingfashionista do on her off time?  A little yogaing and a lot of Netflixing – homework when necessary & always time for food!  Shout out to my little bro – Wyatt – came through and made me this t-shirt – should of guessed fashion runs in the blood!

yoga small


Makeup in Skateboarding?

make pic

of course there’s makeup in skateboarding!

A skating fashionista has many looks from silly to serious and can wear as much or little makeup as she wants.

Crying – there’s no crying in skateboarding – that’s why you don’t need to worry about water proof mascara.

I’m loving Make for the color and what they stand for check them out.

Baggu – Miracle Bag for Skating with Style

baggu leopard

I love my new Baggu standard bag – I have the leopard one with me – it can be confusing the which big cat print – so here’s a cheat sheet.  More importantly look at all the fabulous choices of Baggu standards and can you believe this under $10.  Yes it’s a miracle bag get it direct at or stores like Nordstrom.  And it being the holiday season – give one to your favorite skating fashionista – she will appreciate the stylish place to stash her safety gear!

Exposure 2014 – November 8th – Fun & Fashion


What an exciting day yesterday in the bowl at Exposure 2014 at Encinitas YMCA!  Loved seeing old friends making new friends and most of all knowing fashion is on the rise at the skate park!  See the girls in the pink shorts – skating fashionistas in the making – meant so much that my neighbor Chloe not only came but brought her cousin & friends.

Jeans by Articles of Society – T by Boy Meets Girl – Board by Arbor (love her eyes & face paint)

Skating & Fashion are Better Together